Palworld Ancient Technology points are needed to unlock the top-tier equipment. Find out the best tricks to obtain Ancient Technology Points.

Palworld is an astonishing survival thriller game to play with friends. With unique gameplay features, this has been one of the best survival games in recent times. In Palworld, you have to travel with Pals in an open world. You have to beat bosses in dungeons, catch new pals and use them for work at bases. Palworld has many unknown features that were never featured in traditional survival games.

To unlock new resources, you have to use the technology feature. In Palworld technology lab, you can unlock structures,  resources, materials and weapons. Right from the Egg Incubator to the Ore Mining Site, everything is available in the tech tree. Palworld technology is divided into technology and ancient technology. 

The ancient technology has less resources when compared to the main technology. But you can unlock many ancient structures and important equipment as well. To get them, you have to reach higher levels in ancient technology and this is only possible with ancient technology points. Here’s all about Palworld Ancient Technology and ways to farm Ancient Technology Points.

Best Tips to Farm Palworld Ancient Technology Points 

Palworld technology has 50 tiers and you will be able to get your hands on plenty of items at every level. To obtain resources from ancient technology, you have to collect as many as ancient technology points. Here are some tips to farm Ancient Technology Points in Palworld,

  • Defeat Alpha Pals in dungeons. These high-level bosses in Palworld grant ancient technology points and other resources as well
  • Defeat high-level tower bosses in syndicate and other locations in the wildlife sanctuary. You can join a friend in co-op mode to tussle against tower bosses in the game
  • You can collect Ancient Technical Manual from higher level dungeon chests and earn one ancient technology point
  • You can capture pals, defeat bosses in caves and dungeons, and level up in the campaign to farm unlimited ancient technology points

These simple ways help you unlock unlimited ancient technology points in Palworld. Once you start accumulating points, you can unlock every resource and equipment from the ancient technology tree. Here are the best and important resources to unlock from Palworld Ancient Technology,

  • The Egg Incubator – Level 7
  • Grappling Gun – Level 12
  • Large Feed Bag – Level 26
  • Electric Egg Incubator – Level 36
  • Homing Sphere Launcher – Level 50

Can you Get Ancient Technology Points from Traders?

No, Palworld wandering merchants don’t sell ancient technology points. These resources can only be collected in other ways. These are not available from treasure chests in the Palpagos Island as well. Traders in Palworld only sell equipment, weapons and other items. You have to spend gold coins to get every item from these wandering merchants on the palpagos island.

Ancient technology points Palworld
Items in Palworld tech tree

That’s everything you need to know about the best methods to collect Palworld ancient technology points. With the new Palworld update, you can unlock new quests. The Palworld black screen bug has disappeared.


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How to Beat Palworld Bosses?

Palworld Alpha pals are legendary pals. To beat these boss pals, you can join with a friend or use the strongest equipment along with the best pals. Beating alpha pals is challenging and you will be able to farm rare resources after defeating them.

Does Palworld Tech Tree Help?

Yes, the Palworld tech tree features important resources, equipment and materials. With technology points and xp, you can reach higher levels in the tech tree. The tech tree helps you unlock new weapons. Completing dungeons is another best way to progress in the tech tree.

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