Want to know how to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring? Read our guide so that you can kill the enemies with both hands.

Who does not want a weapon in both hands to smash their enemies? The ability to two-hand a weapon can really boost your combat abilities, allowing you to get rid of Elden Ring bosses quicker than if you were holding your sword in one hand. Two-handed attacks are important when it comes to breaking the poise of beast enemies, especially when dealing with thrusts, swings, spins, and overhead attacks.

It is a basic feature of almost every FromSoftware RPG to be able to weaponize with both hands. Elden Ring allows you to use most melee weapons with one hand while freeing the other hand for items, shields, and abilities. It is typically better to use two-hand weapons when defense is not your primary concern, or when you want to utilize an Ash of War skill.

Elden Ring Two Hand Weapon
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Elden Ring Two Hand Weapon Importance?

Two-handed weapons have the ability to completely change the course of a battle. This is due to the fact that two-handing a melee weapon gives you more damage and various attacks. When it comes to shields, in Elden Ring, you can’t utilize your shield while two-handling a weapon. 

Because you deal greater damage with both hands on your weapon, this keeps things balanced. Because you won’t be carrying two hefty firearms at the same time, two-hand makes you somewhat more agile on your feet.

However, you should not constantly use two-handed weapons. Some fights need the use of a shield or a parry counter, while others contain challenging hits to roll past. Simply experiment to determine what works best against any specific enemy.

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How to Two-Hand a Weapon in Elden Ring

How to Two-Hand a Weapon in Elden Ring
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To hold their right-handed weapon in both hands in earlier FromSoftware titles, players merely needed to click the Y button on an Xbox controller or the Triangle button on a Playstation controller. Because Elden Ring jumps using the A button/X button, the input for interacting with the environment was switched to the Y button/Triangle, which was previously utilized for two-handing. 

Though the system for two-handing weapons in Elden Ring is more difficult than in previous games, it still enables players to two-hand either their right or left-handed weapon depending on which buttons they hit.

To two-hand a weapon, hold down the Y/Triangle button first. Press either the right or left shoulder buttons (R1 or L1) while holding down the Y/Triangle button, depending on which hand’s weapon you wish to two-hand. Hitting the right shoulder or R1 button two-hands the weapon on your right, while pressing the left shoulder or L1 button two-hands the weapon on your left.

When you are ready to use your hand for an item or a shield, just press the shoulder button (R1 or L1) on the device that corresponds with that weapon’s original hand and hold the Y/Triangle button again.

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