A popular survival game is now available on mobile devices. You will need ARK Survival Evolved Guide if you are new to survival games.

In recent years, survival games have become increasingly popular. ARK Survival Evolved was first launched on Steam, but Studio Wildcard has just released it for iOS and Android. Dinosaurs will populate your environment in the game. To begin with, all you have is your wits. To survive, you’ll need to gather materials, produce tools, and build a home. 

These aren’t the only tasks you’ll have to complete. What about those prehistoric creatures? It turns out they can be tamed! There are hundreds of dinosaur species in the game, so you can capture them all, just like in Pokemon! As you tame as many dinosaurs as you can watch them do your bidding. Just because you have dinosaurs as pets don’t mean you can relax your guard. If you don’t want to be hunted down by other players, read our ARK Survival Evolved Beginner’s Guide, which has been updated to ensure your success.

Here is an ARK Survival Evolved Guide:


It is pretty easy to understand the character creation screen. All you have to do is choose your gender, race, and size. Later in the game, you will not be able to change your look, so be careful what you do. For your body, you have several sliders to choose from. Your character should be something you can live with for the rest of your in-game life.

You can do many things with bare hands

You’ll have to scavenge for supplies with your bare hands. Punching trees will provide you with wood. You can stroll about if you wish to collect up little stones. Other resources like thatch and fruit can be found when foraging. If your character is overheating, take a break under the shade of a tree. If your character is thirsty, get some water. He will automatically sip water when underwater. You can make a campfire if you’re cold. Despite the fact that you can accomplish all of these tasks without the use of tools, you should continue to work on new projects.

ARK Survival Evolved Guide
ARK Survival Evolved

When punching with your bare fists, be careful not to strike too forcefully. If you embark on a wood-gathering binge, your character will ultimately be damaged. That makes sense because human hands aren’t designed for felling trees. You will take too much harm if you misuse your hands too much. When you’re a weak lowbie, the last thing you want is for it to happen.

Keep an eye on your weight

While looting is a necessary aspect of life, taking up too much stuff might be fatal. Your character will slow down if its weight is too high, making it easier for predators to catch you. If you exceed your weight restriction, you will be forced to halt until you have removed all of your excess baggage. Make sure you only go out to get particular goods. The only time you should buy anything that isn’t on your list is if it’s too uncommon to pass up, such as Amber. Staying focused and not over-loading is easier if you stick to your list of objects to obtain.

Increase the Speed of Your Levels

ARK Survival
ARK Survival Evolved

Leveling up as quickly as possible should be your top priority. You can achieve this by continuing to complete your chores. Experience will be gained almost every time you do something. Gather materials, make stuff, construct structures, and so on until you’ve accumulated enough experience to level up. Once you’ve accumulated enough experience, you’ll be notified that a level is open for you to utilize. To allocate points to your chosen stats, go to the stat boost screen. 

Increase your health and weight as soon as possible to allow you to carry more items and live a bit longer. Because you won’t have a weapon until later in the game, you’ll be running away from dangers more.

New Recipes Can Be Found

Engram points are awarded every time you level up, which may be used to unlock new recipes. With each level, you unlock a new row of recipes. There is no correct or incorrect response in this situation. Based on your existing position, figure out what you really need. Because the aim is to unlock everything, you can choose any of them. 

If you want to play on the defensive and avoid conflicts, for example, you might prioritize clothing that will keep you warm while also reducing incoming damage. However, if you’re a fighter, you’ll desire superior weaponry sooner rather than later.

Crafting Tools and Supplies

You can unzip your backpack and begin making if you have enough ingredients. On the top left of the screen, tap the backpack icon, then select the inventory tab. This is the menu for crafting. A Stone Pick will be your very first recipe. It’s made from a combination of wood, thatch, and stone. Because crafting will be an important aspect of your trip, be sure you know the basics.

How to make a lot of things

Crafting goods may be time-consuming, especially if you have to make them one by one. If you need to make numerous of the same thing, you can do it in batches. Simply navigate to the crafting menu and search for the recipe for the item you want to make. You will see a slider appear when you hold your finger on it. With the slider, choose the number of objects you want to manufacture, then confirm. You could use this option to make materials for shelter construction and consumables such as arrows for your bow.

Make Use Of The Hot Bar

You may drag goods from your inventory to your Hot Bar on the lower left of the backpack screen. Make sure tools and berries are dragged there so you don’t have to unzip your rucksack every time you need something. When you depart the bag, the things in your Hot Bar will show on the bottom right of the screen. When you need to use something from the Hot Bar, tap it. This is especially beneficial when you realize that your requirements are running low in the upper right. You may quickly and easily tap on anything you require.

Begin a campfire

Because you won’t be able to build a shelter right immediately, the campfire will be one of the most critical objects you’ll make early on. Tap on the campfire icon in your inventory to make one. Release it after dragging it to the desired location. Simply hit the undo button to return it to its original position. You’ll need to get some wood for your bonfire, so press on the bag symbol and drag it from your inventory. After you’ve gathered enough wood for the campfire, touch to Light Fire.

Dinosaurs: How To Control Them

Here is an ARK Survival
ARK Survival Evolved

This is the most important ARK Survival Evolved Guide. Among the most anticipated mechanics is this one. Taming a dinosaur doesn’t require a fight. This is the best option since you will not be killed. To passively tame a dinosaur, though, you’ll need a tranquilizer. To make drugs, use a mortar and pestle to mix rotten meat with mejoberries. At level 6, you can construct the mortar and pestle. Once you reach level 21, you may produce tranquilizer arrows, which make it simpler to take down dinosaurs without fighting.

You should tame a Triceratops as your first dinosaur. As they are able to ride, they are ideal for gathering supplies and hunting fruit. When you reach level 16, make a Trike Saddle so you may ride the Triceratops as soon as you tame it. Head to the shore when you’re ready to find your Triceratops. Locate a location from where you can approach it from a high vantage point. This enables you to achieve a clear shot with your bow without being readily assaulted. Strike the dinosaur with five or six arrows till it falls.

Approach the dinosaur once it has been tamed and load it with food. The taming bar will take some time to fill up, so feel free to wander around in the meanwhile. Dinosaurs have preferred foods that will aid in their taming. Herbivores prefer vegetation such as berries. Cooked meat is preferred by carnivores. Dodos prefer berries and azulberries. 

If you want to know what food they like, select a dinosaur that isn’t armed with a weapon, and they’ll show you. After you’ve tamed the Triceratops, you may put the saddle on it and ride it. You can easily collect a bunch of berries by riding around the island on top of your trike.

Look for your dead body

ARK Survival Evolved Guide:
ARK Survival

In ARK: Survival Evolved, death is an unavoidable component of the game. You will resurrect with nothing, not even the clothing on your back if you die. Your level and other character-related perks, on the other hand, will stay. To prevent dying, you’d want to play it safe as much as possible. In any case, you can still collect your dropped items if you die. Plundering your corpse only requires returning to it. 

If you wish to plunder your deceased body, you need to act quickly as there are only a few hours left. You won’t have to roam aimlessly, thankfully. The navigation equipment will tell you where your body is, so finding it should be simple if you can make it back alive.

Your character will resurrect in a shelter if you already have one. This is significant since your shelter may be used to store resources. That implies you won’t be returning to your dead body empty-handed. In fact, if you managed to stockpile enough resources in your home for your inevitable death, you may not even need to return to your body.

Follow the ARK Survival Evolved Guide that we gave you so that you can reach a higher level of the game quickly.

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