We have brought you a guide on how to beat Stormterror Dvalin in Genshin Impact. Follow the guide thoroughly and win the battle with ease.

In Genshin Impact, Stormterror Dvalin is the boss of the Trounce Domain. Players will need to keep on their toes if they wish to survive the struggle against this gigantic dragon-like beast. Players must first raise their Adventure Rank to level 18 in order to track down Stormterror Dvalin. Because Stormterror is a component of the main quest, players who are high enough level to access his linked questline will be able to fight him. 

Players will be given a marker on their map pointing them towards Stormterror’s lair after they achieve level 18 and accept his questline. Below is a guide on how to beat Stormterror Dvalin with much other information.

How to beat Stormterror Dvalin
Genshin Impact (Image credit: YouTube)

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How to beat Stormterror Dvalin: Location

When players get in Stormterror’s lair, they will find a huge temple entirely encircled by a barrier. Because it is hard to break through this barrier, players will have to rely on their gliding and platforming abilities to get past it. There will be some adjacent wind currents that will allow players to glide about the temple’s interior and finally make their way inside. After then, players will be instructed to collect three crystals in order to trigger a nearby switch.

Then, players will have to pick up three crystals apiece to activate three more switches throughout the area. However, you’ll need to clear out several enemies surrounding each switch before you can access it, so it’s not as easy as it seems. After all of this has been completed, the barrier around Stormterror’s temple will drop, allowing players to confront him.

How to beat Stormterror Dvalin: Dvalin attacks

How to beat Stormterror Dvalin
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Middle charge attack

The boss in the middle will do a soaring sweep. This assault does not affect Stormterror Dvalin, and it may be easily avoided by staying in the corners or on the edges.

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Dragon breath

You must be aware of this strike in order to do damage to the boss. Look at Stormterror Dvalin’s head to see which side his dragon breath will start on. The dragon’s claws symbolize an impending onslaught. If they are both on the ground and on both sides of the platform, the dragon breath will be done.

Start floating towards the opposite side and toss everything at its claw as soon as you figure out which side the attack will come from. As soon as the dragon’s breath is near you, you should return to the nearest updraft.

Elemental bombs 

The Stormterror Dvalin will slow down and unleash four sets of elemental bombs at you. If you’re already afloat, simply remove your glider and go for the updraft in one of the corners to avoid it.


Stormterror Dvalin will swipe at you from one of the platform’s edges, doing a significant amount of damage. It will thereafter be exposed to assaults and will remain on the ground for a few seconds, allowing you to hit it freely. If you get struck by this, the number of seconds you have to hit it will decrease, so just dodge it by climbing up the updraft at one of the corners.

After you defeat Stormterror Dvalin, the platform will be desecrated, causing your characters to receive damage when they tread on it. You should be used to using the updraft to avoid taking damage and only going down when you can hit it at this point.

How to beat Stormterror Dvalin: First part

How to beat Stormterror Dvalin
Genshin Impact (Image credit: YouTube)

Players will be notified that Stormterror is a level 26 monster when they begin the fight. This means that players should aim for a party of at least level 26, preferably greater, to make the combat as simple as possible. To make things easier for themselves, players will want to make sure they bring particular characters into this combat. 

Stormterror spends a lot of time flying around the arena, therefore ranged assaults are perfect. This also allows players to do damage without jeopardizing their own safety. The initial half of the Stormterror fight is a replay of the preceding game’s shoot ’em up type encounter. The main character will be controlled by the players as they fly through the air after the dragon, firing energy bolts at weak places on his body. 

Following the destruction of the first crystal, Stormterror will fire laser beams back at the player, which must be evaded swiftly. They don’t inflict much damage on their own, but they pile up over time. Anemo crystals will need to be shot into the air in order to open up rings that give players a speed boost after each weak point is destroyed. 

This will give players an advantage over Stormterror and allow them to deal damage again. This should be repeated until Stormterror’s health runs out and then it’s on to round two.

How to beat Stormterror Dvalin: Second part

Stormterror will finally drop to the earth and confront the player in a tiny arena after beating the beast in the air. Players will need to utilize their platforming abilities to leap over the gaps on the ground while keeping their eyes on Stormterror in this entirely circular arena, which is fractured in various places.

Dealing damage to Stormterror whenever feasible is the key to defeating him. Rangers will be able to assault the monster anytime they want, whereas melee warriors will have to wait for certain opportunities. Stormterror will be unable to move for a few precious seconds if he tries to bite or blow fire. Players may take advantage of this to inflict harm on him and set him up for elemental responses. To deplete his shield, use Cryo to freeze him and then send a salvo of either fire or electric arrows.

Second part
Genshin Impact (Image credit: YouTube)

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Aim for the weak point

When Stormterror’s shield is depleted, a vulnerable spot appears behind his head. Players will then have a variety of ways to do harm to him. They may either utilize wind currents to climb on his back and attack with a sword, or they can shoot a bow at the place from afar. In any case, players should strive to inflict as much damage as possible before he resumes their attack.

He will ultimately fly away and replenish his shield after inflicting damage to the vulnerable location. To knock him down, players will just need to keep pulling down his shield and assaulting that vulnerable place. If you evade the Ultimate attack as much as possible and keep striking him as hard as you can, he will finally fall.

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