Sheh Rata Shrine Quest Guide in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

We have brought you a Sheh Rata Shrine Quest Guide in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Follow the process and complete the puzzle with ease.

Breath of the Wild: The Legend of Zelda is a fantastic game. Fans of the Zelda franchise will appreciate the creators’ decision to create a big open world with a plethora of characters to meet, monsters to combat, and regions to explore in Breath of the Wild. 

The Shrines scattered around Hyrule are one of the most noticeable features of Breath of the Wild. While the four Divine Beasts and Hyrule Castle are the game’s main dungeons, these mini-dungeons provide a range of jobs to perform, puzzles to solve, and combat challenges of varying severity. The enigmatic monk Sheh Rata’s shrine is one of the most popular among gamers. The monk challenges Link to compete in a game called “Speed of Light.”

Sheh Rata Shrine Guide
Sheh Rata Shrine Guide (Image credit: Youtube)

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Sheh Rata Shrine Guide: Location

The Lanayru area is home to the Sheh Reta Shrine. Link may view the shrine on top of a hill sticking out of the ocean if he looks west from the top of the Lanayru Tower. It’s preferable to use one of the colored pins from the Sheikah Slate’s Scope to mark it for future reference. The player may then have Link use the paraglider to soar towards the shrine from the top of the tower, and then make his way over the lake to the shrine.

Sheh Rata Shrine Guide: How to enter

When Link arrives at the little island/hill where the shrine is located, he will be confronted by multiple Lizalfos strewn throughout the area. Many gamers choose to wear the Sheikah armor and just slip past them.

After clearing the area of foes, the player will discover that the Shrine is encircled by thorny vines that must be burnt away in order to get access to it. This mission may be completed with ease with a Fire Arrow, a campfire, or a fire-based weapon. Simply light a fire at the shrine’s entrance and allow it to spread. 

After a while, there will be enough of them left, and Link will be able to enter the Shrine. All of the above can be omitted if Link has previously obtained Revali’s Gale by fighting the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. To get to the shrine’s entrance, simply use Revali’s Gale to gain height and then glide over the foes and thorns.

Sheh Rata Shrine Puzzle

Sheh Rata Shrine Puzzle
Sheh Rata Shrine Guide (Image credit: Youtube)

Look around once Link has entered the Shrine. The gamer should be aware of three major components right immediately. A spinning switch is positioned on the left, a laser generator is located in the middle of the area, above some Breath of the Wild water, and a crystal switch is located on the right. Experimenting with the spinning switch reveals that depending on how much Link rotates it, it pushes the laser generator into various places. The laser will hit the crystal switch at some positions, causing the switch to adjust the Shrine’s water level.

The first thing Link should do is walk to the right of the elevator and tumble onto a ledge with an Opal-filled treasure box. The player can then use an arrow, a laser, or toss a weapon to activate the crystal switch. The water level in the Shrine will increase as a result of this.

Sheh Rata Shrine Guide: Use Cryonis

Use Cryonis
Sheh Rata Shrine Guide (Image credit: Youtube)

Link can now utilize the Cryonis rune to go to the crystal switch since the water level has been increased. Link may just press the switch to activate it once he’s arrived. For delayed triggering, simply place one of the square bombs next to it and the switch will be triggered when it detonates. It’s advisable to put a bomb next to the switch right now so that it can be detonated later.

Link may now swim to the opposite side of the Shrine or use Cryonis to get to the other side. The player will see an area with a huge pool of water and a metal barrel on this side of the Shrine. A pressure floor switch may be seen submerged in the water by looking into it.

Create an ice pillar on the lake using the Cryonis Rune, which Link may climb up and stand on. Link will have a better view of the crystal switch and will be able to trigger it more easily as a result. Shoot the switch with an arrow from here to cause it to drop the water.

Sheh Rata Shrine Guide: Placing the metal barrel

Take the metal barrel with the Magnesis rune or Link himself and place it on the pressure switch once the water has returned to its original condition. Sheh Reta, the Shrine’s monk, will be able to enter after this. A hole with some shallow water, a ladder, and a ledge with a chest that can’t presently be accessed immediately above them are all to the monk’s right. Now is the time to blast the bomb near the crystal switch, which will activate it and raise the water once more.

Sheh Rata Shrine Quest Guide
Sheh Rata Shrine Guide (Image credit: Youtube)

This allows Link to utilize Cryonis to reach the treasure across the now wider pool of water. The chest contains a Giant Boomerang, a two-handed Zelda weapon that deals 25 damage each strike and, as its name indicates, can be thrown and caught several times with proper timing. Link can talk to Sheh Reta and collect his Spirit Orb after opening this treasure, completing the Shrine.

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