We have brought you a guide on how to defeat Dragonkin Soldier boss in Elden Ring. Read the guide carefully and defeat this humanoid creature.

Dragonkin Soldier appears as a boss in Elden Ring. In the Siofra River, there is a hulking humanoid creature known as the Dragonkin Soldier. Like a beast, it walks on all fours and is clad in golden armor. Since players do not need to defeat this boss in order to proceed to the Legacy Dungeon, it is an optional boss.

Despite its size, Dragonkin Soldier has enough strength to blow you across the map. You are welcome to challenge this monstrosity if you dare. It will be easier to fight the dragon boss if you are riding a horse, similar to the dragon boss. Here is how to defeat Dragonkin Soldier boss in Elden Ring.

Dragonkin Soldier battle
Combat gameplay with dragonkin soldier (YouTube)
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About Dragonkin Soldier

Dragonkin Soldier can be found by teleporting to the hidden teleporter in the Siofra River. FromSoftware’s titles usually pose little to no threat, so the Dragonkin Soldier is unlikely to cause you any harm, but it can still surprise even the most hardened players. However, most Dragonkin Soldier attacks tend to be wide-sweeping and telegraph their attacks before they carry them out.

The Dragonkin Soldier may be perceived differently by players who are new to the game. In spite of its easy reading and adjustment, its moves do a ton of damage, especially to lower-level characters. Torrent is highly recommended if you are unable to use ranged attacks effectively, as you can use mounts during this battle. 

How to Defeat Dragonkin Soldier Boss: Location

Siofra River is the location of the Dragonkin Soldier. Located on the eastern side of Mistwood, the Siofra River Well is the first place you need to go in order to reach this location. When you reach the lake area with the staircase surrounded by unlit braziers, take the elevator down and proceed through the area until you reach the large lake area. Teleport to the area with the dragonkin soldier by using the teleportation stone in a wooded area. It is atop a fallen pillar that you can climb to reach the teleportation stone. 

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Dragonkin Soldier Attacks

Dragonkin Soldier attack
Dragonkin soldier attacks (YouTube)

The Dragonkin Soldier is capable of broad sweeping attacks if you are close enough, with several “got off me” abilities. There will occasionally be charge attacks that you need to pay attention to if you are too far away from the enemy. As it telegraphs most of its attacks well in advance, you will have ample time to react as you will be able to see what it will do and move accordingly.

The above does not mean that you can attack it and create distance without consequences. When you stray too far from a Dragonkin Soldier, he will catch up with you in a blink if you do not stay within his reach. The boss fight with Torrent is drastically easier, though not for everyone, as you can bait many of its attacks with multiple hits and stay in the “sweet spot.”

How to Defeat Dragonkin Soldier

How to Defeat Dragonkin Soldier
Dragonkin Soldier gameplay (YouTube)
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Defeating the Dragonkin Soldier is not as easy as it sounds. It deals devastating damage to any attack that it connects with. If you wish to win the battle, you will have to mount your horse. Keep some distance from the boss when dealing with melee attacks and wait for him to use an attack. To recover from an uppercut or a slam, you should wait until they land, since they take the longest time. When the boss’s legs hit the ground, run back out and attack them. You have to repeat this for as long as the boss resists.

If you use ranged attacks, keep a consistent distance from the boss and circle him. Make use of Swift Glintstone Shard if you have it as it can be used efficiently while you are riding a horse. Continue to use your spells until the boss is defeated. Be prepared and bring extra flasks if necessary, as it is likely to consume several flasks.


Rewards after the boss fight
Dragon Halberd as reward (YouTube)

The Dragonkin Soldier can be defeated for 16,000 Runes, which is quite high considering how difficult it is. You will also receive the Dragon Halberd, an extremely powerful weapon if you meet the requirements for using and upgrading it. As a whole, this boss drops rewards we feel are well worth hunting down and besting, so we advise you to take on it whenever you can!

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