Top 10 Indie Games of 2021

If you are an Indie game fan, we have made a list of the top 10 Indie Games of 2021.

In contrast to most “AAA” (triple-A) games, an indie game is a video game that is often made by individuals or smaller production teams without the financial and technical help of a big game publisher. However, alternative instances where a game’s creation has some degree of independence from a publisher. Even if a publisher helps fund and distribute a game, such as creative freedom, may be considered “independent.”

What are Indie Games

Hollow Knight
Hollow Knight (credit: Steam)

Indie games frequently focus on innovation, experimental gameplay, and taking risks not normally granted in AAA games, and may explore the medium to offer unique experiences in art games, thanks to their independence and flexibility to develop. Due to a lack of publisher backing, indie games are more likely to be sold digitally rather than in stores.

In the early 2000s, many reasons contributed to the current state of the independent gaming sector. Including technological, economic, and social factors that reduced the cost of developing and distributing independent games. However, it was more visible to a wider audience and featured non-traditional gameplay not found in today’s major games. During the period, a lot of independent games became success stories, attracting additional attention to the genre. Since then, new business prospects have emerged. 

To assist new teams in getting their games off the ground, it incorporates new digital stores, crowdfunding, and other independent finance techniques. Smaller teams can use low-cost and open-source development tools across all gaming platforms. Boutique indie game publishers that provide creators artistic flexibility, as well as industry acknowledgment of indie games alongside mainstream titles at major gaming awards.

The finest independent games push the limits of what a video game can do. There’s an unending sea of amazing indie games to pick from, from games like Disco Elysium to beautifully distinctive narrative journeys like Lake. Below is our list of the top 10 Indie Games of 2021.

Top 10 Indie Games of 2021

10. Celeste

Top 10 Indie Games

Celeste is a deceptively basic indie game from Towerfall creator Matt Makes Games. We eventually learn about Madeline’s mental problems, as well as the colorful array of individuals she meets along the way, in what is ostensibly a game about heroine Madeline’s trip to the summit of the titular Celeste Mountain.

However, this isn’t an adventure game at all. Madeline scales the mountain using basic yet effective leaping principles that result in some really inventive levels. Later in the game, the perils that are presented in your path are always just hard enough to slow you down. Celeste will have you ascending the mountain for hours, with loads of items to locate and extra “B-Side” levels to unlock.

9. Disco Elysium

Top 10 Indie Games
Disco Elysium (credit: Steam)

Disco Elysium makes the top 10 Indie games of 2021 list. It was possibly the finest independent game of the 2019 year. After an amnesia-inducing night of drinking, you’re thrown into the filthy shoes of a detective and charged with solving a gruesome murder. Disco Elysium is all about battling with your own psyche in order to build the sort of detective you want to be and then using that fragmented personality to elicit answers from suspects, with no traditional combat to speak of.

Without incredible writing, Disco Elysium would not work, and it is unmatched in this area. I find this detective game so intriguing because each character has their own unique personality. Each interaction presents endless conversational strands to pick at.

8. Just Die Already

Top 10 Indie Games
Just Die Already (credit: Epic Games)

Another off-the-wall indie treasure from the makers of Goat Simulator. Just Die Already immerses you in the wrinkled skin of “old people” who have recently been ejected from their retirement home. It’s totally up to you what happens next.

Do you want to be able to fly about in a jetpack? Want to explore how much environmental harm you can wreak by stumbling down a flight of stairs? Are you interested in teaming up with some of your fellow retirees to accomplish some challenges together? Just Die Already is one of the top 10 indie games thanks to its bizarre universe.

7. Hades

Top 10 Indie Games
Hades (credit: Steam)

Supergiants newest is an impossible-to-put-down roguelike that also happens to be one of 2020’s best story games. You will try to escape your father’s kingdom as Zagreus, Prince of the Underworld. With each unsuccessful effort, you’ll get stronger and more adept at using your growing armament.

The brutal, tough-as-nails combat is a blast to play around with, but it’s Hades‘ cast of warring gods that really brings the cyclical aspect of the game to life. You’ll appreciate each opportunity to converse with your Olympian cousins, especially because doing so provides gameplay bonuses and allows you to learn more about Supergiant’s unique take on Greek mythology.

