Are you looking for the Destiny 2 Centrifuse Catalyst? We have made the process into three simple steps, allowing you to quickly obtain and wield this powerful weapon.

With the arrival of the Season of The Deep in Destiny 2, a host of new weapons has emerged, including the formidable Centrifuse auto rifle. Featuring a low rate of fire and magazine size, this weapon packs a punch, making it an excellent choice for Arc-style players and a formidable option for anyone with sufficient practice. 

While acquiring the Centrifuse itself is relatively straightforward, obtaining its Catalyst requires additional effort and dedication. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to obtain the coveted Centrifuse Catalyst in Destiny 2.

Season of The Deep

How to Get the Destiny 2 Centrifuse Catalyst 

To begin your journey towards obtaining the Destiny 2 Centrifuse Catalyst, you must first acquire the Centrifuse itself. This auto rifle is awarded through the season pass, making it accessible to players who have reached level one of the current season. For players who don’t possess the season pass, the Centrifuse becomes available at level 35. Once you have this powerful weapon in your arsenal, it’s time to go on the quest for its Catalyst. Follow the steps below to get the catalyst

Step 1: Banshee-44’s Mission

The first step towards obtaining the Destiny 2 Centrifuse Catalyst involves visiting Banshee-44 in the Tower. Upon meeting him, he will provide you with a mission that serves as the initial stage of acquiring the Catalyst. This step requires you to achieve 20 rapid kills and 40 Final Blows with Arc damage. While this may sound challenging, it can generally be accomplished within a single run-through. To maximize your damage potential, ensure that your loadout is optimized for Arc damage. Once you successfully complete this step, return to Banshee-44 to progress further.

Step 2: Enemy Annihilation and Calibration Data

Moving on to the next stage, you’ll need to go on a slightly lengthier part. This step requires the elimination of 450 enemies while simultaneously generating Calibration Data. Calibration Data can be acquired by achieving kills in Crucible, Vanguard, and Seasonal events. It is worth noting that engaging in these activities at higher difficulty levels can yield even greater amounts of Calibration Data. Upon successfully accomplishing this task, it’s time to once again seek out Banshee-44 to unlock the final step of the Centrifuse Catalyst.

Step 3: A Test of Dedication

The final step of the Destiny 2 Centrifuse Catalyst quest truly separates the dedicated players from the rest. Catalysts are renowned for being awarded to those who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their chosen weapon, and the Centrifuse Catalyst is no exception. In this last stage, you must achieve approximately 700 kills with the Centrifuse itself. This undertaking will require persistence, patience, and a desire to truly master the weapon. Embrace the challenge, venture forth, and immerse yourself in the pursuit of excellence.

The Power of the Destiny 2 Centrifuse Catalyst

Once you have successfully acquired the Destiny 2 Centrifuse Catalyst, your efforts will be rewarded with enhanced capabilities. The Catalyst enables the weapon to gradually build overcharge while amplified, further amplifying its Arc damage. 

With the Catalyst equipped, the Centrifuse becomes an exceptional choice for PvE activities, allowing you to swiftly clear mobs of enemies within seconds. Harness this newfound power and witness the devastating impact of the Centrifuse as you dominate the battlefield.

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