Best Lost Ark Bard Build – PvP and PvE

Here is everything you need to know about Lost Ark’s Bard. Also, we have the best Lost Ark Bard Build for PvP and PvE.

A Bard in Lost Ark wields a Magical Harp and is a Mage type. Pan Flute is their musical instrument. Bards are mostly Ranged Support classes, focusing on buffing and shielding members of their parties. They can also perform some healing but to a lesser extent. The Bard is a great choice for players who thrive on finding knowledge about difficult encounters and who enjoy preventing damage and saving lives.

While using skills and dealing damage to enemies, the Serenade Meter fills up to three bars. If more bars are filled, then the identity skill will have a greater effect. The player has two Identity Skills to choose from once the bar is full: Serenade of Courage or Serenade of Salvation. Bards’ damage increases with the Serenade of Courage, as well as the damage for their party members. In the Serenade of Salvation, party members standing within the area of effect are healed.

Best Lost Ark Bard Build
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Strengths and Weakness

  • Provides self and party members with shields.
  • Increases attack power by providing an aura buff.
  • Provides an Aura Buff that reduces the amount of damage absorbed.
  • Provides a victim with a debuff that increases the amount of damage taken.
  • Heals himself and other members of the party.
  • Overall harm is reduced. (Weakness)
  • Leveling alone is difficult. (Weakness)


Conviction Core: Summon three Cores to protect yourself for ten seconds. When a foe is within 4 meters of a Core, it explodes, dealing 82 damage.

Dissonance: Creates a clash of musical notes at the target location, dealing 21 Damage every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds and decreasing Move Speed by 60% for 1 second.

Rhapsody of Light: Affects the target location with stunning sound waves, dealing 149 damage every 1.5s three times. Changing your location will cancel the channeling.

Sound Shock: Pull the string of the harp to fire a pinpoint of light that explodes on impact, dealing 125 damage to nearby enemies and the target.

Sound Wave: Create a beautiful melody that inflicts 26 Damage and pushes enemies away.

Stigma: Place a Stigma where you want it. After 4 seconds, the Stigma attacks foes every 0.7 seconds for 60 damage. A maximum of 5 times. The faster Stigma pulses, the more damage it deals.

Wind of Music: Produces a fierce wind that inflicts 49 damage and pushes enemies away. Once it has spread wide, it causes 73 damage to all enemies within 1 meter of it.

Sonic Vibration: Lift enemies at the target location, causing 115 Damage, and then slam them down again, causing 289 Damage. This skill’s melody lasts for 3 seconds and inflicts 43 Damage four times.

Rhythm Buckshot: Pull the string of the harp to cause the note to explode, dealing 210 damage to your enemies.

Soundholic: Channel a blinding ray of light for 3 seconds, hitting targets 10 times to inflict 31 Damage every 0.3 seconds. Light rays can be changed, but channeling will be interrupted if you move.

Prelude of Storm: A powerful tune summons a storm that inflicts 179 damage to foes and stuns them for 3 seconds.

Heavenly Tune: Deal 156 damage to nearby enemies. Within a 24 meter radius, the speed for all party members increases by 3.5% and MP Regen speed increases by 12% for eight seconds.

Note Bundle: Continuously inflicts 32 Damage and -40% Move Speed while traveling at low speed. Each note can hit the same target as many as 84 times.

Prelude of Death: When played, the Prelude of Death deals 119 Damage to nearby enemies, applying Death’s End, a debuff that lasts 3 seconds, causing 80 additional damage. Each stack of Death’s End reduces Move Speed by -20% up to 40% and increases Damage when it expires by 50%.

Harp of Rhythm: Call on the harp with a will of its own. A guided musical note from the harp inflicts 76 damage on enemies within a radius of 14 meters.

March: Using the harp, summon musical notes every one second. Each note deals 38 damage to the closest enemy. Move Speed is lowered by 50% for two seconds.

Guardian Tune: Play on the harp. All party members within a 24-meter radius will suffer damage of -20% for 8 seconds.

Best Lost Ark Bard Build for PvP

Best Lost Ark Bard Build
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)
  • Dissonance (Skill level 8/10)
  • Heavenly Tune (Skill level 10/10)
  • Prelude of Storm (Skill level 10/10)
  • Sonic Vibration (Skill level 10/10)
  • Sound Shock (Skill level 7/10)
  • Soundholic (Skill level 10/10)
  • Stigma (Skill level 10/10)
  • Wind of Music (Skill level 10/10)
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Best Lost Ark Bard Build for PvE

Best Lost Ark Bard Build
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)
  • Dissonance (Skill level 10/10)
  • Heavenly Tune (Skill level 10/10)
  • Prelude of Death (Skill level 10/10)
  • Sonic Vibration (Skill level 7/10)
  • Sound Shock (Skill level 7/10)
  • Sound Wave (Skill level 10/10)
  • Soundholic (Skill level 10/10)
  • Stigma (Skill level 10/10)

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