With the latest Pokemon Legends Arceus, we have brought you the Alpha pokemon guide that will help you to know more about them.

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Alpha Pokemon are among the strongest wild pocket monsters. Compared to any other Pokemon in their territory, they are much stronger, larger, and higher-leveled. The Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is significantly oversized when compared to other members of the species, unlike the Alpha Pokemon in previous generations, where their character sizes were the same. The unique moves used by Alpha Pokemon make them worth tracking down, battling, and capturing.

When you are spotted, it is a formidable opponent that will attack and chase you. Alpha Pokemon are easily identified by their brilliant red eyes and appear early in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Many of them are of a higher level than your current group, posing a tremendous task to anyone who dares to take on the challenge. Regardless, it’s a worthwhile task. Below, we have the Alpha Pokemon Guide that will help you to understand it more easily.


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Catching the Alpha Pokemon

If you come across an alpha, you should catch it before leaving the area as it will disappear once you leave. An Alpha Pokemon will remain large after raising and evolving, and will not return to its usual size.

When you catch Alpha Pokemon, you will be able to use their special moves as soon as they are caught, compared to normal Pokemon. The size of these creatures remains unchanged after they are captured, and they will be substantially larger than their normal counterparts. It is a fixed spawn for many of the Alpha Pokemon that appear on the map. In addition, other Pokemon are also capable of becoming Alphas. 

Alpha Pokemon Guide: Location

Alpha Pokemon Guide
Pokemon Legends: Arceus (Image credit: YouTube)

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Alpha Pokemon may be found all over the place, and new Alphas can occasionally emerge after the previous one has been beaten or captured. To get the Alpha pocket monsters to respawn faster, players will have to leave the map zone and return to Jubilife Village. 

In addition, if players lose a fight with Alpha Pokemon, they must flee and out of sight in order to heal their completely fainted team. Unlike uncommon Pokemon spawning in Legends: Arceus, such as Togepi, Alpha Pokemon will not flee the area if they are still standing after combat has ended.

Alpha Pokemon Guide: How to beat

Status effects and buffs are essential for making battles simpler and boosting your chances of catching a Pokémon, as is customary in the series. Despite their frightening look, Alpha Pokémon also follow the same idea, so you’ll want to start using Agile Style straight away. Agile Style, although using more PP, boosts your chances of being the first to make a move. 

Alpha Pokemon Guide
Pokemon Legends: Arceus (Image credit: YouTube)

With that in mind, consider using a spell like Thunder Wave to paralyze your opponent or Swords Dance to increase your attacking abilities. If you don’t want to capture an Alpha Pokémon, you may still combat it because it gives you a lot of experience. This will be affected greatly by the level discrepancy between you and the Alpha. 

Despite this, Alpha Pokémon has a high probability of dropping important goods like EXP Candies when defeated, making the battle worthwhile in the end. Alphas add to your research points for a species in a similar way, however catching them seems to improve this more.

Alpha Pokemon guide: Be the backstabber

You should hide in tall grass in the event that you see an Alpha Pokemon and slowly creep up on it from behind while they can’t see you. If you want to get closer to them without being spotted, it might be worth distracting them with an edible item. Having a Poké Ball or your Pokemon nearby makes your life a lot easier, so throw it at them while they’re busy. 

Alpha Pokemon Guide
Pokemon Legends: Arceus (Image credit: YouTube)

Those who are able to catch it will be rewarded, but those who choose to throw one of their Pokémon at it will be stunned and lose for a few turns.

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