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Dragonspine Mountain is a major landmark in the universe of Genshin Impact. This frigid zone, located in southern Mondstat, stares out over the present game world and may be seen from various points on the globe. The mountain looms on the horizon, teeming with new treasures to be discovered and creatures to be slain. There are even a few quests that take place there that players looking for mora and primogems should check into.

Players investigate Dragonspine Mountain in the “In the Mountains questline”, which was included in the 1.2 release. To begin the quest, speak with Iris in the Adventurer’s Camp, which is located just outside Dragonspine. She will inform the player about some strange ice. The next step is to investigate the strange ice in the mountains, which has already caused several players issues. The rewards for finishing this quest, fortunately, are definitely worth the effort.

Genshin Impact in the Mountains Guide
Genshin Impact in the Mountains (Image credit: YouTube)

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Genshin Impact in the Mountains Guide: Strange Ice

The first step is for players to locate the Strange Ice by following the quest marker. There’s a teleport waypoint right next to it, so activate it as well. Players will quickly realize that attacking the ice does not break it, and it cannot even be melted with fire, so they will have to think outside the box to find a solution. There are four Scarlet Quartzes in the surrounding area, which are red mining points that resemble Cor Lapis.

To break the ice, players must collect the Scarlet Quartz one at a time and return to the strange ice. When equipped with one of these items, players can deal damage to the ice. Breaking it will allow players to access the Frostbearing Tree, which is yet another great way for them to earn rewards.

In the Mountains Guide
Genshin Impact in the Mountains (Image credit: YouTube)

Paimon will instruct the player to pursue the object that flew away up the mountain, but they will soon be stopped by a frigid wind. As the Traveler returns down the mountain, Iris will notify him that there are two additional chunks of strange ice on the mountain that he must locate and thaw in the same manner as the first. “Thaw all the Shards Out” is the next quest objective. Below are the three locations where you’ll find the shards.

The Snow-Covered Path

The first ice mountain that players must defrost is quite straightforward to locate. Cross the damaged bridge and follow the route through the Snow-Covered Path after heading Dragonspine from base camp. Adventurers will eventually see a massive ice spike on the left. Only characters that have been boosted by Scarlet Quarts shards can make a dent in the spire in the center. 

The bonus will be removed after each hit while under the influence of the shard, therefore players will need to shatter the shards and pound the spire numerous times. There are a few Scarlet Quartz ores in the area to mine, so break them one by one or wait for them to revive. Just keep an eye out on the left for Frostram Lawachurl!

The Entombed City Outskirts

Genshin Impact in the Mountains Guide
Genshin Impact (Image credit: YouTube)

After then, players must either follow the river they crossed earlier or continue east through the mountain to reach Wyrmrest Valley. A pass in the mountain leads to a circular structure on the left side of the enemy encampment in that region, on the route to the Entombed City Outskirts; it’s impossible to miss on the map. 

Players that are wary of big robots will notice three of them resting in the area but don’t be concerned (yet). A warming seelie, a flame spirit, stands in the center of the area, passing over 5 Cryo totems in a certain order as the player approaches them.

Remember this arrangement, since the Cryo element must now activate those totems in the same order that they were flown over: southwest, northeast, southeast, northwest, then north. A treasure box will appear if you do it correctly, but discerning explorers will notice the eerie glow emanating from it. 

Third is more powerful

The first two automatons will activate when the chest is opened, but the third, more powerful automaton will activate after the others have been defeated. This is a challenging encounter, therefore make plenty of food ahead of time and prepare the party before activating the chest.

Following the victory over the robots, a hole in the center of the arena will open, revealing a cave beneath. Enter to discover the second ice cluster that needs to be thawed. Scarlet Quarts are waiting for them, but keep in mind that they won’t respawn until the core cluster is eliminated.

That means the player won’t be able to remove the central ice if they use their shards on other rime. If this occurs, a Scarlet Quartz can be found in the cliffs on the right side of the fight arena, just outside the battle arena.

Starglow Cavern

Starglow Cavern
Genshin Impact Starglow Cavern (Image credit: YouTube)

Deep within Starglow Cavern, the final shard can be found. Adventurers can reach the third shard, which is located adjacent to a frozen lake, by going all the way to the bottom. Isn’t it simple? Its mystical barrier, on the other hand, would disagree. Players must battle a wave of hilichurls in a neighboring challenge quest to bring it down. The adversaries aren’t particularly difficult, but the chilly weather can make the mission difficult.

Fortunately, if players can locate the seelies buried in the cave, they can light up three warming seelie statues. One of these is right beyond the frozen lake, at the bottom exit. The other two are hidden behind the massive ice shard, one at the end of a winding route and the other behind a breakable wall. It can be broken without the use of bombs or elemental abilities; simply smash it with a claymore. The mob conflict can begin after the heat source is secured!

Picking up Scarlet Quartz is required to break the ice, just as the first two ice shards. The seelie statues lead to two of them, while the tunnels behind the sealed shard lead to the other. By scaling to the summit of Dragonspine after releasing it from its icy prison, the player can continue the In the Mountains quest.

Genshin Impact in the Mountains Guide: Thaw all Shards again

Genshin Impact in the Mountains Guide
Genshin Impact (Image credit: YouTube)

After all of that effort, the wind has calmed down, allowing players to reach the summit. They’ll have to melt all the shards out again, but this time it’ll be a lot faster. There are three crystals on the mountain’s summit, but each one can only be broken once. 

Players must gather a Scarlet Quartz, perform some acrobatics to reach the crystal, break it, and then climb back up the mountain. Rep till a cutscene appears three times. Here, freezing can be a big problem, but Scarlet Quartz manages to keep the Sheer Cold at bay.

Genshin Impact in the Mountains Guide: Rewards

Finally, players can talk to Iris by warping back to the Adventurer’s Camp. She will reward players with 3 Hero’s Wit, 60 Primogems, 3 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and 30,000 Mora for finishing the mission. Players now have full access to the peak and can explore it without being hindered by the wind. 

With that out of the way, it’s probably better to concentrate on the limited-time event, where you can earn Glimmering Essence to develop Festering Desire and obtain exclusive event goodies. This will also grant access to the Peak of Vindagnyr, a new domain that rewards players with powerful artifacts.

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