How to Beat Professor Evil in Bloons TD Battles – Guide

In Bloons TD Battles, are you unsure how to beat Professor Evil? Don’t be concerned! With our guide, we are here to assist you. Follow the instructions to defeat Professor Evil in the game.

Professor Evil is an artificial intelligence that appears twice a week (used to be weekly) in Bloons TD Battles Mobile and Bloons TD Battles Steam since version 6.8. Random towers, abilities, and maps are utilized every week. You will receive a set amount of medallions if you defeat him (which is currently impossible) or survive until a particular round number. 

On Fridays and Tuesdays, the amount of medallions is alternated between 500 and 1000. Professor Evil’s challenges are a wonderful place to start for novice players looking to earn medallions. The challenge lasts three days on average, and it takes three days for it to materialize. He has 100,000 health, but if you survive a specific number of rounds, you can defeat him. His top hat, monocle, cape, and curly mustache make him look like a monkey.

Professor Evil is a ruthless individual. He would frequently send massive surges. He can transmit bloons before you can and has endless money since he is an A.I. He used to have 150 lives, like a regular player, but his enormous number of lives makes it very hard to kill him. To defend his pushes, it’s critical to gain a lot of eco early on. It’s a frequent misunderstanding that he sends bloons during specific rounds. He delivers rounds at specific times, so procrastinating won’t help him. It’s important to remember to employ your abilities when they’re needed.

Bloons TD Battles

In 2012, Ninja KIWI released the popular game Bloons TD Battles. Currently, the game is rated 9/10 on Steam. A popular free-to-play mobile game for iPhone and Android smartphones, Bloons TD Battles is a strategy-based multiplayer game. You can also access that game through steam, web browser, windows phone, and fire ops! Monkey and Bloons have a real-time battle in this game!

How to Beat Professor Evil?

Defeating Professor Evil in BTD Battles has proven to be one of the game’s most difficult trials thus far. It’s not impossible, even if it’s challenging. In BTD Battles, here’s how to beat Professor Evil.

  • Begin the game by placing a ninja in the bottom center and sending red, blue, and green ninjas to construct an eco.
  • To clear the quick surge of bloons, use mortars at the first two bends.
  • Before round 12, make sure you have a flash bomb or a signal flare. This may be used in conjunction with a bloonjitsu.
  • Start your environmental boost power when the camo lead rush is gone.
  • To disrupt supply lines, use helis with razor rotors and ninjas.
  • When Professor Evil delivers the final push, build up your eco and employ the sabotage power.
  • Then sell everything to raise enough money to hire an Apache to complete the challenge.
Professor Evil (Image credit: Steam)

How to Beat Professor Evil: You can go with this Loadout

In order to survive a series of strong bloon attacks, such as blues, yellows, and ceramics, you’ll have to protect your tower. Use this loadout to beat Professor Evil:

Dartling Gun

This is the tower that has the most rapid ascension. It can be used in multiples because even the standard Dartling Gun can easily get you through round 5 and doesn’t need to be upgraded.

Dart Monkey

Because you can move the bloons themselves much closer to them, this is a great follow-up to the Dartling Gun.


This is heavy artillery, which would be very beneficial in the final phases of the challenge. Once you’ve put up these three types of towers for your Professor Evil challenge, you’ll move on to the step-by-step strategy.

How to Beat Professor Evil: Surprise attack

Bloons TD Battles (Image credit: Steam)

This challenge is deceiving since the first half of each round is quite simple, but the second half is when most players fail due to a sudden rush of Bloon assaults soon after Round 17.

To win this challenge, complete the following tasks:

  • Beginning with Round 1, place one Dartling Gun on the map’s bottom edge.
  • Because the number of Bloons doubles in Round 8, the second Dartling Gun is placed exactly next to the first at the start of Round 8.
  • At the beginning of Round 12, place 5-6 Dart Monkeys along the Bloons path.

Thanks for reading, we hope you complete the challenge successfully. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions down below, and subscribe to get the latest guides faster!

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