Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon – A Complete Guide

Our Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon guide will help you get through the dungeon and complete it with ease. Check out how!

Abyss Dungeons are group dungeons in Lost Ark that can be completed for special rewards. Since they are related to Character Specific Lockouts, you can only get standard treasure from each dungeon three times each week. The Abyss Dungeon is group content, therefore you’ll need a party of four to complete it. You can’t do it solo as you can with Chaos Dungeons

Citadel of Illusions in Abode of Dreams, for instance, can be run three times per week per character. Similarly, you can run the other Abyss Dungeon like Aurelsud Palace 3 times per week per character, and this keeps going on.

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What are Abyssal Dungeons?

Abyss Dungeons are an important part of Lost Ark’s gear advancement. You may get the ingredients you need to build Legendary Equipment for your class by clearing Abyss Dungeons. If you’ve ever played on the Russian servers, you’ll know that Abyss Dungeons are known as Void Dungeons there.

Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon: List of Dungeons

There are a total of nine Abyss Dungeons. We have listed them on the basis of their area.

Ancient Elveria area

The first Abyss Dungeon is the Demon Beast Canyon in the Ancient Elveria area. It is tier 1 and requires a 325+ item level.

The second Abyss Dungeon is Necromancer’s Origin in the Ancient Elveria area. It is tier 1 and requires a 340+ item level.

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Abode of Dreams area

Citadel of Illusions is the third Abyss Dungeon that is also tier 1 and requires a 460+ item level.

Aurelsud Palace is the next in this area with tier 1 and a 460+ item level is required.

Great Gate area

Oblivion Sea, Perilous Abyss, Underwater Sanctuary are all the Abyss Dungeons in this area. All are tier 2 and require a 960+ item level.

Oreya’s Heart area

Eye of Aira and Oreha Prabasa are the last two Abyss Dungeon. They are tier 3 dungeons that require a 1325+ item level.

Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon: How to unlock?

Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

To access the Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark, you must travel to Northern Vern. You should be able to continue your Blue World Quest path once you’ve reached level 50 and arrived in Vern. Continue the Blue World Quests in the Northern Vern region until you reach “Waiting and Leaving” and finish it. 

When you finish this task, a large message will flash on your screen briefly informing you that Abyss Dungeons has been opened. After you unlock these dungeons, you can either go to any city and look for the dungeon icon on the map.

You may go there to find out more about Abyss Dungeons and sign up for groups to run one once you’ve found it. Alternatively, you may use the Group Finder to locate a group. The group finder is located to the right of your screen, beneath your minimap. You may pick Abyss Dungeons from the left side of the UI once you’ve opened the Group Finder. You may then apply to an existing group or establish your own group and have people apply to it by using the top right button.

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