Fantasy Life Online Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks

With Fantasy Life Online Guide – Tips and Tricks, you will learn how to advance in the game without any problems.

Fantasy Life is a Nintendo 3DS RPG created by Level-5 and released by Nintendo (Level-5 in Japan), in which you can take on the roles of twelve various life pathways, ranging from a peasant to a royal knight. It has recently been released for android and iOS. The Fantasy Life online guide contains starting instructions, advancement advice for the character, information about the many things, and more.

The goal of Fantasy Life is to use the several Life pathways (jobs) to assist you in adventuring, fighting, and creating powerful new goods. You are free to play the game just as a cook. However, players can also play all the jobs to get the most out of their time in Reveria. Unless you know you’ll be playing multiplayer a lot with a friend, it’s probably best to limit yourself to only a few Life pathways.

Any combat job, such as Paladin, Mercenary, Hunter, or Magician, should be used by new players to begin the game. You should learn the three gathering occupations, Miner, Woodcutter, and Angler, as soon as you are able to learn other jobs. You can now utilize your new talents to gather materials for your chosen crafting occupations or to fulfill missions while exploring.

Fantasy Life online guide: Currencies

Fantasy Life online guide
Fantasy life online (Image credit: Fantasy Life)

Dosh: In Reveria, this is the primary currency. You can purchase items, equipment, etc. with it.

Stars: As you collect more stars in your current life, the higher your rank will be.

Bliss: By gaining a sufficient amount of Bliss, you will be able to keep pets in your room or have a mount at the stables. Reveria is a place where pets can go adventuring, while mounts can be ridden. You can use Bliss Bonuses to get pets, increase the size of your Bag, and more with Flutter.

Fantasy Life online guide: Character development

Practicing Your Skills

The skill bar will fill up as you execute various tasks. The skill will level up when the bar is full, increasing its efficacy. You’ll be able to utilize better equipment, tools, and other things as your skill levels rise. For talents that are relevant to your current life, the skill bars will fill up faster.

Fantasy Life online guide
Fantasy life online (Image credit: Fantasy Life)

Increase your score

As you defeat foes and accomplish other objectives, you earn experience points. When you reach the requisite number of points, your level will increase, giving you more HP and some status points to improve your stats.

Each life has a ranking system. You may earn stars by completing Challenges. You will be able to rank up once you have earned enough stars. Furthermore, you will discover new Life-specific skills or recipes for creating goods as you progress through the ranks. Your master or other support characters may also provide you with additional prizes. Novice, Fledgling, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, Master, Hero, Legend, and Legend+ are the Life ranks.


You’ll discover tactics pertinent to your chosen Life as you progress through the ranks. Combat Life paths will acquire combat tactics, Craft Life paths will learn new recipes, and Gather Life pathways will learn skills to assist them gather resources.

Changing your chosen life

Fantasy Life online guide
Fantasy life online (Image credit: Fantasy Life)

Whenever you reach the Fledgling level in your current Life, you can start a new Life in the Guild Office. It is no longer possible to utilize Special Abilities acquired in previous lives, but you can use skills and methods acquired in previous lives.

Supporting Characters (NPCs)

A multitude of support characters provide instructions, equipment, and battle assistance. They will occasionally present you with challenges to accomplish.


All life routes will present you with challenges to overcome. Select Licences from the game’s main menu to see what challenges you can take on. For accomplishing tasks, your master will reward you with stars, which allows you to level up. As you progress in rank, your master will assign you additional challenges.

Fantasy Life online guide: Quick travel

Fantasy Life
Fantasy life online (Image credit: Fantasy Life)

In Reveria, there are several attractions to see. If at all feasible, make use of Quick Travel alternatives, which will transfer you to a certain area in a matter of seconds. To begin, use your Map to Quick Travel to your house, your Life Master, or the Castele Guild Office. Return to Castele with ease, report your Challenges, and alter your life in an instant.

You may also request transportation from the Guide Paladins (look for the Paladin icon on the bottom screen map) in Castele and the East Grassy Plains. After unlocking the summit, the Guide Paladin at the foot of Mt. Snowpeak may carry you there. Similarly, there’s one near the Elderwood’s entrance who will accompany you deeper within. You may utilize the holiday houses as Quick Travel locations if you buy them.

Avoid selling anything

You’ll find and be given a broad range of goods throughout the game, some of which have clear uses and others that appear to serve no purpose. As a general guideline, don’t sell anything unless you’re completely broke. You never know when a Request may ask for a certain item, or when a specific item will be a required ingredient for a craft you wish to do in another Life.

Truffles are a nice example. Near the end of the tale, you’re handed 5 of these rare mushrooms, and you’ll need at least 3 to complete the three Cook Challenges. Normally, the only way to get a Truffle is as a rare drop.

Call a Friend

Fantasy Life friend
Fantasy life online (Image credit: Fantasy Life)

If you think you’ve hit an impenetrable barrier or can’t discover a certain substance or item for the life of you, don’t give up. You may invite a buddy who is also playing Fantasy Life to assist you in Local or Online Multiplayer mode, thanks to contemporary technology. You don’t have any friends? That’s OK; the Internet is for that. We’d be astonished if you couldn’t locate another Fantasy Life gamer on the huge Internet to assist you. Visit the online communities for Fantasy Life or gaming in general.

It’s a terrific approach to beat strong monsters or obtain rare goods by forming alliances with other players. Simply ensure that you are kind and/or receive something in return. In addition, the Life system encourages players who have chosen different lives to assist one another. For example, if you’re a Blacksmith, you’ll probably like the ores of a Miner.

So this was all the important Fantasy Life online guide you should follow for better gameplay.

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