Many players get stuck in the Waverider Quest. Here is a Warframe Waverider Quest Guide which also shows how to Farm Yareli.

The Warframe Waverider Quest is an optional quest that you may skip, but it’s one you certainly don’t want to overlook. Completing the Waverider quest will teach you more about the Vent Kids, but it will also get you access to the Yareli Warframe blueprint.

To get the Yareli blueprint, you’ll need to brush up on your K-Rider abilities and accomplish a few tasks, and that’s before you even start making Warframe’s Yareli pieces. Everything you need to know about getting Yareli in Warframe is right here.

To begin the Waverider quest, you’ll need the K-Rider, so if you haven’t completed the Thursby quest yet, do so now. Roky will contact you after you’ve obtained the Waverider. The Yareli comic can be unlocked by following the mission to the Vent Kids’ hideout. During one of the Vent Kid races, each page of the book includes a set of Waverider tasks to fulfill. The majority of them are simple, while a couple may require many attempts.

Warframe Waverider quest Guide: Tutorial on Page 1

This first page is a tutorial, essentially explaining the tricks.

  • Obtain 2000 Vents Standings of the kids in a single K-Drive race
  • Kill 5 enemies while riding a K-Drive with a Secondary Weapon
  • Perform 5x Combos five times
  • Copter x 5
  • Grindy of 50 points
Warframe (Image credit: Warframe)

Warframe Waverider quest Guide: Frontside Clutch on Page 2

Page 2 is a bit more challenging.

  • Take five headshots while riding a K-Drive while using a secondary weapon.
  • You have to earn 2400 Vent Kids Standing in one K-Drive race.
  • In a K-drive trick chain, earn 500 points.
  • Frontside Clutch x 5 to earn 50 points.
  • Perform Frontside Rollout 3 times.

There are five Frontside Clutch motions, each of which requires precise timing and a specific pattern. Frontside Clutch is a mid-air technique that may be performed using the left mouse button and right directional input (or the corresponding inputs on your PS4 or Xbox controller). You must release the clutch, i.e., terminate the move, before your board touches the ground again for it to count in this challenge.

A level location with no obstructions around is ideal for Frontside Clutch maneuvers. To stay in that region, you should be able to loop around in a broad circle, then keep lifting off the clutch until you have five under your belt.

Warframe Waverider quest Guide: Page 3

Warframe Waverider quest Guide
Warframe (Image credit: Warframe)
  • Five Slam Shockwave Kills.
  • Five Nose Planket. 
  • You can earn 3000 Vent Kids Standings in a single K-Drive race.
  • If you complete a trick chain, you earn 1000 points.
  • Five Backside Skyrocker for 50 points.

A very small hitbox is currently available for the Warframe shockwave kill. You will likely deal minimal damage if you don’t land directly on the enemy.

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Warframe Waverider quest Guide: Page 4

  • In a single K-Drive race, you can earn 3400 Vent Kids Standings.
  • Five backside clutches.
  • Five times 50 Tail Clutch Planker.
  • On a K-Drive, get five seconds of air.
  • Make a trick chain to earn 1500 points.

It is best to go to the south side of the map to get five seconds of air on the K-Drive. There’s a chunk of rock hanging over the Orb Vallis between the Transit Depot and the Spaceport. You should be able to get the required five seconds if you charge up and speed up your jump right before you fly off the edge.

Warframe Waverider quest Guide
Warframe (Image credit: Warframe)

Warframe Waverider quest Guide: Page 5

There aren’t any notable requirements on page five, but it is challenging.

  • A single K-Drive race can earn you 3600 Vent Kids Standings.
  • Five tail spinjas.
  • In a K-Drive trick chain, you can earn 2000 points.
  • Maintain a K-Drive trick chain for 20 seconds.
  • Five 10-times combos are to be performed.

How to Farm Yareli?

Warframe Waverider quest Guide
Warframe (Image credit: Warframe fandom)

The primary blueprint for Yareli may be obtained by completing the Waverider quest. Players will get an Inbox message from Roky, one of the vent kids when they check-in following the update. However, in order to undertake the Waverider quest, players must first finish the Vox Solaris quest.

Completing research within the new Bash Lab, which will be added to the game with the Sisters of Parvos update, will yield the components for Yareli. The Bash Lab, like the Tenno Lab, Chem Lab, and others, is typically built in the Clan Dojo.

You may construct the Bash Lab right now after downloading the upgrade. Go to the Clan Dojo and look for a place where you may construct a gateway. In the search field, type “Bash Lab” and then click on it. To construct the Bash Lab, you’ll need the Tenno Lab, 2 Capacity, and 5 Energy. You will also require the following resources, which may vary based on the size of the clan.

  • 250 Circuits
  • 1000 Credits
  • 100 Thermal Sludge
  • 1 Forma
  • 450 Ferrite

Once the Bash Lab is complete, interact with the console in the rear right corner of the room to locate the choices for creating the Yareli component blueprints. Three components will need to be studied, and the research will take 24 hours to accomplish. It is possible to research each one, one after another. Once your blueprints are ready, you can purchase your Yareli components.

Yareli’s Murlina ability produces a health-based K-drive that Yareli may drive about in-mission, and while onboard, you can divert part of the damage you suffer to Merulina. Cyclone Strike collects enemies in a fast-casting AOE and propels them into the air, while Aquablades casts a swirl of blades surrounding Yareli that damage adversaries.

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