While unlocking the Genshin Impact Storytelling Method quest, you can increase your Reputation Level in Inazuma.

As a Genshin Impact player, you may have come across the Storytelling Method world quest. The Genshin Impact Storytelling Method offers a thrilling adventure and the opportunity to increase your Reputation Level in the game’s new region, Inazuma. In this complete guide, we will walk you through the process of unlocking and completing the Storytelling Method, ensuring you can fully enjoy this engaging quest. 

Unlocking the Genshin Impact Storytelling Method

To begin your journey with the Storytelling Method quest, you must first complete a series of daily commissions related to novel writing. By diligently finishing these commissions, you will unlock the world quest and gain access to the exciting story that awaits you. Here are the daily commissions you need to complete:

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Is This Novel Amazing?

Start by locating two NPCs named Shigeru and Junkichi in Inazuma City. Engage in a conversation with Junkichi, who will present you with two options. To unlock the Storytelling Method quest, choose the latter option: “Actually, Shigeru sounds more reasonable…”. This decision will lead you to the next commission.

This Novel Seems…Familiar?

Before this commission, you will have to complete a commission known as “This Novel Seems…Problematic?” After siding with Shigeru in the previous commission, complete the dialogue and follow the instructions provided by Junkichi. He will task you with retrieving three novels from Yae Publishing House. Once you have obtained the three books, return to the argument between Shigeru and Junkichi. To unlock the Storytelling Method quest, give Junkichi the Literature Club book instead of the other two options.

How to Complete the Storytelling Method

Now that you have successfully unlocked the Genshin Impact Storytelling Method quest, it’s time to complete it and unravel the story it holds. Follow these steps to finish the quest and earn valuable rewards:

Embrace Your Role

Junkichi will ask you to assume the role of the main character and experience the story firsthand. Accompany him to a fortress where you will play the part of a Ninja. Pay close attention to Junkichi’s instructions as he guides you to your destination. Along the way, you may encounter guards, so be prepared to use your stealth skills.

Overcome the Obstacles

As you progress through the fortress, you will encounter enemies that you must defeat to continue your mission. Engage in combat and showcase your prowess as a skilled warrior. Once all the enemies have been vanquished, proceed to the next step.

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Uncover the Secret

Make your way to the top floor of the fortress using the elevator. Upon reaching the desired floor, direct your attention to the right side of the large area, where you’ll notice a bright light emanating from behind a tree. Approach the tree and collect the valuable intel hidden there. This information is crucial to the completion of the quest.

Return to Junkichi

With the intel in hand, make your way back to Junkichi and engage in a conversation with him. By sharing the acquired knowledge, you will bring the Storytelling Method quest to a satisfying conclusion. As a result of your accomplishment, you will unlock the ‘Well, At Least It Ended’ and ‘Editorial Opinion’ achievements, along with earning six Hero’s Wit.

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