Hollow Knight Boss Guide – Top 10 Difficult Bosses and How to Beat Them

In this Hollow Knight boss guide, we have included the most difficult bosses and also how you can beat them. So follow the steps properly.

In each Metroidvania, boss battles are one of the most important components of advancement. Because of the nature of the genre, these bouts aren’t often extremely linear, but finishing them frequently reveals how powerful the heroes have gotten, and Hollow Knight is a great example of this. 

Because there are so many enemies scattered around the area, there is no fixed sequence in which you must face them, as each game is unique. It is, nonetheless, beneficial to have a general idea of the game’s toughest bosses. Below is our Hollow Knight Boss Guide. We will tell you which are the most difficult bosses and how you can defeat them.

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Hollow Knight Boss Guide: Traitor Lord

The Traitor Lord may be located in the Queen’s Gardens’ top area, but he can only be reached by using the Shade Cloak ability. Cloth will aid you if she was saved before the combat. She will be discovered in Dirtmouth if you did not vanquish the Traitor Lord first.

Hollow Knight Boss Guide
Traitor Lord (Image credit: Hollow Knight fandom)

The Traitor Lord will regularly leap and dive diagonally at you, charge toward you while slashing its gigantic claws, and use the Dancing Glaive or Ground Pound attack. The Dancing Glaive launches two spinning orange blades across the arena towards the Knight, while the Ground Pound causes massive shockwaves on both sides. The Traitor Lord’s telegraphed physical attacks should be avoided if you do not have the Shade Cloak. Shade Cloak can be useful, but you shouldn’t count on it too much.

Hollow Knight Boss Guide: Hornet Sentinel

Hollow Knight Boss Guide
Hornet Sentinel (Image credit: Hollow Knight fandom)

Hornet Sentinel is the character Hornet’s second incarnation that you must battle. She may be located in Kingdom’s Edge’s far east, just before the chamber that leads to the Cast-Off Shell, where the King’s Brand can be discovered. The King’s Brand is required to enter The Abyss, a crucial late-game section in the plot. Hornet Sentinel is nearly identical to Hornet Protector in terms of attacks and pattern, with a few exceptions. She is significantly quicker than previously, and she now possesses two new skills: Parry and Spike. 

Spike lets her conjure many spike balls that stay suspended in the air, while Parry requires her to raise her nail and promptly counter when struck. Approach this battle similarly to Hornet Protector, but make sure to back off/heal whenever she parries and use a spell or a swipe of your nail to get rid of the spike balls as quickly as possible.

Hollow Knight Boss Guide: The Collector

Hollow Knight Boss Guide
The Collector (Image credit: Hollow Knight fandom)

The Collector is the boss of the Tower of Love, which is accessible only through a closed door at the Kingdom’s Edge region. The Love Key from the Queen’s Gardens may be used to unlock the door. When you defeat the Collector, you’ll receive the Grub Map, which indicates the locations of all the Grubs you’ve yet to locate.

Because the Collecter is a Void entity, attacking him will not provide you SOUL; the only way to obtain SOUL is to hit the opponents who break out of the jars. 

The Collector will bounce about the arena continually, challenging you to keep up with him until he climbs into the roof and deposits multiple jars carrying various opponents such as Venegeflies, Buldurs, and Aspid Hunters. The location of the jars is telegraphed, and it is critical that you deal with the opponents as quickly as possible. Keep an eye out for his grab attacks from time to time.

Hollow Knight Boss Guide: Nosk

Hollow Knight Boss Guide
Nosk (Image credit: Hollow Knight fandom)

Within the confines of Deepnest, Nosk may be located right west of the Hot Springs Chamber, past a breakable wall that leads to a labyrinth of tunnels. For access, you’ll need either the Monarch Wings or the Crystal Heart ability. It awards you with a chunk of Pale Ore if you defeat it.

When Nosk strikes, he usually does it by charging at you. Leaping three times over the arena platform, spitting massive blobs of Infection in a parabolic arc from both sides of its body, then leaping towards the roof to rain down blobs of Infection in a line. The charging assault can be generally avoided by jumping from the lower sides of the central platform, while the blobs may mostly be avoided by cautious movement. Nosk can also be effectively defeated with the Shade Cloak and the use of spells.

Hollow Knight Boss Guide: Uumuu

Hollow Knight Boss Guide
Uumuu (Image credit: Hollow Knight fandom)

Uumuu is unlike other bosses in that you get assistance when battling it for the first time. It must be defeated in order to obtain entry to Monomon the Teacher’s chamber, one of the three Dreamers. During combat, the character Quirrel actually assists you, making your work much simpler than it would be otherwise.

