Pokemon Go Ultra League Tier List (April 2024)

Do you want to dominate the Pokemon Go Ultra League 2024? Find out the best Pokemon for Pokemon Go Ultra League from the tier list.

Pokemon Go has PvP raids, gym raids, and trainer battles. To conquer the competitive mode, you have to tussle against trainers in the Go Battle League. Go Battle league has three different leagues and these online trainer battles have some requirements as well. The Ultra League is the second challenge from the Go Battle League where trainers can use Pokemon with a CP not more than 2500 for battles.

The new Pokemon Go season, World of Wonders, features tons of challenges, PvP raids and special research tasks with exciting new exclusive rewards . Apart from these, trainers can participate in the Go Battle Leagues to increase ranks and maximize rewards. Winning against trainers across the world is the best way to boost your rank levels in the game. To dominate the Ultra League, you have to deploy the best strategies, Pokemon and moves. Here’s Pokemon Go Ultra League tier list units, counters and movesets.

Pokemon Go Ultra League Tier List 2024

Pokemon Go Ultra League tier list
Pokemon Cobalion

The goal of Ultra League is to use Pokemon with CP 2500 and defeat your opponents. Be it attackers, leads or defenders, trainers have to gain an advantage in the initial phase to dominate these leagues.

S Tier – The S Tier features the best counters and leads for the Ultra League. The Pokemon in this tier are highly recommended for the battle leagues 

A Tier – A Tier has the strongest All-Rounders. You can pick both attackers and leads from this category 

B Tier – B Tier Pokemon are not primary attackers. You can use Pokemon from this tier and unleash them in the final phases of the battle

C Tier – These units are vulnerable and can be ignored during the Ultra League

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S Tier 

Pokemon Role 
Steelix Attacker
Swampert Lead
Alolan SandslashLead 

A Tier

Pokemon Role
Charizard Attacker 
Dragonite Lead 

B Tier

Pokemon Role

C Tier

Pokemon Role

Top Counters for Pokemon Go Ultra League

Ultra League is one of the difficult game modes in the Go Battle League. Here are the 4 best Pokemon and special moves for the Ultra League battles,


The ground and steel type Pokemon has high defense. Steelix gets powerful skills from both ground and steel elements. It can attack faster and stun enemies during snow and sunny weather. With the Iron Tail and Earthquake moves, Steelix gets a huge damage boost


Cobalion is a Steel and Fighting dual-type Pokemon. The All-Rounder cobalion will also be a good option for switching. Cobalion gets damage boost during cloudy and snow weather. The best moves for cobalion are Metal Claw and Sacred Sword


Pokemon Dragonite, the Dragon and Flying type is one of the strongest counters for the league. Dragonite excels in attacks and inflicts lethal damage during Windy weather. Hurricane and Outrage are the best movesets for the Ultra League


Scrafty is the best counter during cloudy and fog weather. The Dark and Fighting Pokemon has the best shield and can endure heavy attacks as well. You can use moves like Counter,  Power-Up Punch and Acid Spray

The tier list for Pokemon Go Ultra League helps you pick the best Pokemon for this trainer battle. The Verdant Wonders event provides an opportunity to catch Zarude Pokemon.


Are Pokemon Go Ultra League Battles Easy?

In Pokemon Go Ultra League, trainers can use Pokemon with a CP of 2500. This makes this format more interesting as you have to fight against Pokemon of same ranks and use your moves and shields wisely. With the strongest Pokemon and moves, you can conquer the Ultra League battles as well.

Is it Difficult to Beat Pokemon Go Origin Forme Dialga?

Origin Forme Dialga is a new variant of the legendary Dialga. The Pokemon is now available in a five-star raid through the Sinnoh Tour event in Pokemon Go. Origin Forme Dialga has plenty of moves and it also uses its powerful charged move, Roar of Move.

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