If you are a Marvel fan then we have brought a Marvel Future Revolution Guide of the game with many tips and tricks so that you can win the battles easily.

A huge treat for MARVEL fans as well as MMORPG fans, Netmarble’s MARVEL Future Revolution allows players to take on the role of some of the most popular heroes in the MARVEL Universe.  MARVEL Future Revolution, on the other hand, does not rely exclusively on the franchise’s success, since every component of the game demonstrates how much thought and effort has gone into it.

Given the premise, the primary tale offers a unique yet familiar take on the multiverse notion. The gameplay graphics, as well as the dramatic cut sequences, are stunning. Most significantly, MARVEL Future Revolution is jam-packed with content, all crammed into a fully 3D and enormous open environment.


It’s surprisingly rich, and it throws a lot at you right once, including some traditional mobile-game features and many ways to flesh out your characters. To ensure you get off to a good start, we’ve compiled this crucial list of Marvel Future Revolution Guide.

The first Marvel Future Revolution Guide is about choosing the main hero

Players can choose from eight different superheroes in Marvel Future Revolution. In the initial session, you will be able to experience almost all characters. But before you embark on your true adventure, you will have to choose your lead character. Adding additional heroes to your squad requires 4 slots available to players. The level of your squad needs to be raised at some point by using those additional character slots. You can unlock four additional characters using heroes slot expansion tickets. Buying these tickets costs gems.

Marvel Future Revolution Guide
Marvel Future Revolution. Credit: Netmarble

However, as in most MMORPGs, one character has to be considered the main hero. You will only have extra gear and resources for the other squad members because all your resources will go into this hero. Heroes don’t have specific roles or classes to categorize them, but their skills can be compared to each other.

Beginners are naturally most concerned with choosing one of the available heroes to be their main character. Another common practice is to release a tier list shortly after an MMORPG launches. This allows gamers to rank down the heroes in the game. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of all the characters you’re considering before making a decision. There is also the option to simply choose the character for whom you have the most affection, disregarding their skills and potential and simply making the most of what they have to offer.

Each superhero has a variety of powers, so it is recommended to examine them all. Their unique skill sets suggest potential builds and play styles for each character. All players should be able to associate their preferences with one playstyle more than the rest. You should choose the character that you feel matches your preferences and plays best as your lead hero.

Join forces

Marvel Future Revolution Guide
Marvel Future Revolution. Credit: Netmarble

You will be able to build and join Alliances once you have finished the Epic Mission titled ‘2-12 Assemble.’ These are similar to clans in other games in that they allow groups of players to contribute to an aggregate level of value. You’ll want to join an Alliance as soon as possible since you’ll receive uncommon gifts just by playing as it levels up.

Follow the main storyline as much as possible

MARVEL Future Revolution does not simply create a narrative because it is necessary. Fans of the franchise will enjoy seeing how convergence differs from the various alternate Marvel Universe realities found in different media. It goes beyond merely grabbing their attention. Despite the linearity of the main quests, there are enough side quests. There are collectibles, and various activities in between for players to deviate from constantly embarking on one quest after another.

Aside from immersing yourself in the setting, characters, and events of MARVEL Future Revolution, the primary campaign is crucial for every player. Because it contributes the most to progress in your adventure. Killing monsters and farming for EXP and goods has long been a popular traditional feature of MMORPGs. Although grinding for EXP and equipment is still possible in MARVEL Future Revolution. It should only be used as a last option after you’ve run out of things to do.

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Upgrade your lead hero

Resource management is a typical feature of RPGs as well as other game genres with lengthy playtime. The normal scenario is that you would conserve practically every form of resource for future use. Especially those that are harder to come by and maybe utilized for several other purposes. In most circumstances, we would advise caution when it comes to spending resources. But in MARVEL Future Revolution, every CP rise counts. So going all-in, especially for your main character, is the best course of action.

