Want to know which are the best professions in Guild Wars 2? Take a look at the Guild Wars 2 Profession Tier List below.

Guild Wars 2 offers a wide selection of professions for players to choose from. Each has its own unique advantages and playstyles. This allows players to customize their playstyle and find the profession that fits their preferences. Some professions have powerful specializations, or subclasses, that can add even more complexity to the game. However, after some time, it has become apparent that some professions are better than others. 

Some are well-rounded and can handle a variety of tasks, while others are designed to specialize in a specific type of activity, such as dealing with damage. For new and returning players to this MMORPG, here is a Guild Wars 2 Profession Tier List of the best professions available in Guild Wars 2. These professions are well-rounded and offer a wide range of abilities that can be used to tackle any type of challenge.


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Guild Wars 2 Profession Tier List

The Guild Wars 2 Profession Tier List covers the strengths and weaknesses of each profession, as well as how they compare against one another in terms of overall effectiveness. It also looks at how professions can be used in different situations, such as PvP, PvE, and Trials activities. Finally, the Guild Wars 2 Profession Tier List is also based on the current meta and provides recommendations on which professions are best suited for each type of content. With this information, you can make an informed decision on which profession is best for you.

S Tier

S tier professions are considered to be the best professions in the game, with no major weaknesses and offering a great deal of value. These professions are considered to be top-tier and are often used in competitive play. 

The Engineer ProfessionScrapper
The Elementalist ProfessionTempest
The Guardian ProfessionDragonhunter

A Tier

A tier professions are also considered to be strong, with very good value but not necessarily unbeatable.

The Mesmer ProfessionChronomancer
The Necromancer ProfessionReaper
The Ranger ProfessionDruid

B Tier

B tier professions are decent choices but lack some of the power of the higher tiers.

The Revenant ProfessionHerald
The Thief ProfessionDaredevil

C Tier


C tier professions in the tier list are considered to be the weakest in the game, with very limited value in most situations.

The Warrior ProfessionBerserker

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