Catch Your First Palworld Fenglope with This Easy Guide!

Are you struggling to catch a Fenglope in Palworld? Find out the best spots and breeding guide to unlock Fenglope.

Palworld is a colorful simulation game where players explore the open world locations along with companions called Pals. Palworld is an exciting survival and crafting experience. The unique features and mechanics make Palworld a successful game. Palworld Dating Simulator trailer has been revealed as well. In Palworld, players have to tame pals and hire them to their bases for work. As you unlock the Tech Tree, you can unlock new resources from each tier.

Pals belong to different elements and every Pal has a weakness as well. With the Palworld matchups chart, you can unlock different types of Pals for your party. Fenglope, the Neutral element Pal is a rideable pal that you can use as a flying mount. Also, you can find the other  best mounts in Palworld. Here’s all about Palworld fenglope location, fenglope drops and breeding guide.

Palworld Fenglope Locations

Fenglope is an antelope and it has horns on its body. Fenglope is an aggressive creature and players have to quickly catch it with the best units. Here are all the best spots to encounter a fenglope pal,

  • Volcanic Island
  • Anubis Statue (Mount Obsidian)
  • No 3 Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Falls Mineshaft

How to Breed Palworld Fenglope?

The breeding mechanic lets you unlock Pals with a combination of 2 pals. Here are the best breeding combinations for Fenglope Pal,

  • Vixy – Penking
  • Mozzarina – Direhowl
  • Cinnamoth – Penking
  • Gobfin – Melpaca

Palworld Fenglope Skills, Drops and More

Fenglope’s main work suitability is Lumbering and the Pal can be used to chop down trees. Fenglope drops Leather and Iron when players defeat them in a battle. With the Fenglope Saddle Tech at Tier 26, you can ride on Fenglope and unlock the double jump buff when it’s mounted. Fenglope is one of the best mount pals in Palworld. Wind and Clouds will be the primary partner skill for Fenglope. Here are the other best skills for the Pal,

  • Aqua Gun – While the skill is active, it hurls a ball of water and deals damage
  • Blizzard Spike – Releases lump of ice and applies effects and slowly attacks enemies
  • Pal Blast – Launches destructive energy and high-powered beam to enemies in long-range
  • Acid Rain – Creates acidic clouds and creates acid rain on places where enemies stand

That’s everything you need to know about Palworld fenglope location, drops and breeding. Prepare for the upcoming Palworld evil boss raid with the best strategies. Ingredients like Honey and Cake are essential in the game.


Can you use mods in Palworld ?

Using mods in video games has been the latest trend. Palworld is not an exception to the same. Recently, a Pokemon mod was discovered for Palworld. Also, there are other in-game mods you can use to increase your chances of winning in Palworld. You can use mods in Palworld and explore new content. But the developers of Palworld might terminate your account if it’s under violation.

Is It Essential to Unlock Higher Tiers in the Tech Tree?

Yes, the Palworld tech tree features important resources, equipment and materials. With technology points and xp, you can reach higher levels in the tech tree. The tech tree helps you unlock new weapons. Completing dungeons is another best way to progress in the tech tree.

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