We have brought you a Destiny guide on how to beat Golgoroth. We have also provided some additional tips, so do not forget to read them.

Bungie has upgraded all of Destiny’s prior raids to 390 Light and added Challenge Modes to the two that didn’t have them as part of the Age of Triumph. The raids that did feature challenge modes, such as King’s Fall and Wrath of the Machine, had the same difficulties but had more light. The Golgoroth Challenge is one of the most challenging tasks since it has so many moving pieces.

You may use numerous weapons, hurl grenades, and even employ physical strikes throughout the game. You can carry three weapons at the same time. Each of these weapons has its own ammunition, which may be obtained from killed adversaries. The initial weapon never grants any form of attack boost. This implies they lack any color symbols that give damage enhancements for a specific sort of barrier. 

In other words, they are kinetic weapons, as opposed to other types of energy weapons. Instead, they have the most readily available and widely used ammunition (white crates). It is advisable to arm your character with automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Before you start, read some important attacking tips below.

Important Attacking Tips

If you want to use a hefty gun, for example, to inflict harm over a great distance, the weapon may be inefficient. It will do less damage than a considerably weaker weapon with sight and is designed for long-range fighting (such as the Scout Rifle).

Enemies do not get weaker or less mobile after taking significant damage, so make sure you finish them off – especially those that employ long-range weaponry and can give you additional issues while you are away from them.

Always attempt to be higher than your opponent: it’s simpler to conceal, notice opponents who are hiding, and shoot at their heads from higher places. Furthermore, they will have a far more difficult time contacting you.

Destiny 2 How to Beat Golgoroth
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How to Beat Golgoroth Challenge

Each player must hold Golgoroth’s Gaze once every damage phase to complete the Golgoroth Challenge. This implies that once Golgoroth’s Gaze is taken after the minions have been cleared, you cannot lose it until all six players have possessed it. You don’t have to keep Golgoroth’s Gaze for the entire period; simply hand it off as soon as his back opens.

How to Beat Golgoroth: Method 1

The first way to complete the Golgoroth Challenge is to give everyone a number from 1 to 6, and then each player takes Golgoroth’s Gaze off the number in front of them. Number two would remove Golgoroth’s Gaze from number one, number three would remove it from number two, and so on.

When it’s time for everyone to hold the Gaze, a simple method to do this is to have the players spread out around the perimeter of the arena. Allow the leader to call out the next number that must take the Gaze, and then go quietly through the numbers until the sixth. Prepare for the following round after the sixth player acquires Golgoroth’s Gaze.

How to Beat Golgoroth
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In spite of passing the surrounding Gaze six players successfully, it states “Failed to capture Golgoroth’s Gaze” after the sixth person has it. To do damage with this strategy, you should go through the fight, clearing off the minions until you are ready to cast Golgoroth’s Gaze. The person who will take the Gaze first should notify everyone else to begin removing the Pool of Reclaimed Light from the ceiling. As the Bubble drops, the player should grab the Gaze.

At this point, the first player should start counting down the timer while firing the darts. When the counter gets low, the second player who is taking the Gaze should be in a position to take it. As soon as the second player gets the Gaze, the remaining players should disperse to areas where they may pass it around.

When the final person retains the Gaze, you can pop another Pool of Reclaimed Light and get a bounce damage phase in. This will allow you to complete the Challenge Mode faster than if you just did a single bubble.

How to Beat Golgoroth: Method 2

The second strategy that groups prefer to employ for the Golgoroth Challenge is to have all five players clump together on one side after the first time they damage him. They then shoot him in the back and rush around the arena until they reach the opposite side, at which point the next player gets Golgoroth’s Gaze.

Because it does not require memorizing anything, this method may be beneficial for teams who struggle with poor communication. However, the person holding the Gaze does not have time to shoot the darts and must instead rely on their comrades to kill them. There’s also a lot of mobility, and the more you run around the arena, the more probable something may go wrong.

Important tips to remember

  • Keep a clean line of sight while keeping a gaze to more easily shoot the poison orbs.
  • Even if you’re on hard difficulty, keep an eye out for the Unstable Light debuff. It will annihilate your fire team.
  • Shadestep can be used by Nightstalkers to thwart the venom orb’s tracking.
  • The Helm of Saint-14 prevents the Cursed Thralls from exploding.
  • During the latter part of the engagement, Sunbreakers, Stormcallers, or a Nightstalker tether on the ground can assist in managing Taken opponents.

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