Are you ready for a new challenge in BitLife? Our guide will tell you how to complete the Euphoria challenge in BitLife.

BitLife: Life Simulator, or just BitLife, is a text-based simulator video game created by Candywriter for mobile. The game uses a text-based style in order to build a fairly accurate simulator while maintaining a high level of enjoyment. The goal of the game is to live a digital life free of troubles and hardships, which is represented through cartoons and hilarious scenarios. 

If you play Bitlife, you are probably aware of the many challenges that are launched each week. These include some intriguing challenges that not only put players to the test but also allow them the opportunity to add some goodies to their collection. There is a Euphoria challenge that has different objectives and you should complete those all. But how to complete the Euphoria challenge in BitLife? Do not worry, our guide will help you to complete this challenge easily.

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How to Complete the Euphoria Challenge

A new BitLife challenge has been released for you to accomplish. You’ll only have a few hours to finish it before it ends. You will, however, earn an appearance piece that you may wear on your BitLife profile if you accomplish this task swiftly. Players must fulfill the following objectives in order to complete the Euphoria Challenge in BitLife.

  • Develop an addiction
  • Relapse after battling an addiction
  • Hook up with 20+ people before age 20
  • Start rumors about 5+ friends
  • Assault your best friend
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Develop an addiction

To reach the first objective, you’ll need to develop an addiction. This can be done by drinking excessively, taking drugs, or gambling. There is a possibility you will develop an addiction, but it is a one-in-a-million probability. We recommend either waiting for chance occurrences and saying yes all the time, or diving immediately into gambling by visiting a casino after you’ve become 18 years old.

Alcohol addiction
Alcohol addiction (YouTube)

Relapse after battling an addiction

After overcoming addiction, the next objective is to relapse. The best method to avoid relapse is to enter treatment after establishing an addiction and then recover. You’ll need to devote some time to improving your rehab skills. You must repeat the addictive activity, relapsing, once you have spent enough time in therapy.

Rehab to complete the Euphoria Challenge
Rehab (YouTube)
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Hook up with 20+ people before age 20

For the third objective, you must hook up with more than 20 individuals before the age of 20. You may accomplish this by using the relationship app to go on dates with random individuals or just hook up with them. You may also do this with someone you know from work or school, however, the relationship application is probably the best and fastest way.

Hookup to complete the Euphoria Challenge
You can select the hook up option (YouTube)

Start rumors about 5+ friends

The fourth objective is for you to spread rumors about your friends. You must first become friends with the characters in your life before spreading rumors about them. When you’re ready to start rumors, go to your relationships tab and scroll down to rumors. If you choose this choice for five friends, you will have accomplished this challenge.

Spread rumors
Spreading rumor (YouTube)
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Assault your best friend

The final objective is to assault your best friend. This is only possible if your character has a best friend. This means that you must have a strong enough relationship with someone to call them best friends. It can take some time and effort. When this occurs, go to the relationship tab, choose your character’s best friend, click on them, and choose to rumble with them. By doing this, your challenge will be completed.

Assault your bestfriend
Attacking the best friend (YouTube)


You will complete the Euphoria Challenge once you have done all of these objectives. Following that, you will have the option of selecting one of four random boxes containing an appearance item for your BitLife account.

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