The following Lineage 2M guide will help beginners become more familiar with the game.

A successful release has taken place for the MMORPG Lineage 2M. Unfortunately, because the game is in Korean, many players may face difficulties. As a resource for beginners, we created a complete Lineage 2M guide containing all the tips and tricks.

The primary gameplay loops in Lineage 2M alternate between PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player vs player) activity. Incentivizing players to compete against one another in boss hunts strewn around the open globe. But that doesn’t mean everyone is on their own! A solitary player has little chance of defeating a monster, but teaming up with other player characters to defeat a shared foe brings riches, stat-boosting skill books, and, of course, long-lasting friendships.

Lineage 2M Guide for Potions XP

Every city has grocery stores that sell potion XP. There are two kinds of potion XP: orange and red. Orange cannot be automatically used, while red can. 

Your time matters

Lineage 2M Guide
Lineage 2M

The in-game content in Lineage2M is designed to allow players to improve by playing consistently. There are three ways to put this idea to work for you:

Class-Path: Class Cards are the primary means of acquiring ‘Class.’ However, because of this ‘path’ system, users can move to a higher rank of their chosen class after they reach a particular level, which means that if you play consistently, you’ll gather cards and level up.

Codex: Items obtained during gaming may appear to be pointless at first, but that is only until you learn about the Codex system. This mechanism allows players to level up by using the extra stuff they collect while playing. This means that if you play a lot, you’ll naturally complete a lot of Codex entries. You will also collect a lot of goods that may or may not be useful to your character or class. But in Lineage 2M, you’ll get stats and boosts in exchange for those items and your efforts.

Card Fusion: You’ll occasionally get duplicate Class and Agathion cards, just like in any random drawing. You may effectively generate new Class/Agathion cards by ‘mixing’ your superfluous cards. In reality, fusion may allow you to create a more powerful card, therefore the more duplicate class/Agathion cards you have, the better your chances of getting a higher-grade card.

Lineage 2M Guide for Character Development

Lineage 2M Guide
Lineage 2M

You can make consistent progress in this game if you’re willing to check-in and maintain at least a small presence. Players that show up every day to receive daily bonuses, on-time push prizes, passes, and more may expect to see significant development.

Daily Benefits is one of these systems, and it delivers critical products for character development. You may get free things as daily rewards by going to Menu > ‘Daily’ tab. You’ll earn a high-value prize on the last day of a Daily Benefit streak. This ensures that everyone who plays every day will be able to improve their character’s specifications.

On-time Rewards are a different way to level up your character. Every day, at a certain time, tools and objects required for character growth are dropped with alerts. You must check for these prizes via the ‘Mail’ page, but they are time-limited, and if you do not open your mail immediately, the offers will expire.

A newly implemented Pass System will give further help for character growth. Users can utilize the ‘Aden Pass,’ which allows them to do activities and get prizes, and the ‘Beginner’s Pass,’ which allows them to complete core missions and receive an Epic-grade skill book.

Lineage 2M Guide to get the arrows

Arrows and Potion XP may both be purchased in the food store. There are two sorts of arrows: iron (cheaper) and silver (more costly). When it comes to zombie hunting, silver arrows are superior. When hunting common creatures, inexpensive arrows deal greater damage. Use silver arrows if you’re certain your creatures are undead.


There are warehouses in cities where you may keep your belongings, but there is one concern. You do not have to pay anything to place an item, but you must pay 1000 Adena to pick up an item. This is a significant sum of money at the start of the game, so you should be aware of it.


Players lose experience gained and some probability items in the event of death. A special NPC with a cross can restore experience and items in exchange for diamonds or Adena. Recovering can also be done by pressing the cross button in the quick menu. Simply click on the currency switch below if you have selected diamonds for recovery.

Lineage 2M Guide for Boss

Lineage 2M Guide
Lineage 2M

Boss creatures may be found in dungeons and fields in a variety of devastating forms and sizes. Because of their size and abilities, it’s impossible to miss one when you see one. To take on boss monsters, you’ll need to create groups with other players, while also participating in faction fights to prevent other groups from hitting their goal. As a result, Lineage2M gamers may enjoy a full MMORPG experience, where collaboration and rivalry occur concurrently on a huge scale at any one time.

Lineage 2M Guide for Clan

Lineage 2M
Lineage 2M Guide

Take advantage of the Lineage 2M optional Clan system, while we’re on the subject of buddies. Join a clan to gain access to exclusive content such as epic boss raids. Increase your clan’s reputation by donating to quests and facilitating membership growth to expand your Clan Hall and Clan Shop, allowing for bragging rights and ties. 

Clan membership is available after level 20. Players cannot join another Clan within 24 hours after leaving a Clan.

That concludes our Lineage 2M guide and tips for a better gameplay experience. More instructions for this game will be released soon.

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