Are you struggling to build baseds in Palworld? Find out the best locations and tips to build your first base.

Palworld is a survival and crafting adventure. Players have to explore the wild regions and other locations along with Pals. Once you build your first base, you can start to tame new pals and assign them to work. Building a base is the primary task in Palworld as you can start farming resources and craft equipment in your base.

In Palworld, players can build more than one base. But it’s also important to build the first base in a place where the farming rate for resources will be higher. Upgrading bases helps you unlock more resources from the technology tree and you have to ignore the worst pals for these tasks . Here’s all about Palworld bases, best farming spots and base locations.

Palworld Bases – Everything You Need to Know

Palworld bases

In Palworld, players can build a maximum of 3 bases. Once you set up your first base, you can tame pals and craft the essential resources like Wood, Stone, Ore and Sulfur. In Palworld, players can set up their first base in areas near cliffs, plateaus and ruins.

You can avoid building bases in Palworld water areas. The best trick is to construct the base in a large area near a travel and this helps you gather resources and materials with Pals quickly. Ore and Wood are two primary resources in Palworld. It’s also important to build bases where these resources can be crafted easily. The best spots are ruins and hills in the south of the wildlife sanctuary.

Best Base Locations for Palworld Beginners

The Palworld Interactive map lets you traverse across the Palpagos Island quickly. Be it the Wildlife Sanctuary 2 or 3, there are plenty of farming spots. Building a base in a vacant area helps you expand your territory along with Pals. As you catch more Pals, you can increase the production rate as well.

The best base spots in Palworld along with high farming and mining rate will be good for beginners. Also, you have to build bases where enemies and bosses don’t spawn frequently. Building near fast travel points make your journey easier. Here are the best Palworld spots for building bases,

  • Plateaus in Fort Ruins
  • Cinnamoth Forest
  • Sealed Realm of the Guardian 
  • Mount Obsidian 
  • Twilight Dunes

How to Build Multiple Bases in Palworld?

You can construct three bases in Palworld. After building the first base, you have to upgrade it with new structures and facilities along with Pals. Once you reach the level 10 Palbox, you can build the second base. The third base will be available once you reach the Palbox level 15.

As your base level increases, you will be able to recruit more pals to your party. You can move your base to other spots in the open world and this will remove some equipment and structures in your bases. Palworld secrets help you quickly progress in the campaign.

The journey in Palworld starts with a base. As you embark on a journey, you have to build a base, gather resources and upgrade them to unlock new materials, weapons, equipment structure and ranches. With new and powerful equipment, you can tame pals in the wild and defeat the evil boss pal as well.


Is It Essential to Unlock Higher Tiers in the Tech Tree?

Yes, the Palworld tech tree features important resources, equipment and materials. With technology points and xp, you can reach higher levels in the tech tree. The tech tree helps you unlock new weapons. Completing dungeons is another best way to progress in the tech tree.

Are Palworld Fire-type Pals Good?

You can capture fire-type Pals to unlock the Kindling skills. Pals with Kindling skills can be assigned to the kitchen and primitive furnace. These Pals are also ideal for making campfire and mining ores. Kindling Pals are the strongest attacking units in Palworld.

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