Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon – A Complete Guide

Here is a complete guide to the Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon. From tiers to rewards, we have mentioned everything that you must know.

We’ll go through when you may access chaotic dungeons, how often you should visit them, and what kind of loot you can discover in this Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon Guide. Chaos Dungeons should be one of the first activities you try when each character reaches level 50 for the first time. 

These dungeons may get increasingly tough as well as deliver a lot of prizes. The Chaos Dungeons are the greatest way to increase the level of your Lost Ark items once you’ve hit level 50.

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Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon

Endgame activities in Lost Ark include Chaos Dungeons, which can be undertaken either solo or with up to four people. Chaos Dungeons require players to slay monsters at intervals of five minutes in order to fill a progress gauge. Once you have defeated enough monsters, a new zone will open up and your timer will be reset. Make progress towards completing the Chaos Dungeon before time runs out.

Despite its simplicity, the Chaos Dungeon is one of the most accessible and gratifying activities on Lost Ark. For casual players, this will be the primary source for upgrading weapons, armor, and jewels. Chaos Dungeons also allows you to acquire Engravings, jewelry, diamonds, and tickets, which are required to participate in Cube endgame events for the most devoted players.

How to unlock Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon

 Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

Level 50 is required to unlock Chaos Dungeons and complete the North Vern quest “Ealyn’s Request”. The quest chain must be completed by completing the world quests in North Vern. If you don’t complete side quests while leveling, you won’t reach level 50 before starting this quest chain.

If you’ve completed both prerequisites, you should be able to find a symbol in a populated hub. The symbol represents a Chaos Dungeon, allowing for queueing for one. Whether you want to play solo, with a few friends, or in a match, you have several options. 

There are items level requirements and tier requirements associated with each Chaos Dungeon. You cannot run this dungeon with items lower than those listed. You will be able to unlock more Chaos Dungeons and other endgame activities if you complete all your daily activities and upgrade your items.

How to clear the Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon

It is simple to clear Chaos Dungeons. As you move through each zone, the number of adversaries you face will grow. In Chaos Dungeons, it’s pretty rare to come across trash foes with a few majors, which necessitates the use of AoE abilities. You don’t have to max out most of these foes until you reach T3. Ideally, as long as you have your AoE skills assigned and tripods, you should be alright.

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What are the Limits?

 Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

For full rewards, Chaos Dungeons can be run twice every day. If you want to make sure you’re boosting your iLvl, make this part of your regular routine. A Chaos Dungeon consumes 50 energy each time it is run. You will not receive the 50 energy if you fail the task. You will earn 100 energy each day. As a result, you can complete two Chaos Dungeons every day (100/50) for the standard rewards of Harmony Shards, Destruction Stone Fragments, and Guardian Stone Fragments.

If you miss out on the day’s Chaos Dungeons, each 50 wasted energy will be transformed into 10 “Resting Bonus.” If you don’t run either of your Chaos Dungeons for a day, you’ll get a Resting Bonus of 20. After that, you can apply a 20-minute resting benefit to future Chaos Dungeon runs. When you apply the resting bonus to a run, the benefits you receive from a successful attempt will rise.

After you’ve spent all of your energy, you can visit the Chaos Dungeon, but your prizes will be different, and you won’t earn Harmony / Item EXP Shards. Instead, you’ll be given orbs, which you may exchange for gifts of your choosing, but you’ll get a lot less.

Aura of Resonance 

Regardless of how many times you do Chaos Dungeons, you can only get the full loot if you still have Aura of Resonance on hand. Every day, the Aura of Resonance fills to the tune of 100. You spend 50 energy running in a chaos dungeon. If the run fails, the energy is wasted.

If you don’t utilize Aura of Resonance, you get a rest boost. The bonus is given out at a rate of 10 rests for every 50 energy used. This can be done up to a hundred times. If you gain 20 points from the rest bonus on your next run, you will receive additional goodies. As a result, you obtain a little extra stuff even if you can’t play every day owing to time restrictions.

Tier system

Chaos Dungeons, like other endgame activities in Lost Ark, are divided into tiers. Each tier corresponds to a different item level band. The lowest number is T1, while the greatest number is T3. The first tier of Chaos Dungeons will yield upgrade materials for T1, the second tier will drop upgrades for T2, and so on. Accessing higher tier Chaos Dungeons also grants access to things with a greater item level, in case it wasn’t evident.

Rewards in the Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon

 Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

In Chaos Dungeons, there are two sorts of rewards: gear and upgrade materials. Chaos Dungeons will be your primary supply of weapons and armor, both of which provide significant improvements to your skill Tripods. Aside from that, Chaos Dungeons are an excellent place to get upgrade materials for your weapons and equipment, which are needed to raise your character’s item level. T2 and T3 dungeons are also good sources of gems, which may be used to boost the power of your skills.

When you complete Chaos Dungeons, you may purchase monetary goods from Chaos Dungeon vendors. You may use your shards and crystals to purchase various items of jewelry, battle engravings, and crafting ingredients as you progress through the tiers. To put it another way, if an item or resource isn’t dropping, you might be able to buy it using Chaos Dungeon gold.

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