How to Get Origin Pulse Kyogre Pokemon Go?

How to unlock the Origin Pulse moveset of Kyogre in Pokemon Go? Is Origin Pulse the best Water-type moveset in the game? Scroll down and find out everything.

The Pokédex in Pokemon Go has Pokemon from all regions, generations and elements. A Water-type unit helps trainers to overcome massive challenges against fire-type attacks. Kyogre is one of the top-tier options for both PvP raids and Go Battle Leagues. Kyogre boasts high Atk, Def and Stamina. The Water-type unit also gets increased damage during Rainy weather.

The Kyogre’s movesets can be used to win PvP and PvE raids. Kyogre has top-notch skills like Thunder, Surf and Waterfall. The Water-type Pokemon also has a special moveset called Origin Pulse. The Origin Pulse is a special ability and can be earned during special events. With Origin Pulse, you can win five-star raids and ultra leagues. Here’s all about Pokemon Go Origin Pulse moveset, Kyogre and PvP strategies.

Pokemon Go Kyogre Origin Pulse Moveset – All You Need to Know

Kyogre Origin Pulse Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go Kyogre

Origin Pulse is a Water-type Charged Move and this moveset is only exclusive to Kyogre Pokemon. Here are the best methods to unlock Origin Pulse moveset,

  • Complete special five-star raids and unlock the moveset as a reward
  • Spend Charges TMs during events 
  • Win Trainer Leagues

You can unlock the Origin Pulse ability and enhance the powers of Kyogre. Here’s an overview of this special moveset in Pokemon Go,

When the Origin Pulse moveset is active, it deals 130 dps in Go Battle Leagues and uses 60 energy. The same moveset deals 80 dps in gym raids and PvP battles with 100 energy. As Kyogre is an excellent offensive skill, this moveset further increases its damage and makes it resistant against other moves.

Is Kyogre Good in Pokemon Go?

Kyogre Stats

Kyogre is a Generation 3 Pokemon from the Hoenn region. The water type Pokemon has always been a top-tier counter for gym raids, leagues and trainer battles. Kyogre has a shiny form and the Pokemon regularly spawns in the wild. With a rain weather boost, Kyogre can unleash its full skills and dominate the raids.

Is There a Kyogre Five-star Raid in Pokemon Go? 

The new five-star raids in Pokemon Go are available for March 2024. Kyogre doesn’t feature in any five-star raids. But trainers can counter Kyogre in regular gym raids and trainer battles.

What’s the Best Moveset for Kyogre?

Waterfall, Surf, Hydro Pump and Blizzard are the primary movesets for Kyogre.  During special events, the Origin Pulse skill will be available. You can use Thunder, the electric type charge move is another excellent skill to boost its damage.

How to Evolve Kyogre?

Kyogre evolves to Primal Kyogre. The primal form of Kyogre will be its strongest form. Trainers can evolve Primal Kyogre with 400 Primal Energy for the first time. After evolving Primal Kyogre once, you have to spend 80 primal energy to complete the evolution again.

How to catch a Shiny Kyogre?

The shiny form of Kyogre rarely spawns in the wild. During special Pokemon Go events and raids, trainers can frequently catch a Shiny Kyogre and increase the chance by completing more raids in a day.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Kyogre Origin Pulse moveset, PvP strategies and shiny Kyogre. Pick the best units for the Ultra League from the tier list.


Is Kyogre Good in Pokemon Go?

Kyogre is an S-ranked Water-type Pokemon. It is a strong attacker with high defense. With special abilities, Kyogre will be a lethal unit for PvP battles and five-star raids.

Is Pokemon Go Free-to-play?

Yes, Pokemon Go is a free-to-play AR and RPG adventure for Android and iOS. In this colorful Pokemon game, you will play as a trainer and explore locations in the wild and real-world to catch different types of Pokemon to your party.

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