Marvel Future Revolution
Marvel Future Revolution. Credit: Netmarble

There are two types of factors that boost each hero’s CP: those that affect the hero and those that affect the entire squad or every hero on your roster. Leveling up is the most basic way to raise a hero’s stats and CP, as well as unlocking the possibility for new upgrade choices to become accessible. The sole method to get EXP and move through the levels is through quests and fighting. While EXP gained from opponents defeated is not as important. The EXP awards from missions completed allow for very quick growth of development.

The heroes also have 5 active skills and one ultimate skill in addition to their basic attacks. When a hero levels up, he or she can upgrade their existing skills as well as earn skill masteries. The other 4 slots can be filled with any of the 7 available skills for the hero, except for the first. Skills, basic attacks, and ultimate attacks can be upgraded with gold once you reach certain hero levels. These skills should be upgraded as soon as they are available.

At the cost of gold, each of the 8 active skills can also be unlocked through skill masteries. Remember that skill masteries don’t necessarily make the hero stronger, but rather provide you with options for choosing between the effects of each skill. MARVEL Future Revolution allows you to save 3 skill sets with a variety of combinations of skills and skill mastery setups. Make sure you combine the skills that appeal to you.

Marvel Future Revolution Guide for Omega Cards


Omega Cards are a one-of-a-kind aspect in MARVEL Future Revolution that not only boosts heroes but also allows players to personalize their heroes. Omega Cards might be common, uncommon, or exceptional, but these characteristics do not make one superior to another. The stars on the cards can range from 1 to 6. By combining cards, you can increase the stars. Depending on a card’s star rating and quality, it provides you with a variety of bonus stats.

Higher grade and quality Omega Cards may not be the ideal choice for your hero. Aside from additional stats, cards may also offer special stats that can only be unlocked by equipping them on a certain hero. Similarly, Omega Cards have predetermined effects. Each Omega Card is part of a set of six cards, and equipping two of them grants the hero extra stats.

Obtain additional hero slots

You will need 400 gems to acquire an additional hero slot. This may be obtained during the first few hours of playing by completing Daily Challenges. Save your gems and make an additional hero slot, the first thing you buy in the store with them. It’s an excellent investment and the simplest method for a free-to-play gamer to obtain additional characters.

Don’t Count on Auto Mode

Marvel Future Revolution
Marvel Future Revolution. Credit: Netmarble

The advent of auto modes has undoubtedly made it easier for mobile gamers to navigate the worlds they enter. Auto modes, like the one seen in MARVEL Future Revolution, not only make it easier and more comfortable for players to go from one location to another, but they may also make starting and finishing tasks easier.

The auto mode in battle is a very useful function, especially when switching to sleep mode when your hero is constantly farming for EXP and things from monsters. When it comes to significant and difficult encounters, such as boss bouts, auto mode is not something you should rely on.

Beginners may need some time to become used to manually managing their heroes in combat. Auto mode can outperform them, applying talents as they become available and never tiring regardless of how long the combat lasts. It does, however, have several drawbacks, particularly in terms of skill activation without adequate planning. Another significant downside of auto mode is that it never uses the ultimate skill or the dodge feature.

Even if auto mode is on, you may still take control of your character manually. You can use the ultimate talent whenever you want and evade it as needed. The fundamental distinction is in the character of behavior that persists after your inaction. For example, letting off of the virtual D-pad will send your character charging into the fight, regardless of how much HP the hero has left.

This is undoubtedly a threat to the character’s existence in the face of boss encounters that deal tremendous damage as well as other negative consequences. To a large extent, you may even lose to a boss with a lower CP than your hero. Playing in manual mode, as difficult as it may appear, ensures a better percentage of success and survival. Even for total beginners, the red highlights indicating an approaching boss strike are quite easy to avoid. Activating talents and ultimate powers sequentially can enforce the strategy.

Remove badges

Your inventory will quickly pile up, which will be an issue early on. This is primarily due to the many badges you will earn while playing. To conserve space, dismantle any 1 or 2-star badges you receive. You may also utilize Squad Storage to share resources with the rest of your squad, freeing up your primary hero.


This was all Marvel Future Revolution Beginner’s Guide for you. Apply this in your game and win easily.

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