Punchcards have arrived in Fortnite Season 8, so here’s how to get a tonne of additional XP by completing the Fortnite Punchcard Quests.

This season, the style of Fortnite missions has altered dramatically, emphasizing their relevance in the battle royale and the role they play in giving more than simply Victory Royales to aspire to. The missions are now directly tied to the roster of Fortnite characters, with each one having their list of chores to do and a matching punchcard to clear, rather than being released every week. 

Each of these punchcards has a set of five tasks, which initially offered a total of 80,000 XP for each set completed for the first time. But after some adjustment, the 17th punchcard onwards now provides a total of 150,000 XP for initial completion.

These questlines begin with either a personal meeting with the character or answering a ringing Fortnite payphone to receive a random selection of challenges to begin. Although you will only receive a generous bonus XP when you’ve completed the first Fortnite questline, you can repeat them to earn bars, which can be used to purchase items and fund the war effort.

What is Fortnite Character Punchcards, and how do you get them?

You must first visit particular personalities before completing the five quests they will assign you. For the first two weeks of Punchcards, finishing the first Quest will get you 12,000 XP, and each subsequent Quest will earn you 2,000 XP, totaling 80,000 XP. However, starting in Week 3, each challenge will award 30,000 XP, totaling 150,000 XP. Stay tuned as more Character Punchcards are planned to be introduced each week.

Fortnite Punchcard Quests for Kakashi

Kakashi fortnite
Kakashi (Image credit: Epic games)

To start the questline, simply speak with Kakashi west of Lazy Lake and south of Primal Pond. You’ll earn 30,000 XP for each successful completion, so they’re definitely worth your time.

  • Look for a UFO crash site (1)
  • Hit players with Paper Bomb Kunai (it is a weapon that may be used to inflict damage on opponents) (3)
  • After being damaged, construct a building. (1)
  • Set up or deactivate a trap (1)
  • Use Hunter’s Cloak to tame wild animals (1)

Make sure to get the Paper Bomb Kunai from Kakashi when you chat to him, so you may use it to hit three players for one of the quests. Then you may go looking for a UFO crash site.

The one closest to this NPC’s position is exactly east of it, right near a waterfall. To scout the area, make your way there and interact with the bright blue symbol. You can place and then demolish a trap while you’re there.

The Hunter’s Cloak may be obtained by hunting some species on Fortnite Island and gathering four pieces of meat. These may be used to make the item required for the Punchcard Quest, which allows you to tame a single animal.

Finally, after dealing some damage to other players, you can engage them in a fight and create any structure you desire.

Fortnite Punchcard Quests for Rust Lord

Rust Lord
Rust Lord (Image credit: Epic games)

A character named Rust Lord briefly appeared in Fortnite before disappearing. Currently, this NPC can be found near Compact Cars and close to Dirty Docks in the battle royale.

  • With a vehicle, destroy 30 buildings (30)
  • While harvesting hit 20 weak areas (20)
  • Slurp barrels provide 30 shields (30)
  • Construct 20 structures in the Corny Crops or Weeping Woods areas (20)
  • Gather materials such as wood, metal, and stone (3)

Because you may locate wood, metal, and stone near Rust Lord’s location, many of these are extremely simple to obtain. Then, after visiting Corny Crops or Weeping Woods, you can construct 20 various constructions.

After getting to Sludgy Swamp, you can get shields from Slurp barrels. We encourage driving there since you’ll be able to damage 30 constructions on your trip there. Finally, to accomplish the last Rust Lord Punchcard Quest, you must strike the weak areas of the resources you are gathering.

Fortnite Punchcard Quests for Ariana Grande

Fortnite Punchcard Quests Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande (Image credit: Epic games)
  • Take a Record and place it on a Turntable (2)
  • Examine the Caretaker’s footsteps (2) 
  • Collect Symbols from Cube Monsters that have been defeated (5)
  • The Command Symbol Must Be Revealed (1)
  • Send out Signal Flares (3)

Ariana’s tasks, predictably, begin with music, so you’ll need to locate a Fortnite Record and Turntable to get the party started. After that, examine a few of the enormous purple Fortnite Caretaker footsteps before entering Fortnite Sideways and collecting Symbols from the Cube Monsters you defeat. After that, locate one of the Fortnite Command Symbol locations and follow the holograms’ instructions to uncover it, before igniting the fuses and triggering many Fortnite Signal Flares.

