Failing to defeat BTD6 Lych within the allotted 20 rounds will result in defeat. It’s crucial to plan your strategies accordingly and prioritize efficiency.

Bloons Tower Defense 6 is an engaging game where you defend your base from bloons using an array of adorable monkeys. As you progress, you’ll find yourself faced with challenging bosses, and one such formidable adversary is Gravelord Lych. Defeating Lych requires strategic planning and careful execution. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to beat Lych in BTD6, ensuring your victory against this demanding boss.


How to Beat BTD6 Lych

Gravelord Lych presents a significant challenge, possessing abilities that can make the battle arduous without the right tactics. Lych can restore his health at the expense of your monkeys, revive MOABs, and even spawn bloons with increased health and speed. To emerge victorious against this Tier 5 boss, you must focus on building a strong defense and efficiently managing your resources.

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Focus on Farming

Managing your money wisely is crucial to overcome BTD6 Lych and other formidable bosses. At the start of the game, prioritize developing your economy by investing most of your funds in farming. As the rounds progress, you’ll face more bloons, necessitating the purchase of additional monkeys to deal with them. By Round 50, aim to establish Monkey Farms and utilize buffs for optimal farming.

To defeat Gravelord Lych, you’ll require monkeys with high DPS (damage per second). Thus, you need to allocate funds for units such as Paragon Towers, True Sun God, Dartling Gunner, Druid, Alchemist, and Bomb Shooter. It’s important to buff these units strategically before reaching Tier 5 and position them strategically for maximum effectiveness. Notable upgrades include the M.A.D. Dartling Gunner, capable of attacking multiple bloons simultaneously, and the Avatar of Wrath Druid with its remarkable attack speed.

Don’t Let Lych Heal

Regardless of your wealth and powerful monkeys, victory will only evade you if you understand Gravelord Lych’s capabilities and strengths. Lych possesses the ability to regenerate health when you sell units. To prevent the boss from healing, sell your farms before reaching Tier 5, allowing space for defensive structures. Utilize the proceeds from the sold farms to erect as many formidable towers as possible.

Additionally, BTD6 Lych can manipulate your buffs, recovering from their effects, while your monkeys within range lose their buffs. The buffs you employ during the battle and those acquired from abilities will be nullified. However, the Sun Temple will continue to function unaffected.

How to Deal With Ethereal Form

Another challenge when facing Gravelord Lych is his Ethereal form. When Lych’s health bar reaches the Skull, he becomes invulnerable. He will resurrect MOABs with increased speed and strength during this phase, though they won’t generate offspring. To revert BTD6 Lych to his vulnerable form and resume damaging him, you must eliminate all revived bloons. Additionally, you’ll need to defeat a smaller version of Lych, known as the soul Bloon, which can drain lives.

To emerge victorious against Gravelord Lych, you must progress through 5 Tiers and defeat each Lych within 20 rounds. Failing to do so will result in defeat.

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Key points

  • Upgrades such as Paragon Towers, True Sun God, M.A.D. Dartling Gunner, and Avatar of Wrath Druid are highly recommended for a successful encounter with Lych.
  • Unfortunately, Lych can neutralize your buffs during the battle, rendering them ineffective. However, the Sun Temple will continue to operate as expected.
  • Farming is crucial as it allows you to accumulate the necessary funds to purchase and upgrade powerful monkeys capable of defeating Lych.
  • Lych’s Ethereal form grants him invulnerability, during which he resurrects stronger MOABs. To overcome this phase, you must eliminate the revived bloons and defeat the soul Bloon.


Bloons Tower Defense 6 offers an enchanting gameplay experience with its captivating visuals, diverse characters, and intriguing structures. While challenging bosses like Gravelord Lych may pose a significant hurdle, with the help of our guide, you can conquer them. Focusing on farming, preventing Lych from healing, and effectively dealing with his Ethereal form enhance your chances of triumphing in this thrilling tower defense game.

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