Top 7 Ultimate Multi-Staged Pokemon – Which is Your Favorite?

What’s a multi stage evolution in Pokemon? Which are the best multi evolution Pokemon? Find out everything.

In Pokemon, evolution is required to progress faster and unlock new skills for units. Several Pokemon can be evolved using candies, stones, and other in-game resources. The evolution form of a Pokemon will be more effective than its pre-evolution. Some Pokemon have one evolution, some have two evolutions and some have more than two. These evolution are known as Multi-Staged evolution or branched evolution. 

The branched evolution Pokemon list features units with multiple evolution. Multi evolution Pokemon are the best units and counters to complete five-star raids. Eevee and Gardevoir are top-tier Pokemon part of the Multi-Staged evolution. Pokemon with multi evolution get skills from two elements and these Pokemon will be a beast in combat. Here are the top 7 Multi Evolution Pokemon with the best skills and powers.

Top 7 Multi Evolution Pokemon


Pokemon Poliwrath is Water and Fighting Type Pokemon from Generation 7. Poliwrath is the final evolution of Poliwag. Trainers have to spend Water Stones to evolve Poliwhirl into Poliwrath. Poliwrath has the best special skills and the unit has high Atk and Sp. Def. Swift Swim, the hidden ability of Poliwrath doubles the speed during rain weather.


The bug and steel Pokemon is one of the strongest defenders. Scizor is a top-tier Pokemon with multi evolution. With Metal Coat, players can evolve Scyther to Scizor. Scizor’s favorite skill is Swarm and this moveset boosts bug type attacks whenever the unit loses hp.


Mothim is a butterfly-like Pokemon. The bug and flying Pokemon evolves from Burmy.  Mothim again evolves to different forms like Wormadam and Burmy (Bug). Mothim is an offensive unit and its Tinted Lens boosts moves that have low stats throughout the battle.


Pokemon Jolteon is a part of the Eevelution as it’s one of the evolution forms of Eevee Pokemon. Jolteon is a lethal attacking unit and this electric type Pokemon moves faster and stuns targets with electric moves. Quick Feet skill boosts the mobility for Jolteon whenever it’s affected by status ailment effects.


Glaceon is hailed as one of the top-tier All-Rounders from the multi evolution list. This Pokemon is an Ice-type unit that freezes targets with its special skills and launches attacks constantly. Glaceon evolves from Eevee and is a part of the Eevelution list. Ice Body skill retrieves hp and makes Glaceon immune to hailstorm damage.


Pokemon Lunala

Lunala is a rare Pokemon. This psychic and ghost type Pokemon uses moon’s light and transforms it as energy. Lunala is an all-rounder and it evolves from Cosmoem, the first evolution form of Cosmog. The Shadow Shield ability reduces damage at full hp.


The Armor man wields blades and unleashes heavy attacks from the sword. Ceruledge is a Gen 9 Fire and Ghost type Pokemon and it’s stronger in attacking. With a Malicious Armor, you can evolve Ceruledge from Charcadet. Ceruledge is an S-ranked Pokemon from the multi evolution list and will be a strong counter for raids and PvP battles.

The Pokemon evolution concept can be confusing. You have to use the required items like stones and candies to complete evolution for Pokemon. Pokemon evolve into the same and different species as well. Some Pokemon evolve into another form, the first form of this Pokemon will again evolve into two or three different forms. These 7 Multi Evolution Pokemon are highly rated by fans and critics and have the best skills and combat powers.


How to complete Multi Evolution?

Multistage evolution is one of the evolution types in Pokemon games. To complete Multi Evolution, you have to increase friendship levels, spend candies, utilize stones and other resources.

Is Multi Evolution Pokemon Good for Raids?

Evolution forms of Pokemon are highly recommended for five-star raids and online PvP battles. The multi-staged evolution Pokemon are more stronger than normal Pokemon and will get huge damage boost and skills.

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