All Character Fortnite Punchcard Quests

Party Locale Questline – Fabio Sparklemane

  • Use the Zipline (12,000 XP)
  • At Apres Ski, destroy five pieces of furniture (14,000 XP)
  • Go to two different alien crash sites and dance (16,000 XP)
  • After damaging an opponent, dance for two seconds (18,000 XP)
  • While in the sideways position, dance for five seconds (20,000 XP)

Stunt Training Questline – Pitstop

  • 12,000 XP will be awarded for refueling a vehicle
  • 14,000 XP for traveling 500 distances while in a vehicle
  • 16,000 XP for the destruction of mailboxes with a vehicle
  • 18,000 XP for getting two seconds of air time with a vehicle 
  • 20,000 XP for interacting with an overturned car to flip it right side up ​

Hot Dog Questline: The Brat

  • Opening a cash register (12,000 XP)
  • Destroy three couches or beds (14,000 XP)
  • Complete the quest of another character (16,000 XP)
  • An item of Rare rarity or higher must be purchased from a character or the Weapon-O-Matic (18,000 XP)
  • Weapons of Rare rarity or higher should be used to damage opponents (20,000 XP)

Mushroom Master Questline – Madcap

  • A farming tractor must be destroyed (12,000 XP)
  • Two mushrooms to gather (14,000 XP)
  • Make a weapon (16,000 XP)
  • Two refrigerators should be destroyed (18,000 XP)
  • Eat a banana and an apple (20,000 XP)

Hue-ge Discovery Questlinen – Toona Fish 

  • You must visit three different named places (12,000 XP)
  • You must dance within 10m of an IO guard (14,000 XP)
  • Visiting the Aftermath (16,000 XP)
  • Five vehicles need to have their tires popped (18,000 XP)
  • Purchase an item from a character (20,000 XP)

Monster Research Questline – Torin 

  • Enter the Sideways (12,000 XP)
  • Get a Sideways weapon (14,000 XP)
  • With a Sideways weapon, deal 100 damage to players (16,000 XP)
  • Defeat ten cube monsters in The Sideways (18,000 XP)
  • Sideways Encounter (20,000 XP)

Spooky Story Questline – Dark Jonesy

  • At Steamy Stacks, gather a shotgun and shells (12,000 XP)
  • Light a campfire (14,000 XP)
  • Spend two seconds crouched within ten meters of an opponent (16,000 XP)
  • Deal 150 headshot damage to monsters in The Sideways (18,000 XP)
  • The Sideways anomaly: Defeat two waves of Cube Monsters (20,000 XP)

Making Friends Questline – Kitbash

  • Gather nuts and bolts (12,000 XP)
  • You need to craft an item (14,000 XP)
  • A weapon must be upgraded at a weapon bench (16,000 XP)
  • Within 10 m of an enemy, honk the horn of a vehicle (18,000 XP)
  • Survive three storms (20,000 XP)

IO Heist Questline – Charlotte

  • Get an assault rifle and a grenade (12,000 XP)
  • Attain maximum shields (14,000 XP)
  • Explore an IO Outpost or IO Convoy (16,000 XP)
  • Get rid of 2 IO guards (18,000 XP)
  • In an IO Outpost or IO Convoy, search a chest (20,000 XP)

Surf Turf Questline – Scuba Jonsey

  • Take a swim at both Lazy Lake and Lake Canoe (12,000 XP)
  • Drive a vehicle into large bodies of water (14,000 XP)
  • Put a fish back in the water (16,000 XP)
  • One wildlife hunt (18,000 XP)
  • In one match, consume fish and meat (20,000 XP)

Other questlines

Fortnite (Image credit Epic Games)
  • Vampire Combat Questline – Dusk
  • New Brew Questline – Baba Yaga
  • Sniper Elite Questline – Kor
  • War Effort Questline – J.B. Chimpanski
  • Escaped Tenant Questline – Wrath
  • Tooth Ache Questline – Big Mouth
  • Wolf Activity Questline in Grim Fable
  • Dark Skies Questline – Raven
  • Hop Awake Questline – Nighthare
  • Wolf Pack Questline – Dire Wolf
  • Shield Techniques Questline – Ragsy
  • The Oracle Speaksline – Dark Jonesy
  • Fire Yoga Questline – Ember
  • Battle Orders Questline – Sledgehammer
  • Impromptu Tactical Questline – Shadow Ops

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