We have brought you the Lost Ark Whispering Star Quest guide that will tell you all the important details about this quest.

Whispering Star is a Quest in Lost Ark that you will have to complete in order to get the amazing rewards from it. However, it is a bit confusing and you will have to interact with a lot of NPCs in the game. It might take some time for you to complete it, but it is really worth the time. 

To get all the details about the Whispering Star Quest in Lost Ark, read our guide below. This guide will tell you all the objectives you need to do in the quest and also what rewards you will be receiving. So, without wasting any time, start reading our guide below.

Whispering Star Quest gameplay
Whispering Star Quest gameplay (YouTube)
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Lost Ark Whispering Star Quest

You will be able to play this quest in the Nia Village region. Starlight’s Yearning is the required quest for this one and the Shattered Star Pieces is the Prerequisite for quests. You will have to complete the following story progress in order to get all the rewards.

  • A Trace of Light
  • Starlight’s Yearning
  • Whispering Star

The objective of the quest

The quest will start from the path to Whispering Islet and you will have to go to the Tideshelp Path which is at the Lalai Port. There, you will have to talk to Nineveh who is an NPC. After that return to the Nia village and again there you will find Nineveh. Talk to this NPC once again and then you will start searching for Albion. 

In order to find Albion, you will need to follow Nineveh. After you start following the NPC, you will see an object later that you will have to interact with. Interact with the object and talk again to Nineveh. After that, you will see a conversation between Nineveh and Albion. Then again interact with an object Once again, when their conversation ends, talk to Nineveh again. 

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Starlight's yearning gameplay
Starlight’s yearning gameplay (YouTube)

In this quest, you will also need to find Yom the Squirrel. This NPC is a squirrel who loves singing and this love has led him to join the Bremen Choir. To get to this NPC, you can follow it with the sound of its song. There you will know about the Albion’s cry. So, you will need to visit Nineveh again.

We have not mentioned all the minor details of this quest as it will give you the spoilers. All you need to do is follow the conversations with the NPCs carefully and then do what is required at that moment. The squirrel NPC part is a bit difficult, but now you know how to find it. 


You will get the following rewards upon completing the Whispering Star Quest. 

  • 53 Roster XP
  • Omnium Star
  • 30k Silver

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