Pokemon Unite patch notes are released. Metagross and Cramorant have received huge buffs

Pokemon Unite is a strategy-based 5v5 MOBA. With hundreds of Pokemon, you can pick your best all-rounders, attackers , or speedsters and join the battle with other players. In Pokemon Unite, battles take place on different maps and you have to select the best map path for your units. The new Pokemon Unite patch update version is live.

Makers of Pokemon Unite released patch notes and gameplay changes. With the new patch update, units will receive buffs and nerfs. The balance changes for Pokemon and new content will be available as well. Pokemon Unite has been launched and the new Pokemon, Falinks, made its debut as well.

Pokemon Unite Patch Notes

The new Pokemon Unite patch update for May 2024 includes buffs, nerfs and bug fixes. Pokemon like Tyranitar and Metagross have received buffs. Units like Delphox and Glaceon have received nerfs.

Pokemon Buff 
Tyranitar Hp, Defense and Sp. Def are reduced 
BlisseyAttack Speed and Movement Speed for skills are increased 
DecidueyeDamage and Cooldown increased for moves 
Metagross Base Damage is increased 
Cramorant Damage is doubled
Pokemon Nerf 
Blastoise Damage stats reduced for Water Gun and Hydro Pump 
MewSpecial and Boosted Attack reduced 
GyaradosUnite move has been nerfed
Delphox Fire Spin and Fire Blast are nerfed 
GlaceonMovement speed and damage stats have been nerfed 

Pokemon Unite – All Changes

Pokemon Unite patch notes


  •  Damage for Water Gun is nerfed
  • The stun duration for Hydro Pump skill is reduced 


  • Dragon Current, the unite move is nerfed
  • The energy requirement and cooldown are increased 


  • Damage stats for Gyroball and Zen Headbutt are increased 


  • Hp stats are increased for every level
  • Sp. Def and Def are increased


  • Shield Duration is increased to 4s
  • Attack speed for helping hand is increased by 10%


  • Sp. ATK is increased and Boosted Attack is decreasing 
  • Mystical Mirage damage is nerfed


  • Cooldown for Razor Leaf is buffed 
  • Slow duration and slow intensity for Leaf Storm are increased


  • Cooldown for Divs is decreased 
  • Damage for Hurricane skill is increased 


  • Cooldown increased for Fire Spin and Fire Blast


  • Movement speed is decreased by 10% for Ice Shard
  • Damage stats for Icicle Spear are reduced

Pokemon Unite Patch – Other Changes 

  • Falinks Pokemon is added to the game
  • Dragon Carnival will be the next main event
  • Once you are eliminated, you will not miss Emblem Colour bonuses 
  • Gyarados will not be able to use Magikarp’s attack speed while evolving with an attack
  • Mimikyu doesn’t cause a lag spike while using Shadow Sneak on switch

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite patch update notes and gameplay changes. After Miraidon and Falinks, the next Pokemon will be Ceruledge


What’s a Pokemon Unite Patch Update?

Makers of Pokemon Unite launch new updates every month. There will be a regular server maintenance and this will enhance the gaming experience for fans. The patch update ensures there are no bugs or glitches while you play battles with Pokemon.

Does Pokemon Unite Tier List?

Yes, tier list in Pokemon Unite helps trainers find the top-rated units for ranked and PvP battles. Tier list features the best and worst Pokemon in the game. But with every upgrade, a Pokemon becomes stronger and their ratings will improve as well.

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