Uumuu uses one of two lightning-based techniques to assault. It can fire many short bursts of electrical energy across the battlefield, which may be generally avoided by remaining on the lowest platforms for six seconds and creating a trail of electricity that follows you across the arena. 

Its physique is entirely impervious to all forms of attack until Quirrel arrives to save you. From there, hit it as much as you can with your nail and as many Spells as you can muster, but remember to save some SOUL in case you slip into the acid while dodging its assaults.

Hollow Knight Boss Guide: God Tamer

God Tamer
God Tamer (Image credit: Hollow Knight fandom)

The God Tamer is the last boss of the Colleseum of Fools’ Trial of the Fool. You may get up to 3,024 Geo and the Fool achievement by defeating them. It’s worth noting that you just need to fight the Beast to win, and you may nearly completely disregard the God Tamer herself.

The Beast will only do two things: roll at you if you are a long way away and spit infection blobs at the Knight from across the arena. The God Tamer will just leap into the air and swat you with her nail. Focus on the beast most of the time.

Keep your distance to cause it to roll at you, which you may sprint through or pogo off of using the Shade Cloak. If you don’t go too near the wall, clinging to it is a decent strategy to escape Infection blobs, but only for a short while.

Hollow Knight Boss Guide: Hive Knight

Hive knight
Hive Knight (Image credit: Hollow Knight fandom)

The Hive Knight may be located in the Hive’s easternmost reaches. He is the Hive Queen Vespa’s knight, and he fights you to protect her honor. You may get the Hiveblood Charm by defeating him.

A lunge assault covers half of the arena, and he makes a jumping somersault into the air on a regular basis. His additional attacks include teleporting behind you and slashing, unleashing a swarm of Hivelings from his mouth that continues to attack even when he is attacking, and releasing three spike balls that fire stingers all across the arena.

The Hive Knight is exceedingly quick and keeps you on your toes for the majority of the fight, but with the right timing and Charm setup, you can evade his strikes. In this fight, the Shade Cloak is also your best ally.

The top 3 difficult Boss are:

3. Watcher Knight

Watcher knight
Watcher Knights (Image credit: Hollow Knight fandom)

The Watcher Knights are the Watcher’s Spire’s bosses, guarding the entrance to the Dreamer Lurien the Watcher’s chamber. When the Knight destroys the first, two more appear at the same moment and attack. There are six in all.

When the Knight is close, they strike their enormous nail at them, and when the Knight is further away, they either roll or bounce towards them. Avoid getting surrounded by or in the middle of two Knights at the same time, and make sure to hop over their strikes to land hits and maintain your distance. Spells are also quite useful, especially if you can damage two enemies at the same time.

Above this boss encounter, there is a breakable wall that leads to a hidden route. You may knock down a chandelier and eliminate one of the Watcher Knights before the combat even begins by getting up here.

2. The Radiance

The radiance
The Radiance (Image credit: Hollow Knight fandom)

Only if you Dream Nail the Hollow Knight when Hornet offers you an opportunity can you fight her. She is the Moth Tribe’s commander and a long-time foe of the Void, as well as the Knight and the other vessels. Defeating her isn’t simple, but there are a variety of approaches you may use.

We recommend reading our advice (linked below) on how to effectively deal with this supervisor and developing your own plan. Here’s an overview of her main attacks: a three-beam strike in which she unleashes numerous beams of light from her face.

A pillar of light that travels over the whole arena and can only be passed through using the Shade Cloak. Summoning swords from either the side or above the area. Three light spheres trail the Knight until they collide with something; protruding spikes from the ground signify the second phase. As the Knight climbs the platforms to the final phase, he fires a single ray of light.

1. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight Boss Guide
Hollow Knight (Image credit: Hollow Knight fandom)

When you complete the main story and reach the Forgotten Crossroads, you will encounter the “final” boss of the game: the Hollow Knight. He can only be fought after you defeat all three Dreamers. Depending on the outcome of your battle, you will receive different endings.

Phases of the battle are divided into three. Their only attacks are a lunge that covers half the arena, a triple-slash that can either be leaped over or dashed through (with Shade Cloak) and a parry. 

After the Hollow Knight reaches 750 health, he will begin attacking with towering pillars of infection and a torrent of infection blobs. They will lose lunge and triple-slash at 400 HP and will attack by firing blobs of infection from the air, bouncing around the arena, and stabbing themselves. The Hornet soon interrupts the combat, giving you the option of killing the Hollow Knight or using the Dream Nail on them. If you never receive the Void Heart, she does not appear at all.

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