We have brought you the Lost Ark Guide with the best 10 tips that you should know before you start playing the game.

It has finally been made available to western audiences. Players from North America and Europe can now explore Smilegate’s MMOARPG experience – following its success in Korea and Russia. There is a lot to learn in Lost Ark. Explore seven enormous and diverse continents, as well as the waters that connect them, to uncover colorful civilizations, odd and wondrous wildlife, and all the undiscovered wonders. 

Immerse yourself in Arkesia’s mysteries, test your mettle in fights and raids, compete against other players in PvP. You can also travel to remote islands in quest of hidden treasures, confront enemy packs and enormous monsters in the open world, and much more. Below is the Lost Ark Guide with 10 tips that you should know.

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Lost Ark Guide: Save your time

Completing primary plot tasks, rather than fighting enemies, provides the vast bulk of your experience. Killing random monsters in the open world may be a lot of fun due of how great the fighting is, but you won’t be getting anything in return. You’ll be killing a lot of trash creatures as a necessity for most missions and dungeons, so don’t worry about getting “bored.”

First and foremost, you should concentrate on finishing your objectives, since they will nearly always point you in the direction of things to kill.

Lost Ark Guide: Max character level

Lost Ark Guide
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

Lost Ark has a maximum character level of 60. Due to the addition of T2/T3 material in the western launch, this has been modified. While working on your account level, you can level up many alt characters.

Lost Ark Guide: Story Quests

There are several sorts of missions in the game, but the most essential is the story quests. These will be reflected in orange on the quest notebook and map. The missions will advance the plot and must be accomplished in order to obtain entry to the endgame. It is completely up to you how you approach your adventure, even if you only level by doing orange tasks!

Lost Ark Guide: Potions

There are two varieties of potions in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Healing Potions repair a set quantity of health every second, whereas HP Potions quickly restore a percentage of your health. The former is relatively inexpensive and numerous throughout the leveling process, whilst the latter is much more expensive and should not be utilized at all during leveling. This is due to the fact that HP potions are the only ones that may be used in Raids, and they can only be gained from consumable boxes, made, or purchased from the auction house.

Potions to restore 60% HP from Shining Elementals are especially expensive and will be mandatory in the hardest content. Make sure you equip the correct Healing Potion and HP Potion during your leveling process, since you’ll be given both throughout your leveling process.

Lost Ark Guide: Skills and Boot Camp

Lost Ark Guide
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

When you first start leveling up, the skill system might be a little overwhelming. There are a lot of talents, and as you go through the levels, you gain more and more points, allowing you to unlock more and more items. Don’t worry, it’s a bit of a challenge!

You should concentrate on leveling only one or two talents to make things go as quickly as possible. These should ideally be talents that provide AoE damage, allowing you to quickly blow through swarms of creatures as you go through the game.

In the boot camp, you can experiment with how you want to level up your skills and play your character. You can teleport to this area anytime after unlocking it following the game’s main story, and you’ll receive a song that will allow you to do so. By using your points in the boot camp, you can test any combination of skills you like. Take advantage of this great tool for testing your class. 

Lookout for Jewelry

Lost Ark Guide
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

As part of boot camp, you can experiment with the way your skills level up and how you play your character. You will spend the majority of your in-game gold on jewelry in Lost Ark, so having well-rolled jewelry is crucial to your success. Additionally, jewelry is one of your main sources of engravings, as well as your source of critical stats like Crit, Swiftness, and Specialization. If you are planning on playing any build at all, pay close attention to the jewelry, as it is a must-have.

Moreover, even if you won’t use the jewelry you get from Guardian Raids or Chaos Dungeons, it may be useful to someone else! The auction house offers jewelry with desirable stats and engravings that can be sold for a lot of gold.

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Change skill build whenever you want

Change skill build whenever you want
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

Unlike some MMORPGs, you do not have to stick to a certain skill build. There are no restrictions on whether you can change your skills, skill points, runes, or tripod selections. A tripod is incredibly useful when leveling a skill, as some skills come with tripods that deal additional damage to trash mobs, a tripod that increases attack speed, or a tripod that deals bonus damage to boss enemies. 

Each of these is useful in a particular situation. It’s also not necessary to worry about what skills you want to invest in. This is because if you suddenly change your mind about the particular skill you invested many skill points in, you can simply un-assign those points for another skill.

Lost Ark Guide: Pets

Pets, by far, are the most important component of Lost Ark’s quality of life. A quest in Prideholme City will lead you to your first pet. All nearby items are automatically looted by your pet and for this reason alone, you should own one. As well as repairing items, accessing storage, reading mail, and accessing the auction house, pets with Crystalline Auras will also give you access to secondary pet inventory.

Which is the better place for loots?

It should be noted that dungeons provide better loot than other areas in the game. You’ll naturally encounter Dungeons as you play the main story, and you’ll be able to enter them solo or with a group. You’ll need to take out a big boss at the end of the game to earn some loot. 

As soon as you take down the boss and collect the loot, be sure to compare your new gear with your current gear and equip your high-level gear, as this will increase your overall level. Despite being a standard mass-multiplayer online RPG game, the items dropping in the dungeons make it worth shouting about.

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Do not ignore the Engravings

Do not ignore the Engravings
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

During the endgame of Lost Ark, engravings work passively to boost your character. As a general rule, engravings usually increase your character’s damage or utility in a multiplicative way. As soon as you activate a Class Engraving, it fundamentally affects the way your character plays.

It is also possible to have engravings that negatively impact your character. To optimize your engraving, you must ensure that the negative engravings are minimized while the positive engravings are maximized. As your character allocates points to engravings, they will activate at varying levels. At level 1, an engraving will become active if you have at least 5 points. You will be able to activate a certain engraving at level 2 if you have 10 or more points for that engraving. Level 3 Engravings are activated if you have at least 15 points of them.

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