For all the Breath of the Wild fans, we have brought you the guide that will tell you how to defeat the guardians. You can literally defeat them in less than 10 seconds. Read till the end to know.

There are many interesting and powerful enemies in Zelda Breath of the Wild. The Guardians are one of the most intriguing enemies in the game, and often the player fails to defeat them because they use the wrong strategy. The eight-legged guardians stalk the landscape of Hyrule. Their size makes it easy to see them from a distance, but if you get too close, they’ll rush over and start attacking. 

So, how to defeat the Guardians? Our guide will tell you some of the easiest ways to defeat the guardians in Breath of the Wild. These methods are so easy that you will finish the fight very quickly and easily.

Guardians in Breath of the Wild
Guardian (YouTube)
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How to defeat the Guardians: First Strategy

The first strategy is just going near a guardian and using a shield. This is because the guardian will lock a target on you and shoot a laser beam. This beam is very dangerous because if it hits you, it will deal massive damage. How will you know they are going to use a laser? Well, their eyes will light blue before they use it. You can just use any shield to deflect the laser against them in this situation. 

This can be used to deflect it on other guardians, or you can just throw it back to the guardian who used it. It will deal great damage to the guardian. You can just stay at a safe distance and keep using this strategy without going for an attack. 

Do this multiple times, and you will take down the guardian very easily and quickly. Let them taste their own attack. Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. However, if you feel you won’t be able to block and deflect it with your shield, then there is another strategy for you.

Throw back the laser at the guardians
Throw back the laser at the guardians (YouTube)
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How to defeat the Guardians: Second Strategy

The second strategy will give you some more fun. In this, you can go close to the guardian and attack them with your weapon. It is recommended to use a guardian weapon here as it will deal more damage to the guardians. 

So, what you need to do this time is just block its beam and rush forward quickly for an attack. Use your guardian weapon and attack their legs. This will chop their legs off, and it will make them unable to move smoothly. You can chop their legs off one by one and make them hopeless, and then just attack them till they get destroyed. This might seem a bit of a brutal way, but it is interesting and a very quick way to defeat the guardians.

Chop off their legs
Chop off their legs (YouTube)
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The easiest way to defeat the Guardians in Breath of the Wild

Here, all you need is the Knight’s bow and an Ancient Arrow. The ancient arrow is made from ancient technology and has the ability to deal a great amount of damage to the guardians. Believe it, this is the fastest way to defeat the guardians. It will just require one hit and the enemy is down. Use your arrow and hit it at the eye of the Guardian, and it will be eliminated.

If you want to defeat the guardians, you won’t find a better way than this. This method is also very helpful when there are multiple guardians attacking you at the same time. With this weapon, you can attack them at their eye and kill them in one hit. This will allow you to kill multiple enemies without taking much damage.

Defeat the guardians by hitting at their eye
Hit their eye for an instant kill (YouTube)

So, this is all that you need to know to defeat the guardians in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. By using the right strategy, you will defeat them easily without any worry. You can select any strategy of your choice from the above to defeat them. If you want to end it quickly then we recommend using the last strategy.

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