Don’t know how to beat Thunderblight Ganon in Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Our guide will help you to win with all the tips and tricks. 

If you are a Zelda fan, you might get stuck in the Breath of the Wild with a boss fight that is not allowing you to progress further. This boss is Thunderblight Ganon. You cannot ignore this difficult boss because if you want one of the Divine Beasts, this boss must be defeated. 

Thunderblight Ganon is very fast and deadly, and if you are the one who faces difficulties with speed, then you might be in trouble. But how to beat Thunderblight Ganon? If you are looking for a solution too, then our guide will help you with all the tips and tricks to win this boss fight in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Thunderblight Ganon moving super quick
Thunderblight Ganon moving super quick (YouTube)
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How to find Thunderblight Ganon

You can access the Main Control Unit in the main hall by activating the five terminals in the Vah Medoh dungeon. In this case, you move the compartment and run the circuit along the ground. Similarly, run up the back wall, up the incline, and hop across to the center as you did when you reached the map room. You will find Thunderblight Ganon there.

finding the boss location
Finding the boss (YouTube)

How to beat Thunderblight Ganon: Phase one

The fight with Thunderblight Ganon has two-phase and the first phase is pretty easy. You’ll face a sword thrust from the boss as he warps around and reaches your feet. Using your shield, block with your head positioned face-on to avoid being hit. As soon as you knock it back, the boss will be stunned. Now you can use a sword to accelerate the damage to the shield before using more damage.

As soon as he warps and appears next to you, press the Y button to perform Flurry Strikes, which can help dodge and do damage. If you are using a two-handed sword, you won’t have the time to strike and then block in case he warps again. Therefore, the best option for you here is to rely on Flurry Strikes.

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Thunderblight Ganon fight gameplay
Thunderblight Ganon fight gameplay (YouTube)

Thunderblight Ganon will also throw orbs of electricity from the sky between its attacks. You should be able to dodge these with ease, but you should keep an eye on the boss and avoid where these land.

You can use arrows over it if it rises into the air after you destroy the shield. This is because Thunderblight will not have his shield to defend. You’ll also be able to fire more attacks if you land critical hits because it will fall to the ground and be dazed again. The boss will try to regenerate his shield. You can again break his shield and stun him again so that you can deal more damage without worrying. 

How to beat Thunderblight Ganon: Phase two

This phase of the fight is a bit different and Thunderblight’s attacks will be different too. You can use the same strategy in this phase too. The boss begins by conjuring metal pillars and will bring them to the ground near you and then strike it with lightning. You will take quite a good damage by this attack because, in phase two, the boss is a bit faster and more powerful. 

There is a new technique that will assist you in your battle against Thunderblight. All you need to do is use a magnesis on a metal pillar and bring that pillar close to the boss. This will give the boss the taste of his own attack. By doing this, the boss will act similar to the first phase and all you need to do is repeat the whole process again and take down the boss. 

So this is how you will be able to beat Thnduerblight Ganon in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Following the above tips will help you to win this boss fight very easily. 

Thunderblight Ganon fight second phase gameplay
Thunderblight Ganon fight second phase gameplay (YouTube)
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By defeating Thunderblight Ganon, you will be rewarded with Urbosa’s Fury ability. This ability allows you to call down a strike near you. This will be very helpful for you when you have a group of enemies around you. To use this ability, all you need to do is hold down the Y button. 

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