Are you always in doubt about selecting Vandal or Phantom? Well, we are here to solve the battle between Vandal vs Phantom.

In every game involving weapons, selecting the appropriate weapon is critical. It is not just determined by the weapon’s strengths, but also by the player’s playstyle. Valorant isn’t any different when it comes to this. 

For both professionals and casual gamers in Valorant, the Phantom and the Vandal are equally significant. That’s why deciding which weapon to employ is so tough. In this guide, we are going to see the battle between Vandal vs Phantom. Check below for the detailed information of each rifle and choose which is best for your gameplay.

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Vandal vs Phantom: Vandal

There is no difference in credits between the Vandal and the Phantom. However, Vandal’s magazine only carries 25 rounds. However, the most significant distinction is the continuous damage range independent of distance. A headshot always does 160 damage. The Vandal fires at a rate of 9.25 bullets per second, or 8.23 shots per second when scoped in.

Vandal vs Phantom
Vandal (Image credit: Valorant fandom)

Advantages of Vandal

  • Ideal for one-tapping.
  • In terms of range, the better of the two firearms.
  • At the 50m mark, it’s one-shot, one-kill.

Disadvantages of Vandal

  • Unsuppressed.
  • The slow pace of firing.
  • Spray pattern that is erratic.
  • Spray transfer is poor.
  • Controlling it is difficult.
  • The magazine is small.

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Vandal vs Phantom: Phantom

The Phantom is a fully automatic firearm that costs 2,900 credits. It has 30 rounds in its magazine, each of which deals varied damage depending on the range. The more damage is inflicted to an adversary the closer they are. Its maximum headshot damage dealt by the Phantom is 156 health points. If your victim is 50 meters distant, though, the damage is decreased to 124. It has a main firing rate of 11 rounds per second without the scope. The rate of fire when scoped in is 9.9 shots per second.

Vandal vs Phantom
Phantom (Image credit: Valorant fandom)

Advantages of Phantom

  • Engages in close-to-midrange combat.
  • Spray pattern that can be controlled and a large magazine.
  • A rapid rate of firing.
  • Silenced
  • Fire suppressed.
  • Bullet tracers aren’t available.
  • Improved spray transfer.

Disadvantages of Phantom

  • At 15 to 30 meters, the damage begins to diminish.
  • At a range of 30 to 50 meters, the damage is lessened once again.

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Vandal vs Phantom: Which is the best gun?

The Vandal has a modest advantage over the Phantom in terms of numbers. Because of its one-shot, one-kill capability, it’s a dependable pistol when tapping. When it comes to rifles, the Vandal is nearly always the superior choice in a long hallway or in an open location.

The Phantom, however, should not be underestimated owing to the nature of Valorant’s close-quarters terrain. On a battlefield like Breeze, the Vandal has an advantage in a long-range gunfight. But up close and personal, like at Icebox, the Phantom reigns supreme.

Vandal vs Phantom
Valorant (Image credit: YouTube)

The Phantom’s high rate of fire and five additional rounds add up to a lot of damage. While it may not be the ideal pistol for tapping, it is a whole other story when it comes to spraying. It’s simple to use and has a far more constant spray pattern than the Vandal.

It also has a distinct advantage due to the lack of bullet tracers. When blasting through smokes or rushing and gunning, it readily wins. In close-range battles, the Vandal struggles with its poor spray control and is unreliable. A well-timed tap to the skull, on the other hand, will still result in a kill. Vandal is most suited to wide-open maps like Ascent and Breeze, whilst the Phantom is best suited to smaller maps like Icebox and Split.

The new patch update benefited the Vandal

In Valorant’s Patch 0.50, rifle recovery times were improved, making tap and burst firing more efficient. The Vandal benefited from this, especially at long range. The Phantom’s walk-spraying with rifles was also tweaked, giving it a little nerf. While crouching, Vandal’s horizontal recoil was lowered by 15%, gun recovery time was reduced from 0.4 to 0.375 seconds, and tap efficiency was improved from four to six.

Furthermore, the Phantom isn’t inherently awful at long range because it has a highly precise spray. The Vandal only has a chance to win if two opponents hit each other with long-range headshots. The Phantom is the pro’s favorite since that is a very rare scenario. 


However, you should bear in mind that numbers aren’t everything while choosing a weapon. When playing Valorant, you must also consider your personal comfort and routines. Finally, decide on the weapon with which you are most comfortable. To put it another way, you have an option. Both the Phantom and the Vandal have strengths and limitations that assist them in certain situations. When deciding between the two firearms, the map, site, position, and playstyle should all be considered.

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