How to play Lost Ark in Blocked Countries – Guide

We have brought you a guide on how to play Lost Ark in blocked countries. Also, we have some additional tips for you at the end.

Smilegate RPG’s Lost Ark is finally accessible in North America and Europe, courtesy of Amazon, after years of only being played in Asia and Russia. The top-down, free-to-play MMORPG is brimming with things to see and do, and the world of Arkesia might be overwhelming if you’re jumping in for the first time.

The good news is that most of the things about Lost Ark appear to be simple at first sight. Spend some time with the game and its numerous features, and things will begin to fall into place sooner or later. Many of the game’s varied activities, as well as most of the optional material, can be safely disregarded, allowing novice players to jump right into the game’s primary plot quest to discover the eponymous lost ark.

Many of you might be facing problems about how to play Lost Ark in the blocked Countries. Do not worry as below we have a guide that will help you to play the game even if it is not available in your region or country.

How to play Lost Ark in Blocked Countries without a VPN

You can play Lost Ark without using any VPN too. Yes, you read it right. If you don’t want to use a VPN to play the game, you may have a friend in the NA or EU area create a new Steam account for you. Then inquire about the account’s details. Then, open your Steam client and begin downloading the game.

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How to play Lost Ark in Blocked Countries with a VPN

How to play Lost Ark in Blocked Countries
Lost Ark (Image credit: Youtube)

If you don’t have a buddy in any of the areas, use a VPN and follow the procedures below to play Lost Ark in any region or nation.

  • To begin, download any free VPN, such as Proton VPN or any VPN of your choice.
  • Then connect to a server that is close to you.
  • You must now create a free Steam account.
  • After you’ve completed all of the main tasks, open the Steam client and log in.
  • Start playing Lost Ark on your PC.
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Tips when you start the game

Do not skip the prologue if you are new to Lost Ark and have just created your first character. It will provide the basis for the game’s Main Story while also introducing a number of the game’s key elements. While many of the gameplay features introduced in Lost Ark will be familiar to action-RPG gamers, it’s still worth playing, especially because it only lasts approximately 30 minutes. However, if you want to bypass it on consecutive characters, you may.

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