Exoprimal allows players to swap between exosuits at any time during a match. This Exoprimal Murasame Guide will help you learn more.

Exoprimal is an exciting third-person shooter that combines multiplayer PvP (Player versus Player) action with facing massive waves of tough dinosaur enemies. Mastering the gameplay mechanics and forming strategies can be difficult, given the diverse exosuits for players to pilot. To triumph over the ruthless attack of Leviathan’s forces, teams must adapt on the fly and make quick decisions to secure victory. 

The primary gameplay of Exoprimal revolves around two main modes: PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player), with various combinations of the two depending on the specific match. Some matches pit teams against each other while contending with the deadly dinosaurs. In contrast, others focus solely on competitive combat between two groups. Since the game’s closed Beta, several modes have been introduced, expanding the variety of gameplay experiences available to players. Check out the Exoprimal Guide that has some of the best tips and tricks for you.

Exoprimal Guide: Data Key Security

One of the engaging game modes in Exoprimal is the Data Key Security mission. In this mode, teams escort a valuable asset called the “Data Key” to a designated location on the map. However, enemy exofighters are also vying for control of the Data Key. They will attempt to destroy it to hinder your progress. Should the Data Key sustain damage, its functionality will be temporarily halted until it is repaired. To succeed, teams must defend the Data Key from enemy attacks and ensure its safe arrival at the destination.

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Exoprimal Guide: Vortexer Sabotage

In the Vortexer Sabotage mission, players face a relentless onslaught of dinosaurs. The objective is to destroy the Vortexer, which continuously spawns these ancient reptiles. To accomplish this, teams must withstand waves of dinosaur attacks, gradually weakening the Vortexer’s armor until it becomes vulnerable. Once vulnerable, the Vortexer can be manually shut down, preventing further dinosaur spawns. Cooperation, timing, and effective communication are crucial to overcoming this challenging mission.

Exoprimal Guide: Area Defense

Area Defense is another thrilling game mode in Exoprimal. Like the VTOL Defense mode, players must protect a specific device from waves of dinosaur attacks. However, in this mode, the device can be repaired if destroyed. Standing near the device for a designated amount of time initiates the repair process, allowing teams to maintain their defense against the relentless dinosaur waves. Balancing offense and defense while coordinating with teammates is key to success in this mode.

Exoprimal Guide: Exosuits

Exosuits, known as “exofighters,” are crucial in Exoprimal’s gameplay. These flexible characters can be swapped at any time during a match, enabling players to adapt to the evolving circumstances of each game. Exosuits are categorized into three roles: Assault, Tank, and Support.

  • Assault exosuits excel in dealing substantial damage to enemies. Equipped with powerful weapons, they can turn the tide of battle through sheer firepower.
  • Tank exosuits draw enemy attacks and absorb damage with their sturdy protective gear. Their presence on the battlefield helps shield teammates from harm, creating opportunities for strategic maneuvers.
  • Support exosuits possess unique abilities to repair damaged structures or apply beneficial effects to allies and enemies. Their versatility allows them to indirectly influence the outcome of battles, making them invaluable assets to any team.
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Exoprimal Guide: Mastering Exosuit Abilities

To conquer the dinosaur-infested world of Exoprimal, it is vital to understand and utilize each exosuit’s distinct abilities effectively. Each class of exosuit has a diverse set of skills that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. For example:

  • Assault exosuits wield powerful weapons capable of dealing huge damage. Use these weapons to eliminate powerful dinosaur enemies quickly.
  • Tank exosuits have defensive abilities that allow them to protect both themselves and their teammates. By drawing enemy attention, tanks can divert threats away from more vulnerable allies.
  • Support exosuits provide valuable support to the team by repairing structures damaged in the heat of battle or by applying beneficial effects to allies and hindering enemies. Mastering the support class can tip the scales in your team’s favor.

By understanding and using the unique abilities of each exosuit, players can maximize their impact on the battlefield and increase their chances of victory.


Exoprimal offers a thrilling blend of multiplayer PvP combat and intense dinosaur battles. With its diverse exosuits and challenging game modes, the game provides an engaging experience for players seeking strategic and action-packed gameplay. Whether you’re escorting a Data Key, sabotaging the Vortexer, defending a vital area, or utilizing the various exosuits’ abilities, Exoprimal is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as you adapt, strategize, and overcome the odds.

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