You can secure your very own Ark Survival Evolved Fenrir companion by conquering a series of challenging boss battles and emerging victorious against Fenrisulfr.

Suppose you’re fascinated by the majestic Fenrir, the massive wolf reminiscent of Direwolves from Nordic mythology. In that case, you’re in the right place. In this complete guide, we’ll reveal the steps to successfully tame Ark Survival Evolved Fenrir, ensuring it becomes a valuable addition to your arsenal of epic animal companions. Let’s dive into the world of Ark Survival Evolved and discover how to tame a Fenrir.



Before embarking on your journey to tame Fenrir, it’s crucial to understand the requirements and challenges involved. Unlike other creatures in Ark Survival Evolved, Fenrirs cannot be tamed traditionally. You must adopt a different, more time-consuming approach. In order to tame a Fenrir, you need to overcome a series of trials by defeating all the Ark Fjordur bosses, ultimately facing the formidable Fenrisulfr.

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Conquering the Fjordur Bosses

To begin your quest, you must first locate and defeat the Alpha creatures and obtain their valuable Runestones. These Runestones will serve as your key to summoning the mini-bosses required to progress further. The bosses you need to defeat before reaching Fenrisulfr are as follows:


  1. Beyla
  2. Hati & Skoll
  3. Steinbjorn

Island Bosses

  1. Broodmother
  2. Dragon
  3. Megapithicus

By triumphing over these powerful bosses, you will acquire their trophies, which are vital for unlocking the final showdown with Fenrisulfr.

How to Tame Ark Survival Evolved Fenrir

Fenrisulfr, an enhanced version of Ark Survival Evolved Fenrir, awaits you as the ultimate challenge. The battle against Fenrisulfr closely resembles the encounters with the preceding Ark bosses. You’ll confront Gamma, Beta, and Alpha variants, each demanding a higher level of strength and strategy. Here are the specific requirements for defeating each variant:

Gamma Variant

  • Health: 385,000
  • Player Level: 55
  • Requirements:
    • x1 Gamma Broodmother Trophy
    • x1 Gamma Dragon Trophy
    • x1 Gamma Megapithicus Trophy

Beta Variant

  • Health: 750,000
  • Player Level: 75
  • Requirements:
    • x1 Beta Broodmother Trophy
    • x1 Beta Dragon Trophy
    • x1 Beta Megapithicus Trophy

Alpha Variant

  • Health: 1,200,000
  • Player Level: 100
  • Requirements:
    • x1 Alpha Broodmother Trophy
    • x1 Alpha Dragon Trophy
    • x1 Alpha Megapithicus Trophy
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Upon successfully defeating Fenrisulfr, your inventory will reveal a Cryopod containing your newly tamed Fenrir. This amazing creature will be your loyal companion, ready to assist you in your future endeavors. It’s important to note that Fenrirs cannot be bred, so if you desire additional Fenrirs, you’ll need to repeat the taming process.


In the ever-expanding world of Ark Survival Evolved, the Fjordur DLC introduces the enigmatic Fenrir. This challenging wolf attracts the imagination of players. You can secure your very own Ark Survival Evolved Fenrir companion by conquering a series of challenging boss battles and emerging victorious against Fenrisulfr. Remember, patience and perseverance are key as you undertake this demanding endeavor. 

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