6. Rocket League

Rocket League Sideswipe
Rocket League Sideswipe (Image credit: Rocket League Sideswipe Twitter)

Combine football with automobiles, and you will have the top 10 Indie game.  Before you point out that Psyonix’s last car-football game, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, broke that criteria, keep in mind that the name was probably what turned people off. So there you have it. Rocket League sets two teams against one another in an attempt to score goals by revving engines to high RPMs, bouncing balls from bumper to bumper, and launching them into the net with a rapid spurt of acceleration.

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5. Lake

Top 10 Indie Games
Lake (credit: Steam)

If you like walking simulators like Death Stranding, Lake should be on your top 10 list of Indie games. You won’t be roaming a post-apocalyptic landscape with a baby strapped to your chest; instead, you’ll become Meredith Weiss and deliver mail in her childhood home. There is also a heartwarming narrative and a relaxing gameplay loop to enjoy, as well as beautifully voiced characters. Lake is a game best played slowly, so there are a few twists along the way. So sit comfortably, and enjoy the sights and sounds of this quaint lakeside town.

4. Among Us

among us
Among Us (credit: Epic games)

Among Us, a game created by InnerSloth with just three indie devs, swept the globe by storm as a means to communicate with (and murder) your pals when locked indoors. The gameplay is straightforward, yet it may be repeated indefinitely. Crewmates complete mini-games to repair failing ship or base sections in each round, while randomly selected imposters dressed as crewmates eliminate the good guys one by one. If a body is discovered, people begin to blame one another, and alleged imposters are thrown out of the airlock.

It’s a terrific party game to play with your friends, and while the maps and objectives might be intimidating at first, the game’s basics are simple to grasp. It also helps that Among Us is a reasonably priced Steam title!

3. Oxenfree

Oxenfree (credit: Epic games)

Story-driven experiences like telltales aren’t nearly as widespread as they were before Telltale’s demise. Oxenfree, on the other hand, might be the greatest entry in the popular genre to yet. Alex and her pals are stranded on an island and begin to experience happenings that can only be described as otherworldly. Rather than escaping, they stay to investigate the island’s mysteries. Oxenfree has a distinct 2.5-D graphic style that sets it apart from other games in the category, and the twisting and turning tales are definitely captivating.

Oxenfree is a riveting tale that will grab you until the credits roll, with beautifully realistic cutscenes, contemplative dialogue, and a meaningful choice-based system. If you’re anything like us, you’ll then restart the game to make new choices and observe how Alex’s relationships and the conclusion alter as a result of your choices.

2. Valheim

indie game
Valheim (Credit: Steam)

Valheim only came out of early access in March 2021, but it’s already established itself as one of the greatest survival games available. The game went viral nearly as soon as it was released, and for good cause. Instead of sending the player into the wilds and hoping for the best, Valheim knows how to reward them. You’ll still be on your own, gathering materials to upgrade your weaponry and explore new areas. Valheim, on the other hand, finds a way to make the experience gratifying, whether it’s through massive boss fights or just sailing across the ocean.

You also don’t have to make the travel by yourself. Valheim supports up to ten players in co-op, offering your friends an unlimited, randomly created playground in which to live. It’s unusual to see such high quality in a survival game, let alone one that’s still in early access. Valheim is deserving of its reputation.

1. Fall Guys

fall guys
Fall guys (credit: Steam)

Fall Guys by Mediatonic has proven to be a huge hit among indie game lovers. While most battle royale games focus solely on the “fighting” aspect, Fall Guys takes a different approach by including humorous platforming gameplay.

Soccer, foot racing, “Grab the Tail,” and other fun games are among the activities available to players, all of which take place in vibrant and colorful landscapes. The game is similar to game shows like Wipeout in that players are constantly confronted with difficult challenges. All of this is accomplished while players attempt to avoid sliding off of dangling platforms into water, lava, or a big pit of pink goop. 

Fall Guys is one of the most innovative platformers in recent memory, changing the battle royale to encompass more than just hero shooters and survival games. In the end, Fall Guys is a highlight for both 2020 and battle royales in general.

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