We have brought you the details of the latest challenge in Clash Royale called “The Floor is Healing Challenge”. 

It is always fun to play different challenges in Clash Royale. Whenever you are bored, the game brings up a new challenge and makes it interesting for everyone. However, it brings some difficulties as well. There is a new challenge up for every Clash Royale player called The Floor is Healing. 

The Floor is Healing is the latest challenge where everyone will be continuously healing. Therefore, it makes the challenge a bit difficult because it will be difficult for you to defeat the opponent in front of you. In this guide, we will be telling you everything about this latest Clash Royale challenge and also the best decks you can use to win.

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The Floor is Healing Challenge

This is another gold challenge where you will be earning gold by completing it. What is better than the gold, right? Gold in Clash Royale helps you in almost everything, so completing this challenge will surely benefit you. You can view the challenge in the in-game events section. You will have to use an 8-card deck to take part in this challenge. When you will use the card to attack, you will not have to worry about dying soon because this challenge is all about healing. 

You will have to keep a few things in your mind during “The Floor is Healing Challenge”. You can only use those cards that you have already unlocked. The locked cards will not be available for you. Therefore, you will need to select the best cards from your decks. One more important thing is that you will need to complete the challenge before the deadline.

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As we said above that this challenge is all about gold. Complete the challenge and earn gold so that you can upgrade your cards and do other things as well. There are a total of 10 rewards from this latest challenge in Clash Royale.

Rewards for completing the Challenge
Rewards for completing the Challenge
  • First battle victory will give you 1000 gold.
  • Second battle victory will give you 1000 gold.
  • Third battle victory will give you 1000 gold.
  • Fourth battle victory will give you 1000 gold.
  • Fifth battle victory will give you 1000 gold.
  • Sixth battle victory will give you 500 gold.
  • Seventh battle victory will give you 500 gold.
  • Eighth battle victory will give you 500 gold.
  • Ninth battle victory will give you 500 gold.
  • The tenth battle victory will give you 3000 gold.
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Best Decks

As we said that you will only be able to choose those cards that are only unlocked for you. This means that you might also be at a disadvantage if you do not have a powerful card. But do not worry, as we will tell you the top 3 best cards for this challenge. These cards are pretty common and almost every player will have them. This is the reason we have selected these in our best decks.

Pekka in Clash Royale
Clash Royale Pekka


Pekka is the best option for this challenge. It already has a hitpoint of 4982 and deals damage of 1081. Pekka is also known as the strongest card in Clash Royale and with the benefit of healing in this challenge, Pekka is almost unbeatable. Pekka should be your tank card and you can use support cards like Wizard, Valkyrie, and others similar to them. This will make a deadly deck for you. The only thing is that the cost of Pekka is seven elixirs.


As we said above that you will need Wizard for support. Wizard does the area damage to opposing troops and towers. Even if you are using Mega Knight instead of Pekka, you will need Wizard. The Wizard has a hitpoint of 955 and deals 373 damage. 


You will unlock the miner card when you reach Arena 4. Mines is considered one of the strongest cards for support. Miner has a hitpoint of 1600 and deals damage of 256. The best part is that the elixir cost for Miner is just three.

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