Find out all the active codes and how to redeem them in our Seven Knights 2 Guide for active codes and rewards in the game.

Seven Knights 2 takes you through an immense RPG experience on your smartphone with some great level of detailing with an exciting story-line and attractive characters and gear to collect.  You’ll most likely need a few coins/tokens in order to avail a few character perks, that’s where we come in with the Seven Knights 2 redeemable code that will help you summon free equipment to accommodate your characters with.

Seven Knights 2 Active Codes

  • 110SEVENKNIGHTSS2 — Five summon tickets (Common Coupon)

Tickets will help you level up your character faster and fight through some of the most difficult events in the game with ease. These freebies from Net Marble are more like a surprise gift from the developer.  If you’re just starting out with Seven Knights 2, then this coupon will help you boost your progress whether that be Serial or Common mode.

seven knights 2 coupon codes
Seven Knights 2 Coupon Codes

Steps to Redeem the Seven Knights 2 Active Codes

  1. Launch Seven Knights 2
  2. Enter the options menu
  3. Open the account tab
  4. Copy your ‘Account Code’
  5. Tap ‘Use Coupons’
  6. Select whether you want to enter a Common Coupon or Serial Coupon
  7. Type or paste your coupon code and ‘Account Code’ into the box
  8. Hit ‘Redeem’
  9. Your items will be visible in-game

This method is only applicable for Android users, iOS users have to go through these websites for “Serial Coupon” and “Common Coupon” and type in their coupon once they’ve logged in to their account.

seven knights 2 active codes
Connect Account Options in Seven Knights 2

Seven Knights 2: Thank You Event

Netmarble brings out more amazing rewards starting off from today until the next 7 days.  For the next 7 days you’ll be getting gifts/rewards every time you sign in with your ID, this event is already live and will be ended right after 7 days.

Seven Knights 2 special event
Seven Knights 2 – 7 Days of Giving Back event

Seven Knights 2 the recently released RPG from Netmarble Corp., is an official sequel to Seven Knights that was released back in 2015, The story is also a continuation of the last chapter. With Seven Knights 2, Netmarble has kept the original characters intact while also getting some newer refreshed characters into the title. The developers here have released a few promo codes that should help you redeem some items for free and help you progress the story line with ease.  Usually the developer publishes these codes during special occasions like game anniversaries, special events, etc. Stay tuned for more updates and coupons for the Seven Knights 2 & various other titles for all platforms.

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