SilkySoWhite fought Drunk Step-Dad live on Twitch

A clip of SilkySoWhite went viral where he was seen fighting his drunk step-dad live on Twitch.

A video of a Twitch streamer having to defend himself from his allegedly intoxicated and abusive stepfather has gone viral. Last year, the streamer, who goes by the online handle Silky White, was live on Twitch when his stepfather unexpectedly stepped onto the broadcast and began picking a fight. To avoid violating Twitch’s terms of service, the incident was quickly removed off the platform.

It doesn’t happen very frequently, but Twitch fans are occasionally exposed to difficult elements of their favorite streamers’ lives. Silky White is accused of not having a real job by his stepfather in the video, to which the streamer responds that Twitch is his job. His stepfather responds by saying he’s just “masturbating in front of a green screen.”

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SilkySoWhite fought Drunk Step-Dad 

Twitch user SilkySoWhite was in a menu during a recent Hyper Scape live when his stepfather began barking at him. SilkySoWhite’s mother appeared to be holding him back, so the stepfather was off-screen for the majority of the verbal sparring. The stepfather began his tyranny by scolding SilkySoWhite for using streaming as a source of income, to which the streamer responded that people were watching right now.

Despite the violent content, Reddit user codylee123 posted a clip of SilkySoWhite without mentioning the offensive language the whole time. SilkySoWhite referred to the green screen and the different types of streamers on Twitch as aspects of his job.

SilkySoWhite was offended that he could make money from home rather than go to work, according to the context of the verbal altercation. When SilkySoWhite was threatened with violence, he warned his stepfather not to attack him, since rent money allows him to stream on Twitch when he wants. Meanwhile, the streamer warned his stepfather to get up, likely to cool off, as he was drunk.

The drunk step-dad didn’t stop

It may deter someone from attacking a Twitch streamer if there are countless viewers watching, but this stepfather put his hands on SilkySoWhite anyway. Before pushing the Twitch streamer who was still sitting, the stepfather asked him if he wanted to know how bad he was. As the streamer pushed the stepdad off-screen, the stepdad’s punches connected with his skin.

On Reddit, the video of SilkySoWhite defending himself while streaming on Twitch has been viewed by approximately 100,000 people, with many more outside the network. Several more Reddit users chimed in with support and experiences of their own harassment on the popular topic. Many people remarked on SilkySoWhite’s gaming chair’s adaptability and durability, claiming it may have assisted him in fending off the intoxicated assailant.

SilkySoWhite on Instagram

Given SilkySoWhite’s reaction to his stepfather’s drunken rant and allegations that his mother has called the authorities on him, it appears that these sorts of fights occur more frequently than they should within the SilkySoWhite household. SilkySoWhite’s mother can also be heard off-screen stating that the cops are on their way and that the stepfather is both intoxicated and losing. It’s unclear whether any charges were filed once the cops arrived.

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