Best Alchemy Recipes in Black Desert Online and How to make them

In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the best Black Desert alchemy recipes and also how to make them.

Black Desert Online is a game that offers a variety of skills for players to master. These include cooking, crafting, farming, and trading. Additionally, alchemy is a significant aspect of gameplay. As players progress, they can develop their alchemy skills to create powerful elixirs. These elixirs give various stat boosts and other perks. However, the game offers a wide variety of alchemy recipes. Determining which ones to study first might be challenging. Therefore. Let’s take a look at the best Black Desert Alchemy Recipes below.

Black Desert Online
Black Desert Online

Elixir Of Life

Many players may overlook the Elixir of Life due to it being a beginner-level alchemy craftable. However, this potion should not be underestimated as it provides a significant +100 Max Health boost for five minutes, with a short cooldown of just one second.

To craft the Elixir of Life, players will need to gather the following ingredients: 1x Pure Powder Reagent, 3x HP Potions, 3x Silver Azalea, and 5x Fox Blood. Additionally, players with an Alchemy skill of 1 or higher will have a small chance to also craft the more powerful Elixir of Strong Life while crafting the Elixir of Life.

Antidote Elixir

The Antidote Elixir is one of the most basic and fundamental potions in Black Desert. It is essential for dealing with the effects of toxicity, a common and dangerous hazard in the game. Antidote Elixir is one of the best Black Desert alchemy recipes you can have.

Players can begin crafting the Antidote Elixir from level 1 and above. To craft the elixir, players need 1x Pure Powder Reagent, 3x Olive Oil, 1x Wild Grass, and 2x Pig Blood. Toxicity is a fairly frequently encountered hazard in Black Desert, so it is wise for players to carry at least a few Antidote Elixirs at all times. This will ensure they are prepared to deal with the effects of toxicity as they encounter it in the game.

Tough Whale Tendon Elixir

The Tough Whale Tendon Elixir is a powerful and useful potion to have to go into combat scenarios in Black Desert. When used, the Elixir grants a +100 reduction in all types of damage for up to 20 seconds. This can be a huge advantage for players in combat situations.

Crafting the Tough Whale Tendon Elixir is a Skilled alchemy recipe, so not all players will be able to craft this particular item. The ingredients required to craft the elixir are 1x Blue Whale Tendon, 1x Clown’s Blood, 12x Ash Sap, 5x Purified Water, and 2x Clear Liquid Reagent. Players who want to craft the Tough Whale Tendon Elixir must have the necessary skill level and ingredients to do so.

Spirit Perfume Elixir

The Spirit Perfume Elixir is a highly versatile Skilled potion that provides players with a powerful boost to multiple combat-related stats. Using it before taking on challenging enemy encounters is a wise move for players. To craft the Elixir, players need 1x Dead Tree Essence, 1x Fruit of Nature, 10x Loopy Tree Sap, 10x Power of Darkness, and 2x Violet Flower. These ingredients are essential for creating the elixir.

When used, the Spirit Perfume Elixir boosts the player’s Max HP by 300 points. Furthermore, it increases MP, WP, and SP by 3, giving the player an impressive +3 for every good hit landed. This potion can be a great advantage for players when taking on challenging battles and it’s a good idea to have some of these potions on hand before starting a battle.

Grim Reaper’s Elixir

The Grim Reaper’s Elixir is a powerful, combat-oriented Elixir in Black Desert. To craft it, players need 1 Oil of Fortitude, 4 Pure Powder Reagents, 2 Sky Mushrooms, 4 Traces of Origin, and 2 Monk’s Branches.

Consuming the Grim Reaper’s Elixir grants players +1 HP recovery per hit taken. This can greatly improve a player’s chances in battle by allowing them to regain HP instead of losing it. When used in combination with a powerful healing Elixir or spell, players become nearly impossible to defeat.

Alchemy Recipes
Alchemy Recipes

Elixir Of Assassination

Those who prefer a stealthy build should definitely consider using the Elixir of Assassination. As a Skilled potion, it boosts Back Attack Damage by 100% and lasts 5 minutes.

To craft the Elixir of Assassination, players will need 1 Oil of Regeneration, 5 Pure Powder Reagents, 4 Amanita Mushrooms, 2 Trace Memories, and 2 Red Tree Lumps. Additionally, if a player has reached Alchemy Artisan Level 1 or higher, there is a chance that the Elixir of Lethal Assassin will be crafted instead of the Elixir of Assassination. This is definitely one of the best Black Desert alchemy recipes.

Elixir Of Death

Players who are preparing for particularly difficult enemy encounters or battles might want to bring an Elixir of Death with them. This potion grants +5 Defense Nullifying Damage per Critical Hit, making it highly effective and capable of completely changing the outcome of tough encounters with evenly-matched foes.

To craft the Elixir of Death, players will need 1 Oil of Tranquility, 6 Clear Liquid Reagents, 2 Ancient Mushrooms, 2 Traces of Death, and 7 Ash Saps. Unfortunately, the Elixir of Death is a Skilled potion, so not all players will be able to craft it. However, there is no doubt that this is one of the best Black Desert alchemy recipes.

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