Want to know how to beat Cleanrot Knight? Well, there are not just one, but three of these bosses that you will have to beat. Our guide below will help you in this fight.

Elden Ring has many bosses and even optional bosses that you can fight and get great rewards after you beat them. The Cleanrot Knight is one of them. He was an esteemed warrior of Malenia the Severed. Malenia is a demigod who is cursed with the affliction known as Scarlet Rot. 

Cleanrot Knight is super strong and also possesses a fraction of the Demigod’s power. He has a great speed and can attack you very hard. Cleanrot Knight is an optional boss, but defeating him will give you great rewards. If you are wondering how to beat Cleanrot Knight, then you are at the right place. Our guide will help you beat this optional boss in the game easily.

Cleanrot Knight fight gameplay
Cleanrot Knight fight gameplay (YouTube)
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Cleanrot Knight location

There are three Cleanrot knights in the Lands Between. The two appear together while the third one is in the Stillwater Cave in Liurnia of the Lakes. To go to this cave, you will need to travel northwest of Stormveil castle which lies at the base of a cliff. This Cleanrok Knight is weaker than the other two. However, you will still face quite a challenge fighting against him. In addition to the boss, there is one more threat. You will have to face the poisonous liquid inside the cave.

If you want to go for the other two Cleanrot Knights, you will find them in Caelid in the depths of the Abandoned Cave there. You can find this abandoned cave southeast of the caelem ruins. If you want to reach the cave, the only option is to cross the canyon dividing Caelid that is on the branch of a grand tree. The two Cleanrot Knights fight alongside and are better than the Cleanrot Knight in the Stillwater Cave. 

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Cleanrot Knight fight gameplay
Cleanrot Knight fight gameplay (YouTube)

How to beat Cleanrot Knight

The Cleanrot Knight is a powerful boss in Elden Ring. He is very fast and has a variety of moves up his sleeve. The knight also uses the Scarlet Rot. This makes the boss more powerful and difficult to deal damage. If you get hit by its attacks, a big amount of your HP can be lost, so always be aware of them. However, every powerful boss has a weakness and so does Cleanrot Knight.

The boss uses a spear and sickle that has a lot of different attacks. Remembering all those attacks will be time-consuming, so we will tell you about its weakness and other things you can do to beat the Cleanrot Knight. The boss is very vulnerable to fire damage and also weak against lightning damage. Therefore, the best option for you is to use attacks of these two types. Weapons, spells, and items that deal with lightning and fire damage are recommended. This will deplete the knight’s HP quickly. 

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Do not use long-range strategy

We do not recommend you to have a range strategy against Cleanrot Knight. Using the melee strategy can be beneficial for you in this fight. The knight has a low Poise Stat and is easily parried. As a result, players can make use of these flaws to evade strikes that might otherwise be deadly. 

The Cleanrot Knight’s defenses will be shattered by wailing on it during its Counter Shove attack. As a consequence, players will be able to launch deadly attacks against the Cleanrot Knight. Many attacks can be Parried, allowing players to counterattack effectively. When doing so, players should be cautious, as a failed Parry will almost result in death.

In this way, you can defeat the Cleanrot Knight. If you face the duo, then you will have to be more careful and should be more on the defensive. Try to take out one first and then go for the other. The strategy is the same as we said above.

Cleanrot Knight fight gameplay
Cleanrot Knight fight gameplay (YouTube)


Rewards for defeating the Cleanrot Knight at Stillwater Cave:

  • 3,300 Runes
  • Winged Sword Insignia Talisman (helpful for character builds)

Rewards for defeating the duo of Cleanrot Knights at Abandoned Cave:

  • 7,000 Runes
  • Gold Scarab Talisman (increases the runes after defeating the enemies)

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