Clash of Beasts Guide – Top 10 Tips and Tricks

We have brought you a Clash of Beasts Guide with the top 10 tips and tricks. Follow the guide so that you can improve your gameplay.

The monsters have risen! In this tactical tower defense PvP game, unleash dragons and titans. A beast fantasy world is calling to you. Ancient legends, titanic animals, and exotic substances are all priceless. You’re a mercenary with a sliver of the Beastmaster’s blood in your veins. Will you master the beast warfare method and defend your base from the villain while also bringing world peace?

In Clash of Beasts, you’ll be able to lead enormous beasts in real-time 3D battles, crushing enemy strongholds. Collect, train, and breed new titans, each having their own set of abilities and powers. Build your foundation and take it to the next level. Join guilds and participate in PvP battles to control the battlefield with the world’s most powerful Beastmasters! You have 5 affinities and 65 monsters to command.

Clash of Beasts Guide: Command

Command a massive army of titans and use titans of air and ground to destroy your enemies. Over 65 creatures await your command, each with unique attacks, classes, and affinities. Discover new devastation-inducing spirit combos and summon new beasts. Continue experimenting to find legendary monsters!

Clash of Beasts Guide: Join a Guild

Join or organize a guild with other Beastmasters from across the world, unite to attack other guilds, communicate with your allies to plan strategies and tactics, undertake sieges, and more! Ascend the leaderboards and prove yourself to be the ultimate Beastmaster! Allow everyone to hear your beast’s roar.

How to summon beasts

Ar’kanos and Talvara must be unlocked before you can unlock Brightwing, and both beasts must be level three to unlock Brightwing. Brightwing can only be unlocked by using Soul Shards once they reach this level. Four monsters can be summoned after summoning Brightwing, however, before you can unlock Brightwing, you must summon it three times. When you have enough, you will be able to summon the Beast.

Clash of Beasts Guide: Use Prismatic Fragments

Clash of Beasts
Clash of Beasts: Tower Defense (Image credit: Playstore)

If you summon a beast, you can use prismatic fragments to immediately fill the soul fragments. The difference is that this gives you a fragment from a Beast Summon, rather than the possibility of using Soul Fragments. The armory or events are the only places to obtain prismatic shards. It is necessary that you have a certain level and an available slot before summoning your beast.

Clash of Beasts Guide: Upgrade

Clash of Beasts guide
Clash of Beasts: Tower Defense (Image credit: Playstore)

Construct defensive towers and use clever combinations to fortify your base. Choose from over ten towers, each with its own set of effects and attacks, such as stun targets, cure poison state, AOE Freeze, and so on. You may create a wide range of defensive solutions by making strategic decisions with different affinities. Enjoy this incredible tower defense game. Make use of the game’s significant social component by borrowing monsters from your closest friends to build an impenetrable fortress to annihilate any intruders.

Clash of Beasts Guide: Rewards

To earn battle rewards, take part in a variety of weekly events. Mercenaries can earn uncommon seasonal titans, distinctive avatars, and more by participating in weekly activities and seasonal incentives. Clash of Beasts is divided into quarterly seasons, each of which offers a new beast roster. Different gameplay experiences and animals to capture and utilize on the battlefield will be available in each year’s chapter.

Training the Beasts

Clash of Beasts guide
Clash of Beasts: Tower Defense (Image credit: Playstore)

For experience points, you must assault an enemy base and attack it. You can train a beast as you earn them. You must attack a base of a lower level with a new beast when you do this. Furthermore, you must click on the green Train tab, when your beast has acquired enough experience, to level it up. Go to the Beasts tab, then the list, then click on the beast that you will level up.

In order to train them, you will need Essence, which you can get from the Essence Well or by attacking an enemy base. Each beast, including the one you wish to strengthen, will require you to do this process.

Clash of Beasts Guide: PvP

Go it alone or establish global guilds to wage large-scale PvP attacks against opponents or to explore weird new places together to find more animals and learn more about Veren, Clash of Beasts’ mystical realm. In a huge conflict spanning a wide magical universe, dominate your opponents. Ride into the PvP arena and use your strategy and wisdom to rise to the top.

Clash of Beasts Guide: Auto attack mode

Auto attack mode
Clash of Beasts: Tower Defense (Image credit: Playstore)

For the Raid Wars event, you can utilize the auto-attack option if you don’t want to squander your energy. This works occasionally because the auto-attack mode outperforms our reasoning. However, for a better gaming experience, it is encouraged that you create your own ideas and approaches.

Use general player survey

A general player survey has been included by the creators to collect feedback on the game. You may discuss any issues you’re encountering so that the creators can address them and make them a reality for you in the future. Because it’s a new game, who knows if your suggestions will be taken into consideration by the developers.

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