Is Chilling Water skill good for Water-type Pokemon? How does this moveset work? Find out everything about this powerful ability.

In the Pokemon universe, trainers can use tons of moves for their Pokemon. A Pokemon can use skills that match its element. Fairy-type can use fairy skills and fire Pokemon can use fire-type moves. To counter fire-type Pokemon, the best strategy is to use Water-type abilities.

Chilling Water is one of the strongest skills for Water-type Pokemon and grants multiple buffs. Chilling Water is available for Gen 9 Pokemon games. The advantage of using this skill is it has high accuracy and it can also be used as a status ailment. Pokemon can unlock the Chilling Water skill in multiple ways. Here’s all about chilling water Pokemon move and ways to utilize this ability in battles.

Pokemon Chilling Water Move 

Pokemon chilling water
Chilling Water skill

Water-type units are the best counters against fire and rock Pokemon. In Pokemon games, there are thousands of water skills with unique effects. Chilling Water is a stunning moveset that excels against adjacent targets. Here’s how you can use this Water-type move,

  • Pokemon with Chilling Water attacks enemies by splashing cold water and stuns them for 10 seconds
  • Chilling Water inflicts heavy damage in range and also reduces the enemy’s attacks by one stage

How to Unlock Chilling Water?

In Pokemon games, trainers unlock movesets through evolution and TM. Also, you can learn Pokemon moves through TR. Some Pokemon will get moves from level 1. Chilling Water is available to Pokemon  through the TM items in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Which Pokemon Uses Chilling Water?

Chilling Water is primarily used by Ice and Water-type Pokemon. In the Pokedex , many Pokemon use this ability and they learn it through TM. After completing some gym leader battles, you can claim it from the professor. The best Pokemon to use Chilling Water skill are,

  • Wigglytuff
  • Ninetales
  • Vulpix 
  • Jigglypuff
  • Wartortle

Is Chilling Water Skill Good?

Chilling Water skill is effective against fire Pokemon. Fire Pokemon can burn targets and stun anyone for a long time. The only way to to overcome fire attacks is to deploy Water-type moveset. This moveset can be used for trainer battles and PvP raids. Chilling Water is also one of the strongest Water-type attacks in the Pokemon universe. With the best teams and strategies, the Chilling Water can be utilized.

That’s everything you need to Know about Pokemon chilling water moveset and effects. The chilling water is a good offensive skill like the Reckless Ability.


Is Chilling Water Effective for Raids?

The chilling water skill can be used for all types of raids and boss battles. To win difficult challenges in Pokemon games, you have to use these types of skills.

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