Palworld Tech Tree Explained!

What’s a Palworld Tech Tree? How to unlock equipment from technology? Find out everything about Tech Tree levels, Technology points, upgrades and rewards.

Palworld is a spectacular crafting adventure with astonishing features and visuals. The content in Palworld is unique from other survival games. Palworld has gripping stories and you can travel between 4 biomes including Snow, Forest, Volcano and Desert in the Palpagos Island. You have to build a base with your companions called Pals and complete quests.

Every chapter has different stories and you have to hire the best Pals to progress in the main campaign story. Palworld has unique features and the Technology is one of the main mechanics in the game. Palworld Tech Tree plays a crucial role for your progress and you will be able to unlock different items and buildings at different Technology levels. Here’s all about the Palworld Tech Tree feature and levels.

Palworld Tech Tree – All You Need to Know 

Palworld Tech Tree
Technology tree in Palworld

Technology is the key hub to unlock main equipment in Palworld. Right from weapons to crafting stations and structures to traps, the Tech Tree serves as a key. With Technology Points, you can increase your Tech levels in Palworld.

Technology includes both Technology and Ancients Technology.  With Technology and Ancient Technology Points, you can increase your Tech levels in Palworld. The best ways to farm Technology Points are to beat Syndicate Tower bosses, Alpha Pals and by leveling up your pals.

As you progress in the Technology, you will get access to new types of equipment, armor sets, base parts and structures. Here are all equipment and materials that you can unlock at different tiers of the Palworld Technology Tree:

Different Technology

  • Level 1 Technology – Primitive, Workbench, Stone Pickaxe
  • Level 2 Technology – Palbox, Pal Sphere, Campfire, Wooden Chest
  • Level 3 Technology – Old Bow, Arrow, Shoddy Bed, Cloth, Repair Kit, Straw Pal Bed
  • Level 4 Technology –  Hanging Trap, Feed Box Alarm Bell, Common Shield, Stone Spear, Cloth Outfit 
  • Level 5 Technology – Berry Plantation, Ranch, Fire Bow, Fire Arrow
  • Level 6 Technology – Statue of Power, Mounted Torch, Wooden Tavern Furniture Set, Pal Gear Workbench 
  • Level 7 Technology – Stone Pit, Sign, Bat, Logging Site, Egg Incubator 
  • Level 8 Technology – Poison Arrow, Poison Bow, Crusher 
  • Level 9 Technology – Tropical and Tundra Outfits, Sandbag, Hot Spring
  • Level 10 Technology – Nail, Three Shot Bowl, Primitive Furnace, Small Feed Bag
  • Level 11 Technology – Wooden Gate, Metal Axe, Metal Pickaxe
  • Level 12 Technology – Pelt Armor, Meat Cleaver, Grappling Gun, Medieval Medicine Workbench 
  • Level 13 Technology – Cooler Box, Cross Bow, Metal Spear, Training Dummy
  • Level 14 Technology – Wail Torch, Mega Sphere, Antique Storage Set, Univolt Saddle, Pal Essence Condenser
  • Level 15 Technology – Fire Arrow Crossbow, Viewing Cage and Mill
  • Level 16 Technology – Mega Shield, Metal Chest
  • Level 17 Technology – Poison Arrow Crossbow, Heater, Cooking Pot 
  • Level 18 Technology – Carpet Set, Mega Glider
  • Level 19 Technology – Cement, Dinossom Saddle, Large Toolbox, Antique Chair Set
  • Level 20 Technology – Giga Sphere, Broncherry Saddle 
  • Level 21 Technology –  Coarse Ammo, Musket, Gunpowder 
  • Level 22 Technology – Structures, Stun Baton, Hip Lantern
  • Level 23 Technology –  Water Fountain, Metal Armor, Metal Helm
  • Level 24 Technology –  Fluffy Pal Bed, Azurobe Saddle, Flower Bed, Antique Mirror Set
  • Level 25 Technology – Makeshift Handgun, Silo, Piano Furniture Set
  • Level 26 Technology – Lamp, Power Generator, Fenglop Saddle, Large Feed Bag
  • Level 27 Technology –  Ceiling Lamp, Hyper Sphere 
  • Level 28 Technology – Giga Shield, Stump and Axe, Antique High Quality Furniture Set 
  • Level 29 Technology – Handgun, Handgun Ammo
  • Level 30 Technology – Fine Bed, Pickaxe and Helmet 
  • Level 31 Technology – Clock Set, Flag Grenade and Stone Gate
  • Level 32 Technology – Witch Cauldron, Shock Grenade
  • Level 33 Technology – Polymer, Snowman 
  • Level 34 Technology – Improved Furnace, Refined Metal Axe, Antique Lamp Set
  • Level 35 Technology –  Ultra Sphere, Carbon Fiber, Ironwood Table Set, Huge Feed Bag
  • Level 36 Technology – Single-Shot Rifle, High Quality Cloth,Large Pal Bed
  • Level 37 Technology – Refined Metal Armor, Refined Metal Helm, Metal Bareel Set, Ice Grenade 
  • Level 38 Technology –  Lettuce Plantation, Refrigerator, Faleris Saddle, Scatter Sphere Launcher 
  • Level 39 Technology –  Double-barreled Shotgun, Shotgun Shells, Refined Metal Chest 
  • Level 40 Technology – Suzaku Saddle, Giga Glider, Mounted Machine Gun, Lily’s Spear 
  • Level 41 Technology –  Incendiary Grenade, Electric Kitchen, Electric Heater
  • Level 42 Technology –  Iron Gate, Electric Cooler, Decal Gun Set 
  • Level 43 Technology –  Hyper Shield, Electric Medicine Workbench, Metal Defensive Wall
  • Level 44 Technology – Legendary Sphere, Electric Furnace, Sword, Wumpo Saddle 
  • Level 45 Technology – Traffic Control Set, Assault Rifle, Assault Rifle Ammo, Giant Feed Bag
  • Level 46 Technology – Pal Metal Armor, Pal Metal Helm, Road Sign Set, Large Mounted Lamp
  • Level 47 Technology –  Shadowbeak Saddle,  Astegon Saddle, Large Ceiling Lamp
  • Level 48 Technology –  Electric Pylon, Barricade Set 
  • Level 49 Technology –  Rocket Launcher, Rocket Ammo
  • Level 50 Technology –  Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor, Homing Sphere Launcher


That’s everything you need to know about Palworld tech tree levels and rewards. You can explore the dungeons and tussle against bosses to earn XP and increase your technology levels.


Is it Wrong to Pick Up Palworld Dungeon from Map?

Finding dungeons in Palworld is an uphill task for players. The interactive map gets the job easier for your Pals as you can get to dungeons and other locations by finding them on the map. You can get to dungeons from travel points and camps.

Can you use Palworld Mods?

Using mods in video games has been the latest trend. Palworld is not an exception to the same. Recently, a Pokemon mod was discovered for Palworld. Also, there are other in-game mods you can use to increase your chances of winning in Palworld. You can use mods in Palworld and explore new content. But the developers of Palworld might terminate your account if it’s under violation.

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