Here is a complete guide to Minecraft Ender Eye for all Minecraft gamers. We have also mentioned the usage of the Eye of Ender.

An eye of ender may be crafted to find and trigger end gateways within strongholds in Minecraft. Using the Eye of Enders, you are able to activate end portal frames at these newly discovered strongholds and traverse to the end dimension. Here, you will find the Ender Dragon and win the game.

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Minecraft Ender Eye
Minecraft (Image credit: YouTube)

How to craft Minecraft Ender Eye

You must slay Blaze mobs in order to obtain Blaze Powder. When these mobs are killed, they will drop Blaze Rods. You may transform said rods into Blaze Powder by placing them in the center of the crafting area.

It won’t take long to discover any Ender Pearls; an Enderman will drop one when slain, so if you kill one, you’ll almost certainly get an Ender Pearl. After you’ve gathered those two components, you may start working on the dish!

Start by opening your 2×2 inventory crafting menu or a crafting table menu. You must arrange your ender pearl and blaze powder in the exact way shown in the following screenshot. You can now move the newly created eye of ender into your own inventory from the crafting table menu. 

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Use of Minecraft Ender Eye

Locating strongholds

An ender flying in the direction of a stronghold will take approximately 12 blocks after pressing use while holding the eye of ender. Regardless of the blocks, it passes through, it leaves a trail of purple particles, the same effect used by endermen and ender chests. Upon entering the stronghold, one can see the spiral staircase, the first room. Despite the fact that the eyes of ender lead to chunk coordinates 8-9, 8-9, the center of this entrance staircase is always located at chunk coordinates 4, 4.

Minecraft Ender Eye
Minecraft (Image credit: YouTube)

In the case of staircase chunks over 12 blocks in-depth, the eye will travel upward to easily indicate the horizontal direction the player must traverse. The eye will move down if the player is closer than 12 blocks from the center of the staircase chunk. This indicates the player is above a stronghold and must mine downward.

The eye floats in midair for a short period of time, then either falls to the ground or shatter in midair. Shattering occurs only 20% of the time. It takes five throws for an eye to shatter. The overworld is the only place where the flying function of the eye of ender works. This spell has no effect in the Nether, the End, on worlds without strongholds, or in dimensions that are not custom.

Activating end portals

An end portal can only be activated by the eyes of ender once it is located. In order to activate end portals, you’ll need to have 12 eyes of ender, though an eye of ender can be generated in any frame-block. 

Empty End portal frames can be filled with eyes by using use until all of the 12 rings are filled, activating the portal. In each end portal, there is a 10% chance of finding an eye. Even if the player doesn’t have any eyes of ender, there is a one in one trillion chance that every frame will contain an eye, triggering the portal.

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