Hidden tip: Pokemon Unite fans can now unlock Miraidon Pokemon easily

It’s Pokemon Unite Mania! The Pokemon Unite Miraidon Sandwich Challenge heats up. Here’s how you can unlock Miraidon easily.

Trainers of Pokemon Unite, listen up! Players are rushing to unlock the legendary Pokemon Miraidon before the event ends. Miraidon is a powerful electric dragon type that has been highly awaited. This guide goes into great depth about the Pokemon Unite Miraidon Sandwich Challenge and gives you important advice on how to get Miraidon for your team and take over the fight.

Check out the new event in Pokemon Unite
Check out the new event

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The Miraidon Sandwich Challenge

The process of getting Miraidon starts in the game’s Events section. After starting Pokemon Unite, go to the right side of the main screen and look for the Events button. Under “Featured Events,” this is where you’ll find the Pokemon Unite Miraidon Sandwich Challenge. This event gives you the chance to add Miraidon to your team.

Hidden Tip to Get Pokemon Unite Miraidon

To obtain Miraidon, players must gather 1,000 sandwiches during the event period. However, since there isn’t much time left (the game ends on March 27, 2024), most people might not be able to make it, only making 700 to 800 sandwiches. Do not worry! To fill the gap left by the sandwich, Pokemon Unite has added a new way to roll dice.

Rolling the Dice: A Shot at Securing Miraidon

Get the die/dice rolls
Get the die/dice rolls

To make up for any possible shortfall in sandwiches gathered, each person will get a daily dice roll. This gives you a chance to make a lot more sandwiches and get closer to getting Miraidon. There’s more, though! Extra die rolls are part of the Pokemon Unite Miraidon event to encourage more people to join and increase your chances of getting the desired Pokemon.

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Join the Panic Parade for Extra Dice

The Panic Parade is another fun event that takes place in the Pokemon Unite Miraidon world. Players can get up to 4 extra dice rolls by taking part in this event. Trainers who work hard can greatly increase their chances of meeting the 1,000-sandwich goal and opening Miraidon by planning how they use these rolls.

Get The Tuxedo Style Miraidon

The main goal is to capture Miraidon, but the event also has a special visual prize for this powerful Pokemon. The 1,050 Aeos Gems Tuxedo Style: Miraidon outfit gives you a classy and polished look.  Imagine how impressive it would be to see your Miraidon, dressed in a suit, ruling the battlefield with style!

When you add Miraidon to your Pokemon Unite team, it gives you a lot of power.  This type of electric dragon is very good at attacking and can do a lot of different things. Miraidon’s unique set of moves lets it do well in a lot of different fight situations, which makes it an invaluable weapon in any battle.

Don’t Miss Out: Secure Miraidon Before Time Runs Out!

Trainers, don’t forget that the Pokemon Unite Miraidon event ends on March 27, 2024. You can get Miraidon for your team for free by working hard to collect sandwiches, taking part in the Panic Parade to get extra dice rolls, and smartly using the resources. Don’t miss this chance to add this popular Pokemon to your team and feel the thrill of fighting with one of the most expected new Pokemon in the game. How long are you going to wait? Enjoy the Pokemon Unite Miraidon event today and let out this champion’s powerful power!

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