Don’t know how to defeat Godskin Apostle in Elden Ring? Do not worry. Our guide will help you defeat this boss easily.

Godskin Apostle is an Elden Ring Boss. Godskin Apostles are powerful and agile humanoids that wield unique twinblade weapons and black flame magic. They can be found in a range of environments. These are optional bosses since beating them is not required to proceed in Elden Ring, although they do give useful commodities and Runes.

The boss can be located in a small village in the Atlus Plateau region, towards the map’s top northern portions. But how to defeat Godskin Apostle in Elden Ring? Do not worry, we have a guide to help you out.

Godskin Apostle Elden Ring boss
Boss fight gameplay (YouTube)
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Godskin Apostle Attacks

  • Black Flame – The boss extends his left palm, conjuring up a black flame. After a second, he launches a fireball at you, doing damage over time.
  • Twinblade Stab – Godskin Apostle stabs the player with his Twinblade, then drags the player back or attacks with a slash.
  • Spinning Twinblade – The boss twirls his Twinblade, making it spin indefinitely, and walks slowly forward.
  • Jumping Slash – Godskin Apostle leaps to his feet and slashes his weapon at the gamer.
  • Shockwave – Around 60% health, the monster begins to rise above the ground slowly, causing the black flame to whirl around him. Then he sends forth a little shockwave to force the player back. In the second phase, he receives a few more attacks.
  • Extended Spinning Twinblade – The monster extends his upper torso towards the player while spinning his Twinblade and dealing damage. He then flings back to his lower body.
  • Plunging Blade – Godskin Apostle lunges ahead, ready to hit the player with his weapon. He then moves his entire body to where his attack landed and performs a sweep attack.
  • Black Flame Circle – The boss engulfs his sword in black flames and strikes the earth to form a circle around himself. The black flame remains in the region for a little time before dissipating.
  • Black Flame Whirlwind – The weapon of Godskin Apostle is covered with black flame, and he twists it above him, creating a tornado of black flame around him. He then swings his blade against the earth, generating an explosion.
fight gameplay
Godskin Apostle attacks (youTube)
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How to Defeat Godskin Apostle: Phase one

In this first phase, the Godskin Apostle strikes hard and quickly. The most typical attacks to be aware of are fast strikes with the sharp end of its scythe-like weapon, which can frequently swap in two quick blows. Rolling through them is quite simple; the only thing to keep in mind is not rolling too quickly. 

Godskin Apostle may also launch a short-ranged attack. The monster will conjure a blackish sphere of energy in its palm and throw it at you. This move isn’t too difficult to cope with if you dodge when the orb is careening towards you in mid-air.

Godskin Apostle can also slowly approach you while twirling its large scythe around in a continuous strike. This attack usually lasts around three seconds, and it’s better to merely back off at this time. In fact, if you’re utilizing a ranged or magic build in Elden Ring, this is the moment to hit the monster with some ranged strikes. This is because it won’t move until it’s through with the complete spinning attack animation.

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How to Defeat Godskin Apostle: Phase two

Godskin Apostle stretching its midsection
Godskin Apostle stretching its midsection (YouTube)

The Godskin Apostle will release a burst of black energy around itself when it reaches half health. The Godskin Apostle now behaves like a slinky, extending its midsection across the battlefield to attack any unlucky souls who venture too close to it.

The boss will regularly use its spinning scythe attack, but this time it will extend out its body towards you. After this, the boss’s upper half will slink back to its bottom half. If the boss extends itself and slashes with its scythe in one or two blows, it is preparing to draw its bottom half towards you for another attack.

The entire chain strike consists of two fast slashes followed by a large third attack that cuts across a few meters around the top half of the monster. Therefore, be prepared to dodge and roll through the last blow.

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Things to keep in mind

boss fight gameplay
Godskin attacking (YouTube)
  • Depending on your level when you face the fight in Atlus Plateau, the Godskin Apostle might be a difficult boss to defeat. For this encounter, we recommend employing Ash summons that provides you with several companions at once, like the wolves, or a summon that grants you a single powerful ally, such as Knight Oleg.
  • Stay in the middle of the fight as much as possible to give yourself time to react to the majority of his lethal attacks.
  • Bleed damage is the Godskin Apostle’s main vulnerability. We strongly recommend bringing a weapon that does Bleed damage to enemies with each hit, as well as one with range or fast attacks.
  • Break his stance with Heavy Attacks or Jumping Heavy Attacks for a critical hit. If you want to utilize your Spirit in the fight, be sure to enhance it as much as possible.
  • The Godskin Apostle moves and strikes swiftly, so you should either poke them with a spear from a long distance or come in close and hit them quickly before backing